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Ok so for a couple real world days my charcter has been able to run out of stamina. Ultimate skyrim special edition. It goes all the way to the end of the bar but then stops at the end and just stays there forever and its really breaking my immersion. I have quite a few mods and the only one i can think of that efffectts stamina is realistic needs and diseases. Become omnipotent! Damage is inevitable in Skyrim, that is, if you don't have god mode. God mode provides you with unlimited health, stamina, magicka, carry weight, amongst many other benefits. It can be enabled using console commands. This guide shows you how. PC If the Dragonborn quicksaves while sprinting, and then stops sprinting and quickloads at the same time, they may have unlimited stamina. To fix this, they can fast travel away. To fix this, they can fast travel away. May 25, 2019  In Skyrim Unlimited, most consumables that restore health, magicka or stamina now restore the same amount, but over five seconds. This means you will probably have to use some strategizing where you didn’t before.

Stamina is your character's physical energy, and is used to perform various strenuous activities, in particular power attacks, bashing with a shield, sprinting, rolling while sneaking, and zooming in with a bow. If your stamina is completely depleted, you will be unable to perform these strenuous activities. Unlike magicka, your character can perform any action that has a stamina cost as long as it has at least one point of stamina available. Stamina is comparable to 'Fatigue' in earlier Elder Scrolls games.

ActionBase Stamina UseModifiers
Sprint7/s+2% per worn weight
Power attack, single(40 + 2 * weapon weight)Reduced by some perks
Power attack, dual3 * (40 + 2 * weapon weight) * 0.5Reduced by some perks
Shield bash35
Power bash55
Bow zoom10/s

Some dragon shouts such as Whirlwind Sprint also use a small amount of stamina. However, this isn't a huge problem, since by the time you are able to shout again, your stamina will have fully restored.

Increasing Stamina[edit]

The amount of stamina you have depends on your character's level. Each time you level up, you can choose to add ten points to your stamina, or to another attribute. Adding to your base stamina when you level up increases your carry weight by 5. You can temporarily fortify your stamina using magical effects as detailed here. Temporary changes to your stamina (such as damage, drain, or fortify) do not affect your carry weight.

Restoring Stamina[edit]

The green bar in the bottom right of the screen shows you the current status of your stamina (although this bar will be invisible when stamina is full). Stamina can be restored in several ways:

  • Stamina regenerates whenever you are not doing an action that uses stamina. You regenerate 5.00% of your maximum stamina per second outside of combat and 1.75% inside combat.
    • As a result, sleeping or waiting fully restores your stamina.
  • Restore Stamina effects are available in various forms:
    • From potions that can be found or purchased
    • From custom potions
    • Some types of food restore stamina
    • From spells that restore health, which restore stamina with the Respite perk
  • Whenever your character levels up, your stamina, health, and magicka are fully restored.

Unlimited Stamina[edit]

Unlike spells, which cannot be cast if you do not have sufficient magicka, Skyrim allows players to performing actions that require more stamina than you have. When you have performed such action, a timer is set based on your stamina deficit and your stamaina regeneration rate at the moment you perform the action. When the timer reaches 0, your stamina will start to regenerate again. However, Skyrim has a maximum amount of time coded into the game before the timer immediately resets. This is governed by the fStaminaRegenDelayMax in the Creation Kit, which is set to 5 (seconds) by default. Items such as potions or food that restore stamina (by an absolute amount) immediately reset the timer then restore the specified amount. If they instead increase regeneration rate by a percent, they will reduce the timer only if used before actions, but will increase the regeneration rate after the timer reaches 0 regardless of the timing. This effectively means items with a continous restore stamina effect will grant you unlimited stamina during its duration.

A few simple examples illustrate the above mechanics. Consider a player that regenerates 10 stamina per second and whose power attack consumes 80 stamina.

  • Case 1: the player is at 80 stamina. He/she performs a power attack which depletes his/her stamina. The stamina bar immediately begins to fill.
  • Case 2: the player is at 50 stamina. He/she performs a power attack which depletes his/her stamina and set the timer to 3 seconds. After 3 seconds, the stamina bar begins to fill.
  • Case 3: the player is at 10 stamina. He/she performs a power attack which depletes his/her stamina and set the timer to 7 seconds. After 5 seconds, the timer reaches 2 seconds. Because fStaminaRegenDelayMax = 5, the timer immediately resets and the stamina bar begins to fill.
  • Case 4: the player is at 10 stamina. He/she performs a power attack which depletes his/her stamina and set the timer to 7 seconds. He/she immediately drinks a potion that restores his/her stamina by 15 per second for 5 seconds. The timer immediately resets the moment he/she drinks the potion and the stamina bar begins to fill. For the next 5 seconds, he/she can perform as many power attacks as he/she wants, since every time the potion effect ticks, the timer is reset and he/she will have positive stamina.

NPC Stamina[edit]

All NPCs and creatures also have stamina, which is calculated differently than the player's stamina. Their stamina is summed from three separate contributions:

  • The race provides a starting stamina.
  • Individual NPCs and creatures can have a fixed stamina adjustment.
  • For most NPCs and creatures the class provides an additional 0-10 stamina points per level.

Unlimited Stamina Skyrim Mod

The rate at which enemies regenerate stamina is determined by their race.


  • Frost damage drains stamina.
  • Unlike in previous Elder Scrolls games, jumping does not reduce your stamina, nor does walking or running affect the rate of regeneration.
  • When your stamina reaches zero, the stamina bar will flash green. It will never take more than 5 seconds before it starts to refill again.
Health •Magicka •Stamina
NPC only
Aggression •Assistance •Confidence •Disposition •Morality
Survival ModeCC
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Some people immerse themselves in video games to escape the realities of life. unfortunately in Skyrim there are many mechanics similar to those in the real world. One of those mechanics is stamina - the amount of endurance your character has, a higher stamina level means you can sprint for longer, perform more power attacks, etc before running out and having to wait for it to restore. what if there was a way to increase stamina, or even gain unlimited stamina? What if we told you there is?! Using console commands, you can regenerate your stamina, give your character unlimited stamina and increase your stamina. If you're looking for a particlar cheat, click one of the links below to jump to the correct part of this article:


Skyrim Stamina Regen Mod

This guide uses console commands - in order to use these, you need to be on PC / Mac (Steam). You can open up the console with one of the following hotkeys: ` or ~. Check out our console guide for more help opening and using the console.

Unlimited Stamina Cheat

To gain unlimited stamina in Skyrim, you can use the following console command:

player.setav stamina 99999

This sets your stamina to 99,999, which is effectively unlimited because it will regenate faster than you could ever use it up!

Skyrim Unlimited Mod

Cheats to Increase Stamina

If you're not looking to go all-out with unlimited stamina and just want a little boost, you can fully restore your character's stamina with the following cheat code:

Skyrim Se Unlimited Stamina Mod

player.restoreav stamina 100

This command will only restore your stamina to its full (what it would be if nothing was drained) - it won't push your stamina past its legitimate limit like the setav command.

Unlimited Stamina Skyrim Mod Minecraft

That's all there is to this guide. You may also want to check out our restore health guide, or our article on the magicka cheat. More console commands can be found on our commands list.