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When [0xRickSanchez] found some D-Link firmware he couldn’t unpack, he was curious to find out why. The firmware had a new encryption method which was doing its job of preventing tampering and static analysis. Of course, he had to figure out how to get around it and is documenting his work in a series of blog posts.

Accuracy has also been very good for an out of the box Colt pistol. Colt 1911 mkiv series 70 serial numbers.


Looking at the entropy analysis showed the data to be totally random, a good sign it was either encrypted or compressed. The target router cost about $200, but a similar cheaper router used the same encryption and thus this model became the hardware of choice for testing.

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  • For these reasons, modifications to an iPod's inner workings are known as hacks. When you hack an iPod, you're changing its hardware, software, firmware or operating system, something you're technically not supposed to do. Numerous iPod hacks rely on one fundamental change - the addition of the open-source operating system Linux.
  • The ASUS O!Play HD2 is the world’s first USB 3.0 media player which features the O!Direct utility for the quickest way to stream media files from your PC to a big screen TV. Users can control O!Play HD2 via iPhone® easily. The O!Play HD2 supports impressive 7.1-channel surround sound and full 1080p HD video entertainment in the living room.

Asus O!Play is a popular digital multimedia player allowing users to enjoy local, networked and internet multimedia content in full-hd quality supporting a wide range of formats. The player has two models Asus O!Play HDP-R1 and Asus O!Play Air with the only difference being the 'Air' model having WiFi connectivity option. Interestingly all a user needs to do is to hack the device firmware on. The ASUS O!Play TV Pro smart TV set top box offers convenient recording and streaming of digital broadcasts, including 3D. It comes with fully standardized storage options, supports over 50 formats for complete compatibility, and uses a fully live design with direct access to.

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What are Blu-ray and DVD region codes, country codes, multi-region or zone locks? Read DVD Player region codes and Blu-ray region codes.Firmware

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Asus O!Play BDS-700

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1. Power on the player.
2. Move the cursor to SETUP and select it.
3. Keep cursor highlight on Playback.
b. Key in the number 0123456789 in sequence by using the
number keys on the remote control.
4. A dialog window pops up showing the current BD/DVD region
code setting. Pressing the left/right key on the remote
control to change it.
5. Press the return key back to SETUP menu.
6. It is done!

I can confirm that this works on my European version of the BDS-700. I have upgraded the player to firmware version 1.05.01 (May 21st 2012) and the hack still works. :)

I can confirm that the above hack works, but according to information from
ASUS the region code can only be changed a limited number of times. The
player becomes locked after that.

Doesn't work if you upgrade to last firmware (1.06.03). If you upgrade your unlocked system will be locked according your last BD and DVD used.

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