The best drum sampler around at the moment for me personally

Jan 28, 2010  Poise is a simple, 16 pad drum sampler that lets you quickly add layers, manipulate the layers, and come up with new sounds. Poise is NOT a sequencer. You can NOT sample into it. From the site: Direct, straightforward, no frills and no bloat! Poise aims to make working with drum samples quick and painless, allowing you to focus on making music. Poise has been designed as a lightweight easy-to-use drum sampler. It features a streamlined workflow and options to shape a disparate range of samples into a coherent drum kit. Poise features 16. 55 people have added Poise Percussion Sampler to 9 My KVR groups 78 times. 33 +1 I Own This. 29-1 Favorites. 9 0 My Actual Studio. 2 0 My Perfect Studio. Poise Percussion Sampler by One Small Clue (@KVRAudio Product Listing): Poise is a drum sampler. Features: 16 Drum Pads. 8 Samples per Drum Pad. Multiple Sample switching modes: Round Robin. Trigger All (for layering multiple samples). Support for velocity splits. Inbuilt sample browser with preview. Drag and Drop sample loading. 2 - 16 stereo outputs. Comprehensive Pad and Sample.

Poise was designed from the very start to be intuitive and unobtrusive and seriously lacking in bloat

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If you want a drum synth, look elsewhere

If you want a huge library of sounds (In fact any library of sounds hahaha) look elsewhere

If you want a multitude of built in FX, look elsewhere

Having said all that you may think that this plugin has very little going for it, you would be very wrong Best remote desktop apps for mac.

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This plugin never fights you like a lot of drum plugins can do with this feature hidden and that feature hidden and these million drumkits with those million drum hits and these 300 effects (That sound rubbish)

You use your own samples, every pad has its own output, the layout is very intuitive and the plugin itself is blindingly fast and uses very little CPU (Don't really wan't to make comparisons here but there are two major drum samplers on the market that really can have no claim to this at all, I sold both after using Poise)

32 and 64 bit and if the dev can get a Mac build out i would suggest that this could very well become the standard drum sampler that all others are judged by, all i can suggest here is that you download and try the demo (I wasn't convinced at all by the specs, I have to be honest) when you see how fast it is to work with and the slick usability, it will make you smile

The developer is not the most active it has to be said, however he is very honest which is a breath of fresh air, if you find a bug that can be replicated you can be sure it will get a fix very fast but if you are wanting this or that feature added you will mostly get the reply 'I wont be adding any more features to this version of Poise and we will see if there is a V2' like i said a breath of fresh honest air.

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