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The Witcher 3 Alchemy Recipes


This article is about The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt alchemy ingredient. For the potion base used in The Witcher, see Potion bases. Jun 05, 2015  The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt lets you craft superior bombs, potions, and other useful things. Here's how to get the blueprints for some of the best.

Witcher 3 All Alchemy Recipes

Alcohest ♦ Apple ♦ Apple Juice ♦ Baked potato ♦ Blizzard ♦ Blueberries ♦ Bottled water ♦ Bread ♦ Bun ♦ Cat ♦ Dark Iron Ore ♦ Decoctions ♦ Drowner pheromones ♦ Ekhidna Decoction ♦ Enhanced Black Blood ♦ Enhanced Blizzard ♦ Enhanced Cat ♦ Enhanced Full Moon ♦ Enhanced Golden Oriole ♦ Enhanced Maribor Forest ♦ Enhanced Petri's Philter ♦ Enhanced Relict Oil ♦ Enhanced Swallow ♦ Enhanced Tawny Owl ♦ Enhanced Thunderbolt ♦ Enhanced White Honey ♦ Enhanced White Raffard's Decoction ♦ Full Moon ♦ Golden Oriole ♦ Grave Hag Decoction ♦ Insectoid Oil ♦ Killer Whale ♦ Leshen Decoction ♦ Maribor Forest ♦ Maridor Forest ♦ Nekker pheromones ♦ Petri's Philter ♦ Pops' Mold Antidote ♦ Potion of Clearance ♦ Superior Black Blood ♦ Superior Blizzard ♦ Superior Cat ♦ Superior Full Moon ♦ Superior Golden Oriole ♦ Superior Maribor Forest ♦ Superior Petri's Philter ♦ Superior Swallow ♦ Superior Tawny Owl ♦ Superior Thunderbolt ♦ Superior White Honey ♦ Superior White Raffard's Decoction ♦ Swallow ♦ Tawny Owl ♦ Thunderbolt ♦ Tirnalia potion ♦ Ursine pheromones ♦ Vampire Oil ♦ White Honey ♦ White Raffard's Decoction