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Jul 11, 2019 Usb Extreme Game Installer, free usb extreme game installer software downloads. File Name: InstallRedlineThunderASCR. Exe; Author: MVP Online. Note: This tutorial shows networking steps for Windows XP and Windows 7. Why no Vista love? Because Windows 7 is better, and I ask you to consider ditching Vista for 7. Oct 04, 2009 This subreddit is dedicated to the best selling video game console in history, Sony's Playstation 2 We are all about the games, discussions, news, questions or suggestions related to the PS2. Tell us what you love(d) about it, what game you hated, when you first got your system, or if you're completely new to it!

  • The HDLoader game installer allows the user to install PlayStation 2 games onto the installed Harddisk Drive, for direct booting with the HDDOSD (Browser v2.00 update).
    Installed games can be also launched through OPL ('HDD Games' tab).
    It can be used as an alternative to HDLDump, as this software does not use the HDLDump protocol and hence entirely uses TCP for data transfer. This means that unlike HDLDump, it's more reliable.
    In 2011, some of us had started work on a HDLoader game installer that installs PlayStation 2 games onto the HDD unit for use with the HDDOSD. The games could be booted directly from the HDDOSD as if they were DLCs from the PSBBN.
    The software uses a GUI-less version of OPL to emulate the CD/DVD drive.
  • What does this system offer?
    • Installs all PlayStation 2 games from the CD/DVD drive.
    • Installed games can be booted directly from the HDDOSD.
    • Installed games can be launched through OPL ('HDD Games' tab)
    • Allows the user to manage games locally on the PlayStation 2 console itself.
    • Allows the user to manage games remotely from a PC, over a network.
    • Network performance uses the latest ethernet modules from the PS2SDK, giving about 4MB/s.
    • Allows the user to specify the savedata icon to use with the game.
    • Supports games >4GB.
    • DVD9 games are supported from the PC client only, as the CDVDMAN module within the boot ROMs of all consoles does not support DVD9 layer 1.
    • Game list can be sorted alphabetically (controlled from the PlayStation 2).
    • Supports the Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP), for easy set up.
  • Prerequisites:
    • A PlayStation 2 console.
    • A HDD unit and network adaptor (clones MAY work).

    HDLGameInstaller may be installed (copied) onto and can be booted from:
    • USB Mass Storage Devices.
      • Only USB disks are supported.
      • Multi-function devices are not supported.
      • Disk must have only one partition. Otherwise, the first partition will be accessed.
    • PlayStation 2 HDD Unit.
    • Other devices are not supported.
    The copy of OPL that is used may be a little outdated though. It'll get updated once in a while.
    You will need a working installation of the HDDOSD (Browser v2.00)
    to be able to fully enjoy all the features of this installer.
    I won't be writing a guide for getting it for those users with non-Sony HDDs,
    since it's copyrighted and isn't my work anyway.
    If you wish to commit a guide for doing that, please feel free to do so!

  • Update 2018/12/09: v0.821 re-released:
    Update 2018/12/08: v0.821 released:
    Update 2018/11/28: v0.820 re-released:
    Update 2018/11/25: v0.820 re-released:
    Update 2018/11/24: v0.820 released:
    Update 2018/11/18: v0.819 re-released:
    Update 2018/11/17: v0.819:
    Update 2018/11/05: v0.818 re-released:
    Update 2018/10/28: v0.818 released:
    Update 2018/09/09: v0.817 released:
    Update 2018/06/18: v0.816 re-released:
    Update 2018/06/12: v0.816 re-released:
    Update 2018/06/09: v0.816 released:
    Update 2018/06/04: v0.815 released:
    Update 2018/05/31: v0.814C released:
    Update 2018/05/29: v0.814B released:
    Update 2018/05/26: v0.814A released'
    Update 2018/05/23: v0.814 released'
    Update 2017/02/25: v0.823 released.
    Update 2017/02/18: v0.812 released:
    Update 2017/02/04: v0.810 released.
    Update 2015/12/16: v0.809 released.
    Update 2014/06/23: v0.808 released.
    Update 2013/08/25: v0.807 released.
    Update 2013/08/04: v0.806 released.
    Update 2013/08/01: v0.805R released.
    Update 2013/07/25: HDLGameUpdater (update tool) v0.800 released.
    Update 2013/07/23: v0.805 released.
    Update 2013/07/19 02:30: v0.804 re-released, includes stability fix.
    Update 2013/07/18: v0.804 released, includes network functionality enhancements.
    Update 2013/07/17: v0.803 released, includes network functionality enhancements.
    Update 2013/07/14: v0.802 released, includes minor bugfixes.
    Update 2013/07/12: v0.801 released, includes network support fix.
  • I am now looking out for people to translate the installer. Thanks!
    As for those who volunteered to make the translations:Japanese: Unassigned.
    French translation (completed): DaSA
    Spanish translation (completed): ElPatas.
    German translation (completed): Delta_force
    Italian translation (completed): master991
    Dutch translation (completed): An anonymous contributer.
    Portuguese translation (completed): GillBert
  • If someone is having problems with latest version, here is quite stable version
    HDLGameInstaller v0.813 (26022017):
    Although the transfers compare to v0.817 (09092018) or later can be almost two times lower.
Usbextreme Game Installer Ps2
Downloads/links and more information:
HDLGameInstaller project homepage (downloads are here): - HDLGameInstaller support page -Usbextreme Game Installer Ps2
Original thread: (CBT) HDLoader game installer
Help & support:http://www.psx-place.com/threads/hdlgameinstaller.3709/.
EDIT: Here is a version with extended timeout (160 s) for those who have bunch of games
and the standard 80 s timeout is not enough:

Usb Extreme Game Installer Ps2 Download


Telecharger Usb Extreme Game Installer Ps2

  1. This app required Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable Package (x86) to launch PC client.
  2. Before you'll launch PC client for the fist time, it is highly advised to
    Add Program Exceptions in the Windows Firewall, because 'unblocking' exception during transfer might cause connection lost.
    Here is a tutorial, how to do it (with images), for Win 7, 8, 10:
    Add permission for both networks (Private and Public).
    For all Windows systems (without images):
    When you'll not add Program Exceptions this error will be shown: