In The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim for the PC, PS3, and Xbox 360, soul gems are used to trap souls, which can then be used to enchant or recharge magical equipment.

Dec 30, 2018  Buy CSG Soul Gem Fragments from all the Spell Merchants in Skyrim and use them to create empty soul gems. You can also breakdown any empty soul gem back into soul gem fragments. Breakdown the ones you don't need/want to contribute to better soul gems! Every soul in Skyrim is one of six possible strengths: Petty, Lesser, Common, Greater, Grand, and Black. More powerful creatures have more powerful souls. Souls are trapped in soul gems by using a soul trap spell or effect. Trapped souls are used to enchant and recharge items. Soul Strength. Dec 14, 2011  The easiest thing to do is to travel to Whiterun, Go from Belathors general goods and then to Dragon's Reach to speak with the court mage. Those two usually have a good stock of Grand Soul gems.

In order to fill a soul gem, you need to use a form of the Soul Trap spell. You can either cast the spell yourself, or enchant a weapon with the Soul Trap enchant. Personally, I think having a weapon (or several for that matter. long and short range for example) with the Soul Trap enchant is the best way to go, that way you don’t have to keep switching to the Soul Trap spell when you need it.

If you’re going to use the Soul Trap spell method, then you just need to purchase the spell book from a magic vendor. It’s in the Conjuration line of spells. Once Soul Trap is placed onto an enemy, it lasts for 60 seconds. You can not have more than one active Soul Trap at a time.

If you would rather use the Soul Trap weapon enchant, then first you must find a weapon with the Soul Trap enchant on it in order to disenchant. Obviously you can use the weapon you find or purchase, but enchanting your own will typically yield better results. If you’re having problems finding a weapon with the Soul Trap enchant on it, check out my guide to reset a merchant’s inventory.

Once you have found a weapon with Soul Trap, disenchant it at the Arcane Enchanter. Pick a weapon you want to enchant with Soul Trap, and take the duration down to 1 second. This will give you a lot more charges than normal, and you just need to get the killing blow with that weapon in order to fill your soul gems.

Whichever method you use, when you are successful in killing a creature using Soul Trap, it will show a message at the top saying if it was successful or not. Typical failures will come from not having a soul gem large enough. For example, you can’t hold a Grand soul in a Greater soul gem, so if you have no Grand soul gems and try to capture a Grand soul, it will tell you that you didn’t have a soul gem large enough for that soul.

One important thing to note when capturing souls is that the game will default to lower gems for lower level souls, however if you don’t have any lower level soul gems, it will default to the next soul gem you have available, therefore your Grand soul gem could end up with a Petty soul captured if you’re not careful and don’t carry around enough different types of soul gems.

** Tip:聽If you drop a filled soul gem onto the ground, the soul inside will be released. This will help you empty soul gems that are carrying the wrong sized soul so you can fill them properly without them going to waste.

Where To Buy Grand Soul Gems Skyrim

Use this chart for catching souls in the right soul gems:


Petty Soul Gem – Holds creatures below level 4
Lesser Soul Gem – Holds creatures below level 16
Common Soul Gem – Holds creatures below level 28
Greater Soul Gem – Holds creatures below level 38
Grand Soul Gem – Holds any white soul, but must be 39 or above to be Grand
Black Soul Gem – Holds any black soul, or white souls level 39 and above to be Grand

Note that most humanoid souls can’t go into regular soul gems, as these are considered Black souls. For example, Draugr and Falmer are considered White souls, but bandits and any of the playable humanoid races are considered Black souls, and you must capture them with either a Black soul gem, or The Black Star.

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From left to right: Petty, Lesser, Common, Greater, Grand and Black Soul Gems

Soul Gems are miscellaneous items which can be used to trap the souls of dying creatures or NPCs. The resulting filled soul gems can be used as power sources for enchanted items, either when initially creating custom enchanted items or when recharging depleted enchanted weapons. Soul gems come in a range of capacities, from petty to grand, plus some special soul gems. Only black soul gems and the Black Star can be used to capture the soul of an NPC, which is always a grand soul in size. There are also soul gem fragments found in the game. These are classified as minor loot and are not actual soul gems.

Empty soul gems can also be harvested from geode veins, which are only found in Blackreach. Each mined vein will result in 2–3 soul gems of any size, including black soul gems. The mined soul gems are level-dependant; at level 16 grand and black soul gems will start to appear, and the probability for either will max out at level 31.

  • 1Types of Soul Gem

Types of Soul Gem[edit]

Standard Soul Gems[edit]

NameSoulIDCapacityWeapon RechargeNotes
Petty Soul Gemnone0002e4e20.110250 (Petty)500Smallest size of soul gems.
Lesser Soul Gemnone0002e4e40.225500 (Lesser)750Second-smallest size of soul gems.
Common Soul Gemnone0002e4e60.3501000 (Common)1250Middle size of soul gems.
Greater Soul Gemnone0002e4f40.41002000 (Greater)2250Second-largest size of soul gems.
Grand Soul Gemnone0002e4fc0.52003000 (Grand)6200 (caps at 3000)Largest standard size of soul gems.

If you get a message saying that you do not have a large enough soul gem to capture a soul, even though you have an empty grand soul gem in your inventory, it means that you are trying to catch a humanoid soul, which requires a black soul gem.

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Special Soul Gems[edit]

NameSoulIDCapacityWeapon RechargeNotes
Azura's Starnone00063b27010003000 (Grand)6200 (caps at 3000)Works the same as a grand soul gem, but does not break on use.
Black Soul Gemnone0002e50013003000 (Grand)6200 (caps at 3000)Special soul gems that can capture humanoid souls.
Flawed Varla StoneCCnoneFExxx8010.310001000 (Common)1250Works the same as a common soul gem, but does not break on use. Added with the Rare CuriosCreation.
Soul TomatoCCnone(?)0.52503000 (Grand)[verification needed — see talk page]6200 (caps at 3000)[verification needed — see talk page]Equivalent to a Grand Soul Gem. Two can be found in Kinthal's camp on a stone table, and they do respawn.
Grand(?)500[verification needed — see talk page]
The Black Starnone00063b29010003000 (Grand)6200 (caps at 3000)Works the same as a black soul gem, but does not break on use.
Wylandriah's Soul Gemnone00043e26003000 (Grand)6200 (caps at 3000) (see bugs)See the quest Hunt and Gather.


Skyrim Best Soul Gem

  • To use a soul gem to recharge a weapon, first select the weapon in your inventory and then:

Oblivion Empty Grand Soul Gems

  • press the Wait key, which is T by default
  • press R2
  • press RB
  • press R
  • A small menu will open where the description ordinarily is, and you can choose a soul gem to use.

Grand Soul Gems Oblivion

  • Soul gems are consumed upon being used to recharge a weapon. This is one reason why it is a good idea to fill your soul gems as efficiently as possible (i.e., grand soul gems for grand souls, common soul gems for common souls, etc.). A soul gem not being used to its fullest capacity could be considered a waste (losing a grand soul gem because you used the petty soul contained within to recharge a weapon, for example). However, you can simply drop a filled gem to empty it (note that this will empty all self-filled gems (see bugs)).
  • Standard merchants do not sell black soul gems. To purchase one you must talk to either Enthir at the College of Winterhold while he is in his quarters, or Falion in Morthal.
  • If you have the Dawnguard add-on installed, grand or greater soul gems can be transformed into black soul gems by using the lightning rods found in the Soul Cairn.
  • If you have the Dragonborn add-on installed, you can combine any soul gem (empty or filled) with an albino spider pod at the imbuing chamber in White Ridge Barrow to create a mind control spider.
  • If you have the Saints and SeducersCC installed, Soul Tomatoes function as Grand Soul Gems. They previously appeared in the Shivering Isles expansion for Oblivion.


  • Soul gems that you filled yourself, with the exception of grand and black, do not change in value when fully filled (i.e., a common soul gem (valued at 50 when empty), will not increase in value with a soul in it, even though a prefilled common soul gem is valued at 150). This also causes them to not stack properly in your inventory.
  • Soul gems that you filled yourself may be emptied if dropped, or transferred to a follower or container.
    • This issue has been addressed by version 1.0 of the Unofficial Skyrim Patch; only partially filled soul gems will be emptied, in order to allow you to fix any errors in filling them.
  • Wylandriah's soul gem is fillable and can be used to recharge enchanted weapons, despite being a quest item. Consuming the gem through recharging enchanted weapons or enchanting items.
    • This bug is fixed by version 1.0 of the Unofficial Skyrim Patch.
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