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Sound of Confusion is the debut album by British psychedelic band Spacemen 3. It was their first for Glass Records, who’d signed them on the strength of their demo to a two-album deal. SPACEMEN 3 Sound Of Confusion CD w 4 extra tracks. SPACEMEN 3 Perfect Prescription CD w 4 extra tracks. SPACEMEN 3 Live At The Milkweg CD w 4 extra tracks. SPACEMEN 3 Singles CD contains all 3 12 inches from. Anno 2070 Kostenlos Download Vollversion Deutsch Englisch here. Complete list of Pirate movies from the early the 1900's to Present Day. The original Sound of Confusion, terrific as it is, is a bit skimpy in content. A total of just under 40 minutes of actual recorded music, packaged in a cardboard CD sleeve, not even a case, for $13.74 plus shipping is not the hottest deal in town right now. On the other hand, this is Spacemen 3. As the first stage in Fire Records comprehensive Spacemen 3 reissue campaign, they are proud to release, for the first time on LP in the U.S. The band’s unforgettable debut record, Sound of Confusion, the defining sound of the classic The Perfect Prescription, and the jaw-dropping live haze of Performance. Find Spacemen 3 discography, albums and singles on AllMusic. British cult band of the '80s whose hypnotic, fuzzed-out masterpieces helped pioneer shoegaze and modern space rock.

Sound Of Confusion Spacemen 3 Rarest

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Sound Of Confusion Spacemen 3 Rare

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Spacemen 3 Amen

The 1986 debut album by Spacemen 3 (the band formed by Jason Pierce, later of Spiritualized and Peter Kember of Sonic Boom fame), gets a reissue at a time when there seems to be a resurgence of interest in the space-rock of the eighties and nineties. Of late the Loop discography has been expanded and fully revisited, prompting inevitable parallels with the Spacemen 3 output from around the era. Sound Of Confusion was released in the same year of Loop's formation, and surely represents the spearhead of a particular movement in British music of the time, calling upon the influence of the Velvet Underground, the Silver Apples and classic krautrock bands to inform their highly original brand of minimalist psychedelia.