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OLK14 Message Recovery is the only Outlook Mac Database Recovery Tool in the market that works with the original OLK14 Message files in Outlook Mac instead of Exported OLM Archive files. OLK14Messagesource are Mac Outlook files and produced as backend data file. These files are application readable and users cannot open and view them easily. This is here OLK Viewer tool helps users. Using this tool, users able to open OLK files. It supports DMG extraction OLK file and enables users to read the data of OLK. View OLK Files in Batch With the help of this OLK file viewer, a user can easily open, read and view OLK files (olk14MsgSource, olk14MsgAttach, olk14contact, olk14note, olk14event) for Mac on Microsoft Windows platform. It becomes very time consuming for a user to open and read each file individually.

  • Open and view OLK file of Mac Outlook on Windows
  • Read olk14message using DMG File
  • View OLK File using Main Identity(*.olk*)
  • Mac Outlook 2011 Installation is not necessary
  • Supportable with all Windows OS 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP, Etc

Oct 23, 2014  For a series of reasons too long to detail, I had to transition from MS Outlook 2011 for Mac, to Mac Mail. In the process, I ended up with a lot of.olk14Message files in a separate desktop folder. I no longer use Outlook, having transferred my school-linked identity to Mail. This OLK file viewer is a standalone application which designed with some advanced features. It can also provide preview of other backend attributes file of Mac Outlook database such as olk14MsgAttach, olk14contact, olk14note etc. Add Multiple OLK File Individual email item data is stores in different OLK files.

Olk Viewer For Mac Free

  • Deployment:

    On Premises

  • Payment:

    Onetime(Perpetual license)

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    SysTools Inc

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    2105 Murray Holladay Road, Suite 3, Holladay, Utah - 84117, USA

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OLK14Messagesource files belong to Mac Outlook versions and it generated as the backend data file. This olk14message file is application readable only and cannot be opened and viewed. However, with the help of SysTools OLK viewer software, a user can not only open and read OLK file but also Disk Image File (DMG). The OLK file opener supports to view OLK File through DMG extraction that enables the user to view OLK file stored within DMG File on a Windows Operating System without an issue. A user needs to Choose the File Option & browse DMG File on your Local System. The OLK reader will help to open OLK File by extracting a single file. OLK 15 file opener represents a message or message source or even the corresponding attachment. Opening one file at a time is a time-consuming process and ends up causing inconvenience to users. Thus, OLK file reader tool is built to support the option of viewing multiple Outlook 2011 OLK message files by providing an option to choose Main Identity Folder created by MS Office Suite. A user needs to Choose the Folder Option & browse Main Identity Folder on your Local System to open OLK File within its sub-folders. Open and view OLK 14 or OLK 15 file or any size or any type of Windows OS including 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP, Server 2008 Server 2012. Preview OLK files with its properties like From, Subject, To, Received, Size in KB. Support OLK 14 and OLK 15 with its file types such as messages, source, calendars, contacts, etc

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What are the main features of SysTools OLK Viewer ?


How much does SysTools OLK Viewer cost?


The SysTools OLK Viewer has 1 plan - Single User USD 0 (Onetime)
Free trial : No

Who are the typical users of SysTools OLK Viewer?


SysTools OLK Viewer has the following typical customers: Freelancer, Startups, SMEs, Agencies, Enterprises

Which mobile platforms does SysTools OLK Viewer support?


Which operating system does SysTools OLK Viewer support?


SysTools OLK Viewer supports the following operation system : Windows

What payment method does SysTools OLK Viewer support?


SysTools OLK Viewer supports the following payment methods : Onetime(Perpetual license)

SysTools OLK Viewer has On Premises deployment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Uncharted 1 pc download. Listed Commonly Asked Questions and Answers

Briefly describe the overall features of this tool?

Please share some of the important characteristics of this tool

Overview of OLK Viewer Software:

  • Install OLK Viewer tool and run it.
  • Once the tool is installed, Go to Add File Option
  • Allows preview of emails along with attachments
  • Provides two modes of view: File Mode & Folder Mode
  • Supports windows 10 and all the below Versions
  • Supports Outlook 2011 Mac and Outlook for Mac 2016
Lost Outlook emails found as olk14message file. How to view files with OLK14message reader? Does the software support to read OLK15 File Message?

I recently lost some of the messages having attachments in the process of deleting another set of messages. However, when I searched for them, I found them with .olk extension. So how can I extract OLK files with this olk14message reader tool?

OLK14 & OLK15 files are the backend storage files of your Outlook for Mac emails, message source, and attachments. These files are application readable, thus, you cannot open them. However, OLK Viewer freeware is capable to open & read OLK file successfully, even in multiples. This OLK Reader software supports to view OLK14 File & future versions of this Viewer would support OLK15 Message Files as well.

What is the reason for browsing DMG files instead of OLK message files using the OLK Viewer Freeware?

OLK Messages are saved inside different folders and these folders can be compressed in the form of Disk Image files for better management. It will be easy for the users to browse single dmg file instead olk file one by one

Where can I find The OLK14 Message File & Main Identity Folder?

Within Mac You can Find the Main Identity Folder in the following Location:

UsernameLocation/ Documents/ MicrosoftUserData/ Office2011Identities/ MainIdentity

Is it possible to open more than just one olk file at a time with olk14message viewer?

I recently found some of the archive OLK14Messagesource files on my machine. However, as suggested by someone, I read OLK file by changing their extension to .eml. How to open olk15 or olk14message reader file in multiple numbers?

Yes, you can open OLK file that too in multiples without having to change the extension. Install OLK Viewer freeware, select all OLK files, you need to read and load them on to the OLK viewer Freeware panel. You can easily view the messages along with their contents and attributes clearly displayed.

NOTE: Making changes to the extension of any file can cause damage to its contents. Ensure that you create a copy of OLK files before making any such attempts.

How to Use Add Folder Mode?

Folder Mode allows user to read OLK14 & olk15Message File directly from The Main Identity of MS Office 2011 & 2015. Take a copy of data from Mac to Windows PC from below given location:

Default Office 2011 Identity Location:

Default Office 2016 Identity Location:
Library/Group Containers/UBF8T346G9.Office/Outlook/Outlook 15 Profiles/Main Profile

Now, Browse the Main Identity Folder from the Windows PC where you have copied the Folder to open OLK File in the software.

Olk Viewer For Mac Free

How to Use Add File Mode in OLK Viewer Freeware?

Olk File Viewer For Mac

Create a New Compressed DMG File comprising of the Main Identity Folder on Mac machine. Now copy that file on Windows PC. Now Browse the Source Location of the DMG File into the software to read OLK File encapsulated within the DMG File with the aid of OLK Viewer Freeware.