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Save Data Suikoden 1 Mcr. Suikoden 1, 2, 3, and 4 are now available in the Playstation Network! Please spread the word and buy the games, it may mean a Suikoden VI one day! A subreddit dedicated to Konami's legendary Playstation series and everything we love about it. A video tutorial about how to use PlayStation 1.mcr memory card game save files with ePSXe. You can download game saves for popular PlayStation 1 RPGs from. Solution: For future reference, in case anyone else wants to import a PS1 Suikoden I save to be used with the Suikoden II eboot on PSP, here's what I did. 1) I ended up using, which is in the DexDrive.gme format. 2) Then, using, I opened that save file and saved it as SLUS00292-0.mcr to convert it to the ePSXe save format with the game's title id. Transferring Suikoden 1 data to Suikoden 2. 'There is no Suikoden 1 save data'. Remember the error? Download Ecotect Analysis 2011 Full Crack. The.mcr you are having is SLUS00292-0.mcr. Suikoden 2 are. Suikoden 1 and 2 save. And import it into the Suikoden 2 save data. It as SLUS00292-0.mcr to convert it to the ePSXe save format with the.

I don't really understand about this problem, but when i want to load my game data from Suikoden I to Suikoden II with ePSXe emulator, it was failed. It said that there wasn't any Suikoden I saved data at my memory card. I can't figure it out what's wrong with this problem?

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When i check from it's BIOS, i still have my Suikoden I saved data in my memory card. (but of course it not the real memory card, because this is an emulator) and i saved in the correct place of the game (it said that i should saved at the last saved point so that i can load the saved data at the beginning of Suikoden II. Everything was fine with ePSXe, i can play every game, and never had any trouble. Except with this one. I still can play both games, Suikoden I and Suikoden II separately.

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Because they're different games, but i can't load the last saved data from Suikoden I to II, which is can do with real PSX. My PC is in a good condition, with also good spesification. I think it's OK with my PC. So why it's still unreadable? - It's beacuse this is an emulator which has different system compared with the real PSX?? - Is it because it's different game??

Save Data Suikoden 1 Mcraven

SaveSave data suikoden 1 mcree

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Save Data Suikoden 1 Mcrae

Suikoden I and Suikoden II?? - Or there're some troubles with my PC?? I dunno, you have any idea?? Dividend millionaire pdf. Thx Maybe i should asked www.suikosource.com.

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Save Data Suikoden 1 Mcrd

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Save Data Suikoden 1 Mcree

Okay, I was not clear enough about what I said in the previous post, to make things more detailed, here's how to load your Suikoden II save data in your Suikoden III game in PCSX2 1. Starting from PCSX2 Version 1.2.1, virtual PS1 memory cards used in PS1 Emulators such as EPSXE are now supported by the PCSX2 emulator, first insert your virtual PS1 memory card that contains a Suikoden 2 save data in the PCSX2 virtual memory card slot 1 and a virtual PS2 memory card in slot 2 in the PCSX2 memory card settings. Set your PCSX2 CDVD read mode in No Disc Mode so you can access the BIOS screen 3. In the BIOS Screen,go to browser,copy your Suikoden 2 save data from the virtual PS1 memory card inserted in slot 1 into the virtual PS2 memory card inserted in slot 2 and you're finally set.