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Grandma was supposed to watch the Great Dane, but when I came home early, what I saw my 60-year-old mother doing with that beast caused me to nearly have a heart attack. The filthy, degrading acts she was performing on my dog was something I never thought I’d see in a million years.

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“Mom? Is…is that Thor’s knot in your…?” She was fornicating with the beast and I couldn’t even finish the words!


'You know I hate dogs.' Penny said, boring her eyes into her daughter's.

'I know, mom. Just feed Thor and keep him in the backyard and everything will be fine.' Daisy said. 'I'll get Dick to clean up his messes.'

David bowie greatest hits flac torrent download. Penny stared at her daughter, contemplating her answer. She tapped her foot as she shifted her gaze to the massive black Great Dane who was running around out side.

It'd be good to see her grandson. She'd even make cookies for the boy when he came to pick up Thor's mess.

'That's a horse, not a dog!' Penny jabbed her finger at the animal.

'Thor's a good boy, even though he's as big as a pony.' Daisy said.

Penny rolled her eyes.

'Mom, it will only be for a few days. It's very important or I wouldn't be asking.' Daisy said.

'How many days?'

Her daughter cringed. 'A week.'

Big Dogs That Don't Shed

Penny narrowed her eyes.

Big Dogs Breed


Penny sighed, knowing it was an emergency or her daughter wouldn't ask her.

'All right.' Penny sighed, opening the door.


Thor barged in, galloping around the house like a mustang. Things crashed to the floor and Penny regretted taking on this dog sitting job. It was more like a horse-sitting job.

Slamming the door, she rushed into the kitchen. Penny stood with her mouth agape, surveying the broken china scattered all over the floor.

Thor looked up at her with a stupid grin on his face.

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'You're going outside.' Penny grabbed his collar and pulled him to the back door.
He whined, balking at the back yard which loomed before him like an alien world.
'Come on, you big oaf.' Penny was already regretting accepting the dog into her home.
She pulled back and he did the same. Losing her balance, she fell to the floor.

Rolling her eyes, she lay there. This would be the week of hell, wouldn't it? She'd never do this again, even if they paid her.

The stupid dog looked at her, then bounded over to her, giving her a slobbery kiss. She pushed him aside. Even though she was pushing sixty, she was - and always had been - a fit woman. She'd worked hard to keep her slender and toned shape.

Big Dogs Tv Series

'Look, we're going to have to get along. You stay outside and be good.' Penny shook her finger at him playfully.