In fact, the game should run perfectly on most laptops. The environmental effects play a big role in the game, and they are not just for the cosmetics, but have a real impact on your driving performance. Bus Driver has also a catchy soundtrack, but during each mission it is more important to pay attention to the sounds of the traffic. Sep 16, 2019  #HowtoInstallVolvoBus #VolvoBusGame #ETS2 How to Install and Play Volvo Bus in ETS2 1.31 Volvo Bus Game -. Euro bus simulator for pc free download - Euro Bus Simulator 2018, Euro Truck Simulator 2, Euro Truck Simulator, and many more programs. Mar 17, 2016  INDIAN VOLVO BUS MOD WITH SKINS OF VOLVO For ETS2. This is the updated mod and contains Indian Volvo buses of famous operators from all over India such as VRL, Kesineni, KSRTC, SRS, Konduskar, MSRTC, KPN, RSRTC and many more new skins! 3 separate mods so that no need to change skins. Also contains passenger mod to transport passengers. Bus simulator game download for pc free download - Modern Bus Game Simulator, Bus Driver, Bus Simulator 3D Game, and many more programs.

Free Bus Games for Computer, Laptop or Mobile

Welcome to the rare category full of bus games. Everyone sometime play some racing games, even truck and parking but unlikely bus games. You have a chance to try it! The bus is more bigger and heavy then every big truck. It is sounds so cool! Feel yourself a real harsh bus driver or learn to drive that vehicle. There are a lot bus games different genres in that big iron category. You can choose a game for every platform you want. There are no problem with installation PC games. It will take a few minutes. Als all games are free and has full versions. Are you prepare for some jorny as a bus driver? If your answer is 'yes' let we show some most exciting games more closer. Do you like horror? Yes, there is no mistake. We presented you a horror bus driving game - Last Hope Bus. Only you can save the people from zombie apocalypse! A horrible thing happened! A secret military experiment went horribly wrong.


The army of super soldiers have transformed into bloody zombies. You are a brave survivor who lives in a fortified camp and have a lot of weapon. And a bus, of course. So, save the people and have some horrible fun playing this free online game. Drive your bus to the big future. For more casual gamers we can offer to try School Bus License. Your goal is to drive a school bus. This is very good for learning to drive. Mobile players can play Bus Simulator 2015. The app has incredible 3D graphics. Drive on a realistic maps and look at amazing vehicles. Choose a game that you liking and have some bus adventure! Good luck on the road, wheelman! Do your best!

2 Custom Cab Options.
• Improved windshield wiper.
• Realistic physics.
• 2 Steering Wheel Options: (With original Volvo logo) and (With Marcopolo logo)
• 3 Engine Options and realistic VOLVO sound.
• 2 Transmission Options: Automatic with exchange animation. Manual (6 and 12 gears).
• 103 Skins from the largest companies in Brazil. 5 Skins for you to edit your way.
• 3 options of textures in the armchairs, curtains and luggage compartment: (Master Blue) (Master orange) (Marajoara)
• Optional 2nd driver’s seat.
• 3D made from scratch, rich in details and light.
• Optional internal mirror: (Simple normal SPF. With reflection, for Pc with higher performance)
• 2 exhaust options or not: (right exhaust) or (left exhaust).
• Passengers: Now passengers board and disembark, Optional.
• 3D passengers inside the Bus: With fewer people, medium or crowded. Optional.
• Several cards to choose from: Euro, Mercosur and Nacional.
• 3 different chassis options 6×2: Mod board and Original board.
• White cabin light. (Hint, letter O turns on the light)
• Functional pedals: Brake and Accelerator with animations.
• Animated Functional Shift when changing gears in Automatic. It works only on automatic.
• Animated Functions Panel buttons.
• Optional TV.
• BR and International sign.
• Passenger corridor LEDs: White, Orange and Blue.
• Door opens and closes. Only inside, outside does not have animation on ETS2.
• Animated side door pins.
• Parasol rope animation, optional.
• When choosing Skin, the adhesive is already on the glass.

Works for all maps that are updated to the Mod Bus G7 1200 Volvo 6×2 version. (1.36.x)

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