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Creative Mode is a mod for Starbound, created by aMannus.


Extract content on Starbound/Mods Mod Works with Starbound 1.3.1.As a Body replacer mod, this may conflict (visually) with any other Floran Body Replacer. To uninstall just remove the mod folder. Orc Replacer! Representing the work of many people over a year, Starbound Simple Vore Mod VSO release. WARNING: As this mod brings about many changes, backup your storage folder just in case!Some people have reported problems (due to other mod incompatibilities).

This mod is aimed for providing a helpful tool for players to do what they want to do. The idea is taken from the game Minecraft, where this exact mode was introduced to help players build bigger projects. This mod aims to provide this same sort of experience (if not more), all through adding in-game items. So, what will this mod provide for you?

To provide such a worry-free building environment, there's a couple of things that are important. First off, this mod adds a way to 'spawn' items in the game. This way players don't have to fly around to gather their materials for this awesome building project they had in mind. Apart from that, this mod adds some ways to get rid of the hazardous elements in Starbound through armor, weapons and a new tech that enables flight.

If that wasn't enough, this mod adds ways for players to get to a certain progression point in the game, deciding themselves to what point they want to boost themselves. If a character wipe or a corrupt savefile wiped your progress, you can use the items this mod provides to bring yourself to the same point where your old character was. The control is completely in the player's hands, and you decide yourself how far you want to take it.


1. Remove any previous CreativeMode folders if you installed this mod previously. This is important!

2. Copy over the entire CreativeMode folder to X:SteamSteamAppscommonStarboundgiraffe_storagemods

Starbound mods download torrent

-- And nowhere else!

Be sure to copy the entire folder, not just it's contents! This is important or your game will crash if you try to open the Ultimate Box.

3. Start up the game. Press C to bring up your crafting interface and craft the Ultimate Box.

4. Set the Ultimate Box down, get the stuff you choose to get. The Spawning Boxes are also available in the Ultimate Box.

  • Last update: Saturday, February 20, 2016
  • Genre: Action
  • File size: 1.9 MB

Starbound Mods Download 2017

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Steam wrapper for mac. Type




7 days

Starbound - Creative Mode v.1.4.5mod1.9 MB2/20/20166.3K25
Starbound - Unlimited Health and Energy v.1.1mod5.1 KB2/14/201959810
Starbound - XS Corporation Mechs v.1.05mod4.5 MB2/21/20163.7K4
Starbound - Fully Customizable Ship v.1.1EKmod25.8 KB2/21/20161.8K3
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Install Guide for Starbound Mods

Rather than install a mod by overwriting assets you can take advantage of an incredibly simple mod loader that is already built into the game.

How to install mods

Through the course of this page we will guide you through the steps involved in setting up a proper file structure to use your mods!

Way 1

Step 1

Open your Starbound folder:[Steam directory]SteamAppscommonStarbound​

If you've installed Starbound via GOG Galaxy:[Galaxy directory]GamesStarbound

Step 2

Create a new folder in your Starbound directory called mods. Inside this folder, create a new one for your mod.

Step 3

Locate the folder for your OS (windows: win32; linux 32-bit: linux32; linux 64-bit: linux64; OS X: Starbound.app/Contents/MacOS) and open the folder.

Step 4

Edit the file bootstrap.config and add the following line to 'assetSources' :'./mods/[yourmodfolder]'

For OS X users:


Step 5

Save the file.

Way 2

Step 1

Copy your downloaded mod.

Step 2

Open your Starbound folder:[Steam directory]SteamAppscommonStarbound​

If you've installed Starbound via GOG Galaxy:[Galaxy directory]GamesStarbound


Step 3

Open the folder named mods.

Step 4

Paste your mod into the folder. If the mod has .pak file, paste it right there. If the mod doesn't have .pak file but has folder with the name of the mod (e.g. 'Dungeon Mod'), paste the whole folder.

Starbound Mods Steam

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