Aug 14, 2017 Ideazon Zboard (MERC) Gaming Keyboard. (Windows 10 Pro). We suggest that you follow these steps on this article to know more about updating drivers in Windows. Sep 28, 2017 2. For Windows 10 x86(32bit) type: inf2cat /driver:'PATH' /os:10X86.NOTE The 'quotation marks' ARE included. And, PATH = the directory/folder where the.inf file is located. Inf2cat /driver:'C: Program Files (x86) Ideazon ZEngine Kernel2k' /os:10X64 9. Locate the entries 'Ideazon Merc MM USB Human Interface Device' and 'Ideazon. Ideazon merc gaming keyboard free download - Ideazon Usb Keyboard Device, Ideazon Zboard Composite Keyboard Device, Typing Trainer, and many more programs. Jul 12, 2020  Ideazon Zboard MERC Gaming Keyboard Review by IGN. The MERC lacks USB ports, which are a convenient feature now days and it is also unable to disable the windows keys, which will sometimes crash games if inadvertently zzboard. I strongly recommend just generating your own as described below. After the recent Windows 10 Cumulative update KB4034674 my Merc Stealth Keyboard drivers has stopped working. Specifically the Alpham164.sys is not being activate/trusted in Device Manager. Uninstalling the update allowed it to start working again.

54.6 MB
Input Devices
Windows Vista / 7 64-bit

Intuitive Keyboard

The SteelSeries Merc Stealth features 34 dedicated gaming terrain keys, providing gamers with the ability to adjust their macros and settings to walk, jump, crouch and move. This feature is crucial when playing fast-paced FPS games that demand a high-level of actions per minute.

The 11 Degree Advantage

Ideazon Merc Keyboard Driver

The terrain keys are tilted at an 11 degree angle of in order to provide the perfect ergonomic hand positioning while gaming. The ability to rest your palm while keeping your fingers mobile for swift movement to reach keys, keeps you comfortable and quick.

Choose Your Color

The SteelSeries Merc Stealth features 3 different color illumination options – blue, red and purple. These colors can each be set to 4 different levels of illumination including subtle, ambient, intense and off.

SteelSeries Z-Engine

The SteelSeries Z-Engine enables you to program every key on the Merc Stealth. No more difficult external scripting or in-game setups. Simply set all macros directly onto the keyboard via the Z-Engine software.

Drag And Drop Macros

SteelSeries Z-Engine software provides an easy, drag-and-drop macro menu. We agree, nerds are actually cool, but we’re not all fluent in IT, so simplifying macros get you back to you game faster and with better understanding of what you just did to your keyboard.

Quick Keys

Zboard Merc Driver Windows 10

Easy access to general keys like multimedia and navigation provides gamer with fa ast and simple way to access some of the most common keys.

Rubberized Keys

The movement keys on the SteelSeries Merc Stealth are the most used keys and therefore have been rubberized so that users can maintain maximum control even when your hands are getting sweaty after long sessions.

Zboard Merc Drivers Windows 10

Get Connected

Two USB 2.0 ports alongside a microphone and headset jacksprovides a better connection, resulting in a faster response time from your keyboard and the connected devices to your computer.

And The Numbers:

  • 2 port built-in USB 2.0 hub
  • Gold-plated microphone and headset jacks
  • Cable: 1,8 m / 6 ft.
  • 1 x USB plug
  • Dimensions: 536 x 201 x 27 mm / 21,1 x 7,9 x 1,1 in
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The software for the MERC is .NET based. You are required to install the MS .NET framework 1.1 whether you have a later version installed already or not. Once installed the software does take a while to load on startup, and when accessed later on to change modes it does take a few seconds to open. From reading a lot of the comments on ATI's CCC, I know a lot of you don't like waiting or like .NET based apps, but a few seconds is really nothing and I don't see a problem with it being based on .NET.

You can use the keyboard without the software if you'd like but it will simply operate as a regular keyboard, meaning game pad keys, navigation, num pad and hot keys won't work, which defeats the purpose of this keyboard.

The software is available on the CD that arrives with the product or you can download the latest version from the internet as I did. You can set the program to automatically download updates or you can manually check yourself, however no updates have been available in the weeks I have had this keyboard. Perhaps this is because there have been no major game releases, but Prey is out now, so maybe a software update to support Prey will be available soon. You can also set the software so that an icon appears in the system tray at startup, like so:

Zboard Merc Drivers Windows 10 64 Bit

The green icon with the Z is the keyboard software. In the above image the cursor is hovering over this icon and what it's displaying is the current mode of the keyboard. Double clicking opens the software.


What's this mode thing all about then? Well basically, through the software you can program the game pad keys depending on which game you're playing. Simply open the app, find the game you wish to play, double click and you can see on screen which functions have now been assigned to which keys, completely tailored for that game. I think it's probably easier to show you, so here we go:

This is the default layout.

Autotune efx vst mac torrent. But then I decided I wanted to play HL2. So I opened the app, I expanded the list to find HL2, and I double clicked on it. The key layout has now changed. If you look at the game pad as it's represented on the screen, you can see all the keys have been assigned commands specific to HL2.

Let's get a closer look as that image isn't terribly clear:

As you can see, each key now has a function specific to HL2. But hey, if you don't want to use these keys, you can still use the regular ones on the main keyboard. If you're a die hard WASD'r. :) Oh and if the game you're playing doesn't have a profile and thus isn't supported, choose the default profile and configure the keys in-game if you deem it necessary.

You know what I like best? I think it has to be the quick load and quick save buttons as I can never remember which key it is, it seems to change from game to game. 'Ooh, I know, I'll be clever and save the game here *presses F5.* Argh no, that was the quick load button, now I'm back near the beginning again! D'oh!' It'll save the possible headaches.

What would've been a nice feature for the software is if it was possible to get a profile to load each time that game was launched. For example, when you started FEAR, the FEAR profile for the keyboard would be enabled. That way you wouldn't have to manually select a layout/profile each time you want to play a different game. It'll sound like I'm moaning, but whenever I want to game now I have to change from Entertainment mode to Game mode on my X-Fi, then choose the correct option in the MERC's software to get the right keyboard layout for the game I want to play, and only then can I play the game. It's not exactly much but it's a bit of a pain, especially as I have to change it back again once I exit the game and want to do something else.