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Persona 5: Dancing Star Night (Full Soundtrack) VIDEO. Posted by 2 years ago. New (suggested) level 1. 3 points 2 years ago. No download link? 3 points 2 years ago. Thank you for this. Like they're the same lyrical tracks just played over different music.

Jun 08, 2018  Sonido pertenece a/Sound belongs to: Imagen pertenece a/Image belongs to: http://latam.ign.com/persona-4-dancing. Don't forget to check out the rest of the songs and music from P3D! P5D Playlist: P3D Playlist: Settings: Perfe.

Persona 5 Soundtrack Download

It’s one of the biggest releases of the year on the old PS Vita and ones us fans have been waiting for, for a long time. Ever since the huge success of Persona 5 last year fans of the Persona series have come out begging for more. Being a Vita lover Persona 4 Golden was my first Persona game and I was a huge fan of Dancing All Night. Having played through that one in Japanese I thought I might take on the challenge for the sequel. Luckily for me my Japanese skills have improved just enough to comprehend it.

Persona 5 Dancing Star Night changes up a lot from its predecessor. There is no shop or visual novel elements. Instead costumes are through short cut scenes called Commus. These are for the most part funny or banal conversations about hobbies and such. There are various dialogue options however, ultimately what you choose makes no difference it unlocks the same costume of accessory anyway. I actually loved this change from the visual novel format. The story in the visual novel was a bit one note and tedious for me where as these short Commus break up the rhythm game without destroying the pacing.

Approximately 40 percent of the articles were biographies. Microsoft encater. Additional features included a time line of human history, a dictionary and thesaurus, and a quiz game called MindMaze.

So lets talk unlockables. They are great. The costumes go from sexy to completely wacky and insane. The Commus encourage you to stretch for goals to unlock the next crazy outfit in a way that doesn’t feel too repetitive. Yes there is some grinding involved if you want all the costumes, but it doesn’t feel as obnoxious as Persona 4 Dancing All Night. If you complete enough Commus you get to look around each characters bedroom for more costumes and it was great seeing that side of characters you wouldn’t have seen in the main game.


Persona 5 Full Soundtrack Download

In fact you only really have to finish the game on Normal to get all the content. There are Support modes and Challenge modes to unlock too if you wish to tone down or ramp up the difficulty. I love that Persona 5 Dancing Star Night lets you choose your own difficulty, while praising those who want a challenge with score multipliers for the online leaderboards.

Persona 5 Soundtrack Youtube

So lets get down to the gameplay. The actual rhythm mechanics work exactly how they did in Persona 4 Dancing All Night with the edition that “All Night” mode the hardest difficulty available to unlock makes the notes more random in a way that boggles my mind. There is now a double note, but this works the same as any two notes next to each other. Essentially it is that fun fast paced gameplay you know and love with the analogue scratches you can ignore if its all getting too difficult.

Persona 5 Dancing Star Night Soundtrack Download Torrent

The songs are naturally the best part of Persona 5 Dancing Star Night. With Persona 5s legendary soundtrack we could expect no less really. There are 25 songs in total to unlock here. I was disappointed that my favourite song “Behind the Mask” (the theme for walking around the neighbourhood) only had one remix but there is a wide variety to enjoy here. Most songs come with new animations and its hilarious to see how the team thinks some of the characters should dance. A few come with animation from the game and there is even one live performance.

Persona 5 Dancing Songs

Overall Persona 5 Dancing Star Night is a great package for Persona fans. If the Western version doesn’t end up happening the Japanese version is easily accessible for English speakers. I wrote a guide for those who are not sure what to do to unlock more Commus. Essentially however, if you like Persona or you like rhythm games this is a must buy for the system.