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Console: Nintendo Wii (WII ISOS)

The best place to get cheats, codes, cheat codes, walkthrough, guide, FAQ, unlockables, tricks, and secrets for Rayman Origins for Nintendo Wii. Find the complete list of ROMs for this console on the Nintendo Wii (WII ISOS) ROMs page. How to Install. Download the Rayman Origins SOJE41.7z.001 file (click the Download button). Download a Nintendo Wii (WII ISOS) emulator and install it. Extract the Rayman Origins SOJE41.7z.001 file and open it with the emulator. Play Rayman Origins ROM. Rayman Origins - Wii - FAST DISPATCH AND FREE POSTAGE WITH TRACKING. Condition is Very Good. Includes Booklet. Sent with Standard Delivery and Registered with Tracking. A very much loved game from my collection. Buy from a trusted Australian seller - you'll receive tracking details once purchased and if no-one is at your nominated address to. Rayman Origins ROM for Nintendo Wii (WII). 100% Free Download. Play on All Devices. Nov 15, 2011  ISO download page for the game: Rayman Origins (Wii) - File: Rayman.Origins.USA.WII-Srubbed-SUSHi.torrent -

Genre: Action, Platform

Region: USA

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Rating: 3.8

Attention! To play this game you need to download an emulator for Nintendo Wii (WII ISOS) console. To find a complete list of all emulators click on the appropriate menu link in the website header.

Rayman Origins Iso

Find the complete list of ROMs for this console on the Nintendo Wii (WII ISOS) ROMs page.

How to Install

  1. Download the Rayman Origins [SOJE41].7z.001 file (click the Download button).
  2. Download a Nintendo Wii (WII ISOS) emulator and install it.
  3. Extract the Rayman Origins [SOJE41].7z.001 file and open it with the emulator.
  4. Play Rayman Origins ROM.

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Tips and Strategy Guide to Defeat the Boss Enemies in Rayman Origins Game!
Rayman Origins is a platform based video game which is completely filled with fighting matches and certain number of tasks where the player’s main hero has only objective is to win the boss fights by defeating the boss enemies one by one.
Sometime it becomes typical to beat the high-power opponents so it would be better for player’s hero to make great strategies and keep his weapons ready every time in order to easily beat them with fewer moves.
2 Best Methods to Beat the Boss Enemies!
If the player’s main protagonist wants to deal with boss enemies with fewer efforts then he must follow the best methods at the right time. Without wasting a single minute, let’s discuss the best ways in the upcoming points.
Hit the Boss Enemies Weak Points!
The player’s main hero (Rayman) should hit the punches, kicks and make best use of his super-powers especially against boss enemeis in order to easily defeat them with less chances of getting injured through the course of the Rayman Origins Game.
Keep it up the Player’s Hero Health Meter!
The player’s should keep it up their main hero health meter every time so that he can survive in the end of the boss fight by dealing with certain hazards and weapon attacks.
Last Words!
Players should follow the simple points and apply all of them at the right time during competing time so that they will be able to deal with boss enemies from all over the world. Lastly, the player’s hero should always avoid opponent’s dangerous attacks otherwise he may stuck in typical situation and no one can overcome from that.