If you cannot recall the password or the Google account synced with your device, the lock will keep you from accessing your device. With the right tool, you can easily get rid of the FRP lock or the screen password. In this article, we will show you the best device unlock APK you can use.
Rar password unlocker full version

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Best Device Unlock APK Tool – LockWiper (Android)

If you would like to use a tool that offers a high success rate, you should invest in Lockwiper (Android) FRP unlock tool. This tool works with all Android versions, including Android 9.0, which is the latest. After using LockWiper to bypass the FRP lock, you will have the ability to use a different Google account.

Since LockWiper helps you get rid of the old Google account, it ensures that you do not get monitored or blocked remotely from using the Android device via the previous owner’s account. LockWiper has been tested on 6000+ device models running on Android. On all the devices, the tool was able to bypass the FRP Lock.

LockWiper (Android) Key Features

  • You won’t need to know the password or Google account on the device to bypass FRP.
  • LockWiper grants you full access to all the features on the Android device.
  • After getting your device access back, you will never be going to be tracked or limited by your previous account.
  • After removing the previous account from the device, you eliminate the chances of being blocked or tracked remotely.
  • LockWiper has a user-friendly interface. You don’t need any tech skills to use it.

How to Bypass the FRP Lock Using LockWiper:Polycom activation keygen free.

Step 1:Download and launch LockWiper and select 'Remove Google Lock (FRP)'.

Step 2: Connect the Android device to the PC using a USB cable.

Step 3: Follow the onscreen instructions to download the device’s data package > tap Start to Extract > put the device in the Downloading Mode > click Next > enter 000000 to initiate the installation process.

Step 4: After enabling the OEM unlock and USB debugging, follow the onscreen instructions to download and extract the device's firmware.

Step 5: Wait while LockWiper bypasses the FRP lock.

Got Questions About Device Unlock APK - LockWiper (Android)?

1. How can I know whether LockWiper works on my device?

LockWiper does have a free trial version. If you would like to confirm whether the tool can work on your device, simply install the trial version and use it to test LockWiper.

2. Does it completely unlock FRP lock and get rid of the previous account?

After using LockWiper to get rid of the FRP lock, the lock will be gone forever. The tool will remove the previous Google account too.

3. Can I use a new Google account on the device?

When using LockWiper to bypass the FRP lock, you will get rid of the old Google account, as mentioned earlier. With no synced Google account, the Android device will allow you to sync it with a new Google account. To avoid having issues with the FRP lock in the future, you should use an account whose password you can recall easily.

4. Will the application reset my Samsung after bypassing the FRP?

Since the FRP lock appears when you are trying to reset your Samsung device, LockWiper helps you complete the reset process. This means that after you use it, your device will be factory reset. All your data will be erased. If you would like to eliminate the chances of losing important data, backing up the data is important.

Final Words:

If the FRP lock is keeping you from resetting your Android device, you can opt to use a Device Unlock APK to help you with bypassing the lock. To increase the chances of unlocking the FRP lock, LockWiper (Android) is highly recommended for you. If you are not sure whether LockWiper can work for you, you can test it for free using the trial version.

The current computing environment has made easy to access and share information over the internet. When sharing multiple files, it becomes necessary to compress it. Since RAR is the most common and stable format of compression and also offers security, you are likely to use it.


In this event you make the archive secured with a password and forgot, here are some of the best RAR password unlocker software that can help.

RAR Password Decoder

RAR Password Decoder is an RAR password unlocker software that is detailed and one of the surest way to recover your archive’s forgotten password. The software deploys brute force as well as a dictionary to attempt to recover the appropriate password. The software supports pause and resume as well as the ability to set prefixes or suffixes.

Password Unlocker

Password Unlocker offers an efficient and reliable to recover your archive’s passwords in the event if you forget them. How can I download older version of Skype? - Microsoft Community. It supports all RAR files created by any tools, and it recovers RAR password faster with SSE, etc;. It comes with three efficient password attack options available to ensure you gain back access to your archive.

Recover WinRAR/RAR Password

iSumsoft RAR Password Refixer is a software that ensures of professionalism when it comes to the recovery of passwords to RAR archives. The software comes at a premium and offers a free trial. It presents four attack methods and thus high chances of success even with complex passwords.

Stellar Phoenix Archive Password Recovery

Stellar Phoenix Archive Password Recovery is a powerful premium RAR password unlock software that works with both WinRAR and WinZip archives. The software is fast and features a passwords dictionary of the previously recovered passwords. To further increase the speed of recovery, the software offers an option for setting the password range.

Other Platform

In the majority of the cases, the RAR compression is used on the Windows platform though this is not the explicit case. However, due to the fact that it is the most widely used platform in computing, the files are used also on other platform and consequently recovery tools.

Unlock Password-Protected Archives for Windows

Unlock Password-Protected Archives is a professional software that will ensure you back access to your archives through password generation. This software comes with two premium options and features. Some of the best abilities for the sake of your convenience including guaranteed cracking. The software also has universal compatibility.

ArchiDroid for Android

ArchiDroid is an Android App that is used for the purposes of management archives. Essentially, the software is not an RAR password unlocker software per say though it is capable of opening an archive once presented with the correct password. It can also pack files into encrypted or simple archives.

Most Popular Software – cRARk

Rar Password Unlocker Online

cRARk is a command line based software for password recovery and thus a reserve for the professionals those who determined to learn as it lacks a GUI. However, this is the most comprehensive tool and your greatest chance to recover your password. The software is free and supports all versions of RAR.

What is an RAR Password Unlocker Software?

Rar Password Unlocker Android Apk Free

An RAR password unlocker software allows users of archived whom might have forgotten their passwords to gain access back to their files. There are several techniques used to make this possible and among them is a brute force where a series of passwords is generated until a match of what is in the hatch is found. You may also see RAR File Repair Tools

Also sniffing and use of a dictionary is also applied. With the majority of the tool, to increase the chances of retrieving complex passwords, you will need to have hints. This could be the number of characters or even prefix or suffix to the password.

It is very devastating to be locked out of your own content. This is similar to locking yourself out of your vehicle or home. However, with clues on what your password was, you can be able to effectively regain access to your content with the use of the above RAR password unlocker software.

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