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Hey fellas!
Title pretty much sums it up, all units re-scaled to lore.
I've seen it done few times before through arcade and other mods but I've never been satisfied with the experience so I decided to just do it myself.
- Movement speeds have been adjusted
- AOE effects adjusted
- Weapons ranges
- Sight radius
- Camera zooms added (things get big)
- Much more!
Only things left unchanged (so far) is health and weapon damages
So why am I here?
I essentially want to try to take this mod to a place where it can been fairly balanced and enjoyable to come back to and less of a waste of time. I've played through this mod a few hundred times at least balancing and trying to make the feel of early/mid/late game to be satisfying. It's at what I like to think is a half decent - playable state, but I think many heads would be better than just me and my homies thinking of balance changes. So, I present to you this wonderful mod and I hope you enjoy it! If you don't please tell me what ruins it for you so I can try to fix that.
Regards TL forumees and thank you for your time!
This is a mod

Starcraft 2 Real Scale Mod


Sc2 Mod

So it's StarCraft II: 'Realistic' Edition? Like, Marines have head-mounted lights and grenades. The scale, obviously, plus the ranges. A wider variety of units, buildings, and upgrades, better representing a full military organization. Constructing the Thor, like a building!? Oct 13, 2016  Turn StarCraft 2's Graphics Into a Cute Cartoon With This New Mod You don't even need to own the game to check it out. By Chris Pereira on October 13, 2016 at 8:37AM PDT. Starcraft II Hack. Quick video showcasing an annoying bug together with target firing. Video Rating: / 5. If you truly want additional gas as well as minerals, use Starcraft 2 Cheats together with Sc2 Glitch tool. I was AFK merely to return to a screen full of white ball people.

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