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  1. Picasa Collage Maker Download

Here is how you can easily create a photo collage with Picasa 3 as a free collage maker. Earlier We saw how to make photo collage with the free software Photoscape.This tutorial is on how to create even better photo collages with Picasa 3, a free image editor and photo organizer from Google. Picasa 3 is also an excellent free collage maker.

How to create photo collage with Picasa 3?

Picasso collage maker software
  • Free Download Picasa 3 and install it.
  • Open Picasa 3 and it will automatically detect all images on your computer and create a library. From the library, Choose the photos that you want to use in the photo collage. (Note that you can even deselect photos later, while editing the collage).
  • Click “Collage” in the Picasa ribbon.
  • On clicking collage, you will be automatically taken to “Settings”, where you can customize the looks of your photo collage.
  • You can choose to arrange the photos either as a picture pile, mosaic, frame mosaic, grid or contact sheet.There is also an option called “Multiple exposure”, but I wasn’t very successful with it.You can however give it a try
  • If you choose a picture pile setting for your photo collage, you can specify a “collage frame” (picture border), background color, page format and even draw shadows around all pictures used in the photo collage.
  • If you choose a mosaic, frame mosaic or grid display for your photo collage, you can specify grid spacing between the photos and a background color
  • The Picasa editor also makes it easy to remove any image from the photo collage or shuffle or scramble the pictures in the collage
  • You can even choose any picture from the photo collage and apply a specific border or background to it. In my example (see photo collage at the bottom), I have applied the “Instant camera” border for one of the pictures.
  • Next, click “Create Collage”.
  • After creating the collage, you can edit it to do some basic fixes like cropping, repairing red eye flaws, adjusting contrast etc. You can also tune it for light, shadows, color temperature etc.
  • You can also edit it to give some special effects like Focal B&W (Black and white), glow, tint etc.
  • To share the photo collage, upload it to a web album in your online Picasa account or send it by email. You can even take a print or “Export” the photo collage to a folder in your hard disk.
Picasso Collage Maker

That is it. You can create amazing photo collages, as easily as outlined above, with Picasa 3. Doom 3 download windows 10. Enjoy making photo collages with picasa 3 as a collage maker.

Picasa Collage Maker Download

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