You may want to peruse the parallels support forums, if you are just doing normal stuff like that something is not right- mine is very fast and others have said the same. I would focus on some of the parameters, something mau be set wrong. Here is one good one that highlights some of the most obvious settings- it's from a knowledge base article dated July 2019:

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Virtual Machine ConfigurationFor
  1. Shutdown your VM > open its configuration > switch to Hardware tab > CPU & Memory > make sure that the number of processors (CPUs) selected is not maximum (e.g. 4 out of 4). In most cases, half of total CPUs will provide optimal performance. Assigning more than a half of CPUs for the virtual machine may cause performance degradation for both Mac and VM.
  2. Make sure that memory allocation is within the recommended level. Similarly to processors, best practice is to assign half of Mac's total RAM.
    NOTE: The amount of memory assigned to a virtual machine must be multiple of 1024 or Windows may behave inappropriately. E.g 1024, 2048, 3072 MBs and so on.
  3. Under Advanced settings make sure that 'Parallels' hypervisor is selected.
  4. Under Hardware > Graphics set Memory option to Auto (Recommended).
    NOTE: For Windows 10 virtual machines make sure that under Advanced Settings 3D acceleration is set to DirectX 10.
  5. If your Mac uses an HDD or a FusionDrive (not SSD), make sure that the option TRIM is disabled: go to Hardware > Hard Disk 1 > Advanced Settings > uncheck Enable TRIM option.
  6. Start you virtual machine and test performance.

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These are amazing tips

Types Of Memory Allocation

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