Give It Up This song is by Sade and appears on the album Stronger Than Pride (1988). Tell me the secrets of your soul Give it up and let go Give it up Give it all Give it up Give it all Give it up Give it all Give it up Give it all I give you it all I couldn't give you more if I tried I give you my love I give you everything I feel inside I give you my life It isn't a lie I tell only.

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Sade Stronger Than Pride Rar Download On April Posted in Album Download on April 25, 2018 by Zetsu 9 comments. Valeu Reply Delete Replies Reply Carolyn Wednesday, June 12, 2019 11:14:00 am Thank you Reply Delete Replies Reply Ander Sunday, July 21, 2019 4:17:00 pm Obgd;) Reply Delete Replies Reply Novatric Thursday, August 22, 2019 5:01:00 pm. Sade's third album, Stronger Than Pride, was released in May 1988. The album peaked at No. 3 in the UK and has been certified platinum by the BPI. It was preceded by the single 'Paradise,' which made the UK Top 30 and US Top 20. Sade – Live Is Stronger Than Pride (Live From San Diego) Listen on Spotify -Listen on Apple Music -


Sade Stronger Than Pride Lyrics


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After the positive rush of 1984's Diamond Life and the following year's Promise, Sade - bassist Paul S. Denman, keyboardist Andrew Hale, guitarist Stewart Matthewman and vocalist Sade Adu - established their leisurely pace of releases with Stronger Than Pride in 1988. Theirs is a release schedule so sporadic that it has, to date, only produced another three studio albums.

Recorded in France and the Bahamas, Stronger Than Pride is the sound of money and time. Unlike their peers, the group continued doing the same thing; there were no power ballads or all-out attempts at chart glory. It was similar to their previous work in the best way possible, relying on nuances and subtle modifications of their sound. The only thing the album has in common with other releases of the time is that it had a little of the in-era trickery: a sampled flute here, a bit of Fairlight there. Yet it still manages to sound fully organic.

The album has only two speeds: mid-tempo funkers such as Turn My Back on You, Paradise and Nothing Can Come Between Us, or delicate ballads such as the title track, Haunt Me and the affecting I Never Thought I'd See the Day. Fallout 4 wiki. Some numbers are simply grooves with repeated choruses rather than conventional songs, yet it all works. Listen to Clean Heart and it's obvious why America took Sade so fully to their hearts; it could almost be a Christine McVie-penned Fleetwood Mac song.

Adu's voice is so ambient that it almost becomes another instrument. In fact, for someone who was such a seductive star (and who made the group), it's hard at times to locate her on the album at all. Her vocals are often dispatched in seductive repetitive whispers, and then, she's gone - yet her presence dominates the work. By the final track, Siempre Hay Esperanza, she absents herself entirely from the languid instrumental.

Stronger Than Pride was a confident, post-fame release, full of infectious, hushed musical sophistication, making it impossible to dislike. It would be another four years before the world heard from Sade again, but Stronger Than Pride ensured they retained their place as mysterious million sellers.


Sade is the world-known British R&B group that formed in England in 1983. Its history began in 1976 in London, when the popular funk and Latin soul band Pride needed a new female back-vocalist. This position was given to Helen Folasade Adu, born in Nigeria, whose father was Nigerian and mother was British. Being a back-vocalist, the girl soon developed her own style, and at the suggestion of the manager she and some other band members wrote a set of songs to perform at Pride’s concerts between the sets. Then together with the saxophonist Stuart Mathewman several tracks were written for their side project bearing the name of its front woman and vocalist – Sade. In 1982 the musicians were allowed to support Pride at the concert, and in May 1983 they did their own performance in the USA. The newly-made band attracted more and more attention of the press, leaving Pride in the shadows, what eventually led to final partitioning of the two teams.

In 1984 Sade released their first single Your Love Is King, followed by the debut album called Diamond Life in a couple of months, which climbed to #2 position in charts and later attained multi-platinum status. The great popularity was brought by the single Smooth Operator, nominated for MTV Video Music Awards in two categories – Best Female Video and Best New Artist. Most of the year 1985 Sade toured with concerts, simultaneously working on the new material called Promise, which saw light in the year’s end. Just like on the debut album, the music represented gentle, restrained and profound soul and jazz riffs. The disc soon ascended the UK charts’ top and became double-platinum, and the vocalist Sade Adu was awarded Grammy for Best New Artist. During eight months the band gave performances across USA and the UK, and as the tour wound down, Sade found herself in the centre of a whirl of rumours, saying that she was depressed because of her failed love affair, that she got addicted to drugs, and that she had a serious nervous break-down.

Exhausted from concerts and unwanted attention, Sade decided to withdraw from the limelight and returned to the stage only in 1988 with her new work called Stronger Than Pride. Expectations of fans and critics were not disappointed and the disc turned out to be a hit, receiving platinum status after a mere two weeks after the release. After a long world tour in support of the album, Sade moved to Spain, where she suffered through a short unsuccessful marriage to documentary filmmaker Carlos Scola. She moved back to London, bought and old house and equipped her own recording studio in the basement. Reassembling the band, Sade started to work on the new material called Love Deluxe, which saw the light in 1992. Despite the long absence, the fans did not forget her and the album sold out very well. Single No Ordinary Love earned the Grammy for Best R&B Duo or Group and was included in the Indecent Proposal OST.

In 1996 Sade bore recording producer Bob Morgan a daughter and moved to Jamaica to concentrate on parenthood. Her new creation, called Lovers Rock, was released in 2000. Despite the top single By Your Side and Grammy award for Best Pop-Vocal Album, the disc could not gain great success – #18 in the UK, #3 in America and golden status. After spending the whole following year in the US tour, the artist proved once more that she needed no fame and attention, again leaving the world of music. Thirst for creativity returned her to stage only in 2010 with her sixth album Soldier Of Love. A ten-year break could have become a commercial suicide for any musician, but not for Sade, whose fans are notable for patience and loyalty and know that music should be created only in case the musicians have something to say. The title single, released in late 2009, made history by entering the Urban Hot AC chart at #11, making it the highest debut of the decade. All album’s tracks sound very harmoniously, demonstrating the close spiritual connection between the band members once again, and the voice of Sade did not change at all in 25 years of work – graceful, tender and pacifying singing delights the year as before.


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The British band Sade has never been a regular album deliverer. Soldier Of Love is their first studio record released in the past ten years. This is a classy R&B piece concealing so much interesting and unexpected

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