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  1. Project 64 Controller Setup
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Check if the controller is detected by the host Add your internet browser to the approved apps (if enabled) so that clients can see the following site. Go to, and tell your friends to press buttons on the controller and see if it's appearing on the site and working. Confirm the controller works fine on the client. The clients should go to on their own PC and press buttons to see if their controller works fine. If the controller is not showing up on their side, then it's an issue with the client and Parsec has no controller to find in the first place.

Project 64 Controller Setup

But I can assign the controls fine and project 64 recognize the controller. However, when starting the game, it does not recognize the controller. The keyboard works fine though, I tried it. I also tried to download another plugin and placed it in the right file, but project 64 does not see the new dll. I was using rage from 2015. Sep 11, 2019  Make sure that you have a wired controller. In order to use an Xbox 360 controller on Project64 without an adapter, the controller must use a non-removable wire as its power source. You cannot use a 'plug and charge' cable here. If you want to use a wireless controller, you'll have to buy a Microsoft Xbox 360 Wireless Gaming Receiver unit. Sep 11, 2019 In later versions of PJ64 like 2.3.2 an option exists at the bottom called Save. This won't save the controller configurations to the computer but will save it to PJ64 instead The next time you open it on your computer. If you lost your default configurations, you can use Options Configure Controller Plugin Default Configuration and click Save.

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Project 64 Wont Detect Controller

Project 64 Won't Detect Controller On Mac


Project 64 Wont Detect Controller Windows 7

Hi, everyone. Thanks for taking a minute to read my post. I've had the itch to play old N64 games lately, and decided it would make sense to get into the emulation game. However, I'm having problems getting Project64 to recognize my Xbox One controller. I plugged it in via a USB cord to my laptop (Windows 10), installed the most recent Microsoft driver, and it seems to be working on my Steam games. However, when I go to configure the buttons on Project64, the emulator doesn't appear to recognize that I'm hitting any buttons. I've searched the forum but have not been able to come up with the answer. Any help that you could provide would be greatly appreciated!