Schools are back in the sims 4, but not as a separate house like in the sims 3. They’re more like jobs where you just disappear for a specified time and then come home. For child and teen sim, the school starts at 8:00 am and ends at 3:00 pm. If your sim child or teen is missing from the school, then it’s expected that you will receive a call from the school that your child is absent.

  1. Sims 4 No High School Mod
  2. Sims 4 No School Cheat
  3. Sims 4 More Schools Mod Kawaiistacie

Apr 29, 2015  (Thanks SimplyNando for creating the above logo and for the name of the mod, which was previously undecided). If you have both The Sims 4 and The Sims 4 Get to Work Expansion Pack, The Sims 4 Go to School Mod Pack allows you to follow your Child and Teen Sims to school. Jun 03, 2020  No Auto Enroll. The scripted part of the mod effectively disables auto-enrolling. Whether you reload, travel, or age up Toddler - Child or Child - Teen, Sims will never be enrolled in school without your doing it.

The Sims 4 School

The kids have “Go to School” option and the teens have “Go to High School” option. There are different moodlet that your sim may feel where in school. But all of these things are just imaginary. You don’t really know what happens when your sim goes to school. They just disappear and shows up at a specified time.

What if you have control of your school life?

I mean the sims 4 is a simulation game and you want everything in your control. The Sims 4 go to school feature is not available in the base game. For this, you have to download a specified mod that is specially designed for the sims 4.

This mod is called the sims 4 school mod. Using these mods you can do multiple things like choosing your school, learning basic skills at school, school interactions, able to do homework and much more.

The Sims 4 Go to School Mod

The Sims 4 go to school mod is a special add-on in the base game, allowing you to send your sim to the school. Using this mod, players can watch the progress of their sims and do other stuff like completing school interactions and making new friends.

Sims 4 No High School Mod

There are 2 different education system that you have to choose in this mod; Elementary School and High School. You will find buildings in your game gallery, which you can add in your game map and then sending your sim into that building. You can attend different subjects every day with different teachers and demonstrate you thrive for knowledge.

The best feature of this mod is that it works nearly as well as the official expansion pack of the Sims 4. You can also use this mod with Get to work expansion pack for additional add ones.

Download The Sims 4 Go to School Mod

Sims 4 Go to School Mods Download

Installation Process

  • Download the following file in your PC and extract them
  • Place the content of the folder in The Sims 4 Mods default folder
  • Go to the game option and enable script and game mod
  • Restart the game and enjoy

The Sims 4 Private School Mod

This mod replaces the original school with private schools and adds preschool for toddlers. This mod will auto-enroll sims into the school.

Moreover, you will have the opportunity to select your favorite private school for your sims to attend. Here you have to pay some daily tuition fee for your sims. The daily tuition fees are:

  • $250 for High School
  • $150 for Grade School
  • $50 for Preschool
Download Sims 4 Private School Mods

Sims 4 Homeschool Mod

The mod allows your sims to attend virtual or online classes. You can join homeschool classes based on your character value. The study criteria and everything is the same as you see in school or university. You can complete your homework, join timely classes, and perform the weekly exam. After the completion of the program, you will receive your degree.

Download Sims 4 HomeSchool Mod

The Sims 4 No School Mod

This mod allows a child or teen sims to quit or rejoin the school. In this mode, the auto-enroll featured is switched off. You have to manually send your child sim to the school. You can join the school as a child by simply using your phone and selecting the “Join After school activity” for child and “Find a job” option as a teen.

In case you want to quit your school select “Quit After School Activity” option for the child and “Quit a job” option for teens. This mod is same as sims 4 drop out of school mod.

In fact, it’s a little bit advanced than that mod, here you have the choice to rejoin the school.

Download Sims 4 No School Mods

This mod has two versions, ChildTeen and ChildOnly. If you want to quit teen school then download ChildTeen mod. It will not affect your child schooling, and if you want to quit child mod then download that. You can also use both mods at the same time as well.

The Sims 4 Drop Out of School Mod

This mod is best for you if you want to join a specified career field fast. Now your teenage sims will be drop out of high school and get a career job. This mod has 3 different sections, adult career outfits, adult career jobs, and high school dropout.

Sims 4 No School Mod
Download Sims 4 Drop Out School Mods 1.7
Download Sims 4 Drop Out School Mods 2.7
Download Sims 4 Drop Out School Mods 3.7
Download Sims 4 Drop Out School Mods 4.7

The Sims 4 No Bad Grades Mod

If your sim child is not interested in a specified subject and fails because of bad grades then download this mod.

It’s completely normal if your sims child has bad grades, a possible reason is you may have not selected the right trait. This mod is rated as one of the best sims 4 school mod.

Sims 4 No Bad Grades Mods download Link

The Sims 4 Shorter School Hour Mod

Why bunk school when you can download this mod! This mod includes shorter school hours so you can enjoy some extra time with your sims teens.

By default the sims teens have 7 hours at high school, now 2 hours are shorted from their time.

Download Sims 4 Shorter School Hour Mod

The Sims 4 Better School Mod

Here are some sims 4 cc school mods that are designed for get to work expansion pack as well as go to the school mod.

The Sims 4 Elementary School

A beautiful elementary school with 3 floors and 8 separate room for each subject such as Music Hall, Craft Room, Computer Room, Painting Room, History Room, Gardening Hall, Science Room and 2 basic rooms for anything else.

Download Sims 4 Elementary School Mod

The Sims 4 Public School

A typical public school mod for small town or suburbs. Here you can find all the basic schooling stuff like kids kitchen, music room, crafting room, science room and much more.

Download Sims 4 Public School Mod

The Sims 4 Newcrest School Mod

A Newcrest school is a modern designed school that can be used as both elementary and high school. This mod has 3 floors with all the basic school room, with additionally a school pool, a small clinic, cafeteria, locker room, and a giant ground.

Download Sims 4 Newcrest School Mod

The Sims 4 Better High School Mod

This mod is inspired by the Harvard school building. It has 13 rooms and two big halls. There are 3 classrooms, a laboratory, an office, a gym, a library, toilets, cafeteria, and other activity rooms.

Download Sims 4 Better High School Mod

Sims 4 Vacation School Mod

Download Sims 4 Vacation School Mod

Sims 4 High School Mod

This is a public high school mod where you can send your children to study from competent professional teachers in town. The mod offers a three-story building where you can find all genres of modern studies. In addition to this, you can install other custom content creation and use them with this mod.

Download Sims 4 High School Mod

Sims 4 Boarding School Mod

As of now, there’s no school mod that servers the full potential of a boarding school in the sims 4. Although you can use other sims 4 mods like public school and elementary school that serves the same need.

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In addition to this, there are many school cc available in the game build mod. Here you can definitely find what you’re looking for.

Download Sims 4 Boarding School Mod
Download Sims 4 Boarding School Mod v2

Sims 4 Quit School Mod

To make your sim quite school you have two options in the game. Either you can use the sims 4 no school mod which we have provided in this post or download the MCCC mod. Cara game bus simulator versi indonesia 2. When the mod is download and installed, just go to your computer and allow kids/teens sims to quite a school.

Sims 4 After School Activities

You can do after school activities for children and teen sims in the Seasons and Get Famous Expansion pack. The after school activities are unpaid and can be joined via phones. You can join the following after school activity in the game.

  • Scout
  • Drama Club
  • E-sports Competition
  • Soccer Team Player

The Sims 4 School Outfit

Now all the school stuff, furniture, and building are discussed. Let’s talk about the sims 4 school outfits. Below you will find amazing outfits for toddlers, teens and child sims.

The Sims 4 School Girl Outfit

This mod contains summer style, winter style, and winter coats/top. It has 2 berets, 4 ties, 2 socks, and bolero jacket as an accessory. Other things include mid and long skirts.

Download Sims 4 School girl outfit Mod

Sims 4 No School Cheat

The Sims 4 School Child Outfit

This mod can be used on both male and female child sims. It has 4 color schemes with complete CAS access and modified outfits.

Download Sims 4 School Child Outfit Mod

Sims 4 Elite Way School uniform

This is one of the best sims 4 school cc that you can download. The mod offers a collection of premium school uniforms for teenage boys in two different swatches. The swatches are base game compatible and can be found in the game CAS menu with custom thumbnails.

Download Sims 4 Elite Way School Uniform Mod

Sims 4 More Schools Mod Kawaiistacie

There are multiple mods here that affect the way school works in the Sims 2.
Private School Mod: Sims' motives decay more slowly at private school, making them come home with higher motives which allows sims to more easily do their homework, and have time to do more stuff. However, getting sims into private school has no consequences. There should be a fee for private school. It looks like Maxis intended to add a fee to private school, most of the code for that is actually in the game. This mod fixes Maxis' code and makes it so that your household needs to pay 100 simoleons per each child/teen studying in private school. You will be charged at 6am on days your sim is supposed to be at school. This means you won't be charged on weekends and on snow days. When it's time to pay, the game checks each student individually starting from the one with the lowest neighbor ID. If you end up with less than 100 simoleons, the student will be put into public school.
Private School Mod - UPDATE 1: You will now be charged on snow days, too.
Private School Mod - UPDATE 2: Sometimes the game wouldn't show the notification for snow day, this has been fixed.
Private School Leave Early Mod: This separate mod makes it so that private school students leave school earlier than usual. Children leave at 2pm and teens leave at 12pm. This gives the player more reason to enroll and keep their students in private school.
School Bring Home Friend Mod: This mod fixes problems with the way a sim determines which friend to bring home from school. In an unmodded game, sims can bring vacation locals from school, which should not be possible. This has been fixed. Sims who are in public school will only bring playable sims who are in public school. Sims who are in private school will only bring playable sims who are in private school. If the friend is a townie, then sims who are in public school cannot bring downtownies, socialites and techs, and sims who are in private school can only bring downtownies, socialites and techs. In addition, Freetime added a Hobby Friend feature, but this does not work for schools, and only works properly for jobs. Children and teens can now bring hobby friends from school if they succeed at an appropriate hobby chance card. Children will only bring child hobby friends, and teens will only bring teen hobby friends. Sims are able to bring hobby friends even if the hobby friend is in another school. Additionally, the game will properly put the friend into the appropriate school uniform if the friend is in private school, or downtownie, socialite or tech.
School Bring Home Friend Mod-UPDATE1: Maxis tried to make it so that teens who have teen jobs would only be able to bring friends from school who also had the same job, but there were mistakes in the code which made it so that teens who had a job were unable to bring any friends home. This mod fixed this, and made it so that teens would only bring friends who had the same job as them. I am getting rid of this feature completely in this update, because it doesn't make any sense. Teens should be able to bring friends who don't have the same job.
School Bring Home Friend Mod-UPDATE2: When a sim brings a Downtownie, Socialite or Tech home from school, the game will now enroll that townie in private school. In an unmodded game, all townie children/teens are in public school, but now they can be private school students, too.
School Grade Mod: In an unmodded game, whenever a child/teen goes to school, their grade is increased/decreased a bit depending on their mood. In addition, if the sim has done all their homework, their grade is increased by +3. If there is only one homework object belonging to the sim left on the lot, then their grade is not affected by homework. If there is more than one homework object belong to the sim left on the lot, the sim's grade is decreased by -3. This mod makes it so that, the homework effect is not always +3/-3, but rather a random number from +1 to +3 for having done all homework, and from -1 to -3 for leaving more than one homework object belonging to the sim on the lot.
You need the latest version of 7zip or WinRAR to get this mod.
Requirements: Apartment Life.
- CT - Pay Bill/0x7F2DCBC6/0x00001005
- Tuning - Billing/0x7F2DCBC6/0x0000100B
- Function - Main/0x7F2DCBC6/0x00001001
- Function - pay bill/0x7FBE051B/0x00002021