This mod adds bird races to Skyrim for PCs and NPCs. Birds have all-new avian heads and head parts (crests, ears, horns because why not) with complete chargen and expression morphs. Race Compatibility for Skyrim and Dawnguard (included in package), BodySlide 2 and Outfit Studio installed with the UUNP RaceMenu Sliders, RaceMenu, HDT Physics.

If you are curious if another mod will work with mine, please check it using the Creation Kit or ask the author of the mod if they change either of the following main files.
My mod will be incompatible with other mods that change:
PERK VampireFeed
QUST PlayerVampireQuest

These control almost everything about your Vampire. If another mod contains different spells and abilities they may overwrite or mess with my own, but any change to the above files will screw things up pretty badly. You may be surprised how many appearance or blood/feeding mods change these files ..

FIX the shout bugs add vampire and werewolves compatibility race compatibility a new female texture and make the race mod friendly by removing the form lists and using racial compatibility. Mar 10, 2018  This mod merges the Dawnguard scripts with the Race Compatibility scripts. The RaceCompatibility.esm file included in this package also fixes the missing WoodElf (Bosmer) race entry in the file and adds an optional compatibility script for the Unofficial Skyrim patch. Avery templates for mac computers.

My mod is currently compatible with:
Any mod which changes the appearance of Vampires
  • (install their mod first, then mine – my mod does not have any appearance tweaks and I do not make ANY changes to vanilla races, so it will not overwrite their changes).
Any customized race REMOVED (too many issues, things break with custom races)
  • (install their mod first, then mine) REMOVED
  • You may have to use my 'Fix Feeding For Custom Race' customization menu option to be able to feed normally; only use it if you have to. REMOVED
  • My mod will let your custom race work with regular vampirsim, but NOT with Vampire Lords.REMOVED
  • Custom races do not work very well with Dawnguard .. use the RaceCompatibility mod by TMPhoenix IF and ONLY IF he has updated it to work with my latest version. His mod replaces my scripts so it will break things if you don't use the correct version ..
    The 'RaceCompatibility for Skyrim and Dawnguard' mod should work well with my mod, but you have to follow TMPhoenix's directions.
    My mod needs a clean save in between an old version and a new - he outlines a clear procedure how to do a clean save in conjunction with his mod:
    'If you need to do a clean save for Better Vampires, you don't need to remove the RaceCompatibility mod, you NEED to make sure you re-install it WITHOUT the Better Vampires option. Then do your clean save, then re-install Better Vampires and then re-install RaceCompatibility mod WITH the Better Vampire option. Then you need to make sure MO/NMM/LOOT has placed the mods in the correct load order.' -TMPhoenix If you do not have Dawnguard or still need help, check with TMPhoenix for troubleshooting.
    Issues and bugs will result if your custom race also modifies the PlayerVampireQuest script .. contact the mod's author.
    Install your custom race, then my mod, and say yes to replace any files.
    The mod author of a custom race may have failed to attach the proper tags so you can be recognized as a vampire ..
    If a custom race does not have a vampire version of that race then others may not recognize you as a vampire in the game and you may be unable to feed. I have a menu option for a workaround that allows you to feed .. but it is only a bandaid and not recommended.
    Mod authors of custom races don't necessarily need to edit PlayerVampireQuest script to be compatible with my mod. Contact your custom race's mod author and ask for a vampire version of their race.
    The author of any custom race can easily make a vampire version of their race (or you can too if you are so inclined):
    1) Load the custom race .esp in the Creation Kit
    2) Open the custom race (i.e. look for LunariRace)
    3) Change the name of the race to yourcustomracenameVampire (i.e. LunariRaceVampire)
    4) Save this as a new race, don't overwrite the original
    6) Add the keywords 'Vampire', 'ActorTypeNPC', and 'ActorTypeUndead' to your new race (General Data, under Keywords)
    7) Add the spells 'VampireHuntersSight', 'VampirePoisonResist', and 'VampireVampirism' to your new race (General Data, under Specials)
    9) Save your custom race .esp and exit the Creation Kit

    After this, you can use the console to 'setrace yourcustomracenameVampire' (i.e. setrace LunariRaceVampire) and you'll be able to feed normally and be identified as a vampire in the game.
    NOTE: Be sure you use my menu option to infect yourself with Sanguinare Vampiris and rest 3 days so you have all the vampire perks and scripts running in the background. You cannot just change your race, you have to have the PlayerVampireQuest script running in the background too!
    To cure yourself, use my menu to reset vampirism, cure your disease before 3 days are up, and use the console to 'setrace yourcustomracename' (i.e. setrace LunariRace).

Skyrim Mod Race Compatibility Codes

I also highly suggest trying these excellent mods:

Skyrim Race Compatibility Mod Xbox

Royal Bloodline - Vampire Lord perk tree and abilities by xyks
Fully compatible. Install my mod first, then install and load his after. For full compatibility load my patch after both our mods.

Skyrim More Races Mod

This mod aims to add more to the Vampire Lord and empowering it for the higher difficulties, while staying close to the original gameplay.
I highly recommend that you install my optional file that makes both the powers from Better Vampires and this mod available while in Vampire Lord form. This patch must be loaded after both of our mods.