Digital clocks not only display time but can also receive messages (e.g. “Bell”) from the Master Clock when initiated by a Console or remote device. This provides an advantage for hearing-impaired individuals. Additionally, the Telecor II System supports Telecor’s Advanced Digital Clock displays (ADC). Jun 06, 2018  Telecor 2490 Master Clock Manual download Document about Telecor 2490 Master Clock Manual Download is available on print and digital edition. This pdf ebook is. The Telecor XL Communication System is a microprocessor-based system that provides two-way intercom communications, full-duplex telephone communications, and a built-in Master Clock. Need more product information? Visit our Resource Center for documents and specs. Resource Center.

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12” Round Semi-Flush Mount24v

  • Dial Dimensions: 12.12” x diameter
  • Outside Dimensions: 13.12” x diameter
  • Overall Projection from Wall: 1.62”
  • Center of clock below center of outlet box: Approx. Same


  • Face: Arabic 1-12
  • Case: 22-gauge steel
  • Color: Charcoal Gray
  • Motor Input Voltage: 24V AC 60Hz
  • Motor Input Frequency: 60Hz
  • Motor Input Power: 4 Watts
  • Coil Input Voltage: 24V
  • Coil Input Frequency: 60Hz
  • Connector: mating female connector is provided with approximately 18 inches of wiring.

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Telecor 2490 Master Clock Manual Downloads

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Telecor Xl Installation Manual

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Telecor 2490 Master Clock Manual

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Telecor Master Clock Manual


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Telecor 2400 Master Clock Manual

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Telecor 2490 Master Clock Manual Pdf

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Telecor Clock System Manual

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