Do you love to play the different type of media on your PC? Then you must have noticed, YouTube, music, podcasts all have separate volumes. It can be irritating sometimes as the sound differs from too low to very high.

Well, this asks for a volume adjustment of your speaker or Computer. Know about normalizing sound with loudness equalization in Windows 10 here. Set it as you want and enjoy listening! Here you go!


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Sep 24, 2019 I have Windows 10 64 bit Ver. 1809 (OS Build 17763.737) and during the drivers update for Realtek, the Enhancement Tab is missing in the sound properties. Can this be due to motherboard issue or that is, drivers not compatible? I have recently bought a new computer and the sound tab where you can access the properties does not have the Enhancements tab like my ol No Enhancements Tab under Sound in the Control Panel. Solved - Windows 10 Forums.

What Is Loudness Equalization In Windows 10 PC?

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Have you ever watched a TV show online from your Windows 10 Computer? If yes, then you have probably observed, the commercials have louder sound than the actual show. Same things happen with your playlist with separate albums, right?

Best mac speech to text. Loudness Equalization successfully discards this awful situation by normalizing the sound of your PC. It turns the louder and quieter sound to an average loudness by leveling the audio output.

In case you use only one application to play all kind of media, adjusting the settings can help. However, a few sound cards offer volume management features as well. But you must try enabling “Loudness Equalization” first. How?- Learn it here.

How To Normalize Sound With Loudness Equalization?

  • At first, open your desktop and go to the Start Menu
  • Next, search for “Sound” and open it
  • Then, choose your default speaker or headphone from the displayed list
  • Now go to the “Properties” button at the bottom right corner
  • After that hit the “Enhancements” tab placed at the top of the same window
  • Next, a few options will be on your screen
  • Find “Loudness Equalization” and check the box beside
  • Finally, hit the “Apply” button to save changes and click on “OK” to close

Once you complete the process, there will be a noticeable change in the dynamic range of sound. Quite sound will get amplified, and the louder sounds will get attenuated.

Geka 110 sd manual instructions. However, some audio configurations do not support this audio enhancement. Hence, you need to have sound cards like Realtek to normalize the volume. Know how Realtek Audio Equalizer works below.

Use Realtek Loudness Equalization for Volume Control

If you have Windows 10 loudness equalization missing, Realtek HD sound card can only help you. Though it’s an obsolete product, still there are lots of systems with this sound card in motherboard.

If you own a Realtek sound card, you should install the latest drivers to keep your software flawless. In case the drivers get corrupted, you will face the fluctuations in volume. Scroll down to know more.

How Does Realtek Loudness Equalization Work?

The Realtek sound card is incorporated with a compressor and a hard limiter. Compressor boosts up low volume media, and the limiter creates a barrier for high pitched sound. Thus, you get even sound whenever you play something.

Follow the below steps to get your sound card on the role.

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Update Realtek Driver

We have already mentioned earlier; you need an updated driver to get flawless sound. In case you are using an outdated one go to the official website of Realtek and update as soon as possible. Also, you must check for any driver corruption to repair the same. Perform the below steps to do so.

  • Firstly, press Windows logo key + X button at the same time
  • Next, click on the command prompt (admin) from the list
  • After that, hit the yes button when user account control window appears
  • Now, the command prompt will open, type- “chkdsk volume: /f

This process will run to find out the issues. If there is any, type the below command to repair it.

chkdsk volume: /r

  • In case your disk drive is in use, schedule a scan using the following command prompt-

chkdsk volume: /f /r /x

After completion of this process type “Y” to run a scan when your PC restarts.

That’s all! Your Realtek driver will be repaired now. If the issue persists, follow the below process to equalize the sound.

Use The Loudness Equalization

  • At first, double-click on the orange icon from the tray to launch the Realtek HD Audio Manager

(Also you can search in Control Panel for the Realtek)

  • Next, select the Speakers tab there
  • After that, click on the smaller submenu tab written as Sound Effects
  • Then, locate the Loudness Equalization Check Box
No Enhancement Tab Windows 10
  • Finally, check the box to enable loudness equalization and reboot your system to save the changes.

Ejecting A Usb On Windows10

Now you know all about normalizing sound with Realtek sound card. But you must remember, Realtek HD audio manager best settings for headphones. So if you want a soothing to ear sound, use your headphones instead of speakers.

Final Verdict

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Loudness equalization is vital while playing a mixed audio file. Sometimes the background music becomes so loud that you can’t even hear what’s going on! But when you get normalized sound, such inconvenience doesn’t ruin your experience.

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Try our solutions to fix the sound manually. In case of further query drop a comment in the below box. We will be reaching you out in no time!