Dec 03, 2018  Nissan Consult 3 is a diagnostic software special for Nissan,support all the models of the Nissan and Infiniti from 1996 up till now, with all Consult II & III functions.It can support all Nissan car,Infiniti carand Nissan GTR. Nissan Consult 3 Plus Functions List.

(12.2018) FREE download Nissan Consult 3 Plus latest version 83.11.00 and 81.11.00 software:

Nissan Consult 3 III Free Download and Installation I. Software and crack in. Nissan Consult 3 crack Consult III software configure maunal Nissan Consult 3 is can. 3 crack Consult III software. Crack Nissan Consult III software. You are free to download the software. Apr 09, 2019  Once on the Nissan site, choose “CONSULT Diagnostic Software Updates” from the drop-down menu below the log-in form. On the right of that page, you can view the most recent software versions. Always keep your C-III plus software at the newest stable release to. Uninstall the CONSULT-III plus software “Consult III plus” from the Programs list 2. Select the CONSULT Updates message box pop- up (located on the bottom of monitor), or open up ASIST Synchronizer, click View Settings/Details button, select CONSULT-III plus software from the list and click “Install”.

Nissan Consult 3 Software Crack Download

CONSULT 3 Plus v83.11.00:

CONSULT III Plus v81.11.00:


Nissan Consult3 old patch download free:

This is used for it cannot be patched with “C3PCheckLicense” file

Remove old patch and install Consult 3 here

Test: Consult 3 plus 83.11 does not work with j2534 PassThruSupport.04.04 devices, only API 05.00…… but Consult 3+ 81.11 no problem

Go back to version 75 if you want programming

Nissan Consult III plus v75 software download:

CSP Software Version : CSP V41.10

Programming Data Version : Plus_V75

Password: Not required

Installation tip:

Uninstall the firewall, antivirus software.

Install the Consult 3 plus V75.20 to the C drive in the “NTFS” format.

Security: use with relief, 100% tested with Consult 3 plus china clone!

Languages: English/ French/ German/ Spanish/ Italian/ Japanese/ Portuguese/Russian/ Finnish/ Greek/ Chinese(Simplified)/ Chinese(Traditional)

Vehicles: Nissan and Infiniti from 1996 to 2017

Programming: confirmed! ECU Programming without card

Nissan Consult 3 Software Cracker Free

Kts570 working with Consult III plus:

Have to modified the INI.



vi_device_name=J-box 2

“tab_index=1” seems the key to make jbox2 especially. Another thing is that you don’t need change the name of Jbox2 folder to nissan_VI2. Just copy the name of device (in this case “J-Box 2″) and paste to the vi_device_name in INI file. so it gonna be vi_device_name-J-Box 2”. That is it. At the first time, I changed the name of the folder in regedit, and errors showed. Now, automatically consult3 recognized jbox2 and vin number now. Only DTC and clear codes were detected though so far. I did not dig deeper yet.

For KTS570, it is pretty much same as jbox2. The difference is that I wrote “tab_index=4” instead of ‘1’. You also need update the firmware through esi. Otherwise, consult3 did not recognize.

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Nissan consult3 plus V75.20 free download:

Nissan consult3 plus V65.12 free download

OS: Win 7 8 10 all works

No password

Safe to download (supplied by fly Company)

Optional multi-language:

English/ French/ German/ Spanish/ Italian/ Japanese/ Russian/ Finnish/ Greek/

Chinese(Simplified)/ Chinese(Traditional)/Portuguese

How to do after downloading consult3 plus V75.20?

Contact the dealer for remote assistance to update.

Consult3 plus V75.20 is verified working greatly with the best quality hardware like:


Reliable Source:

Nissan consult 3 plus v75.20 software installation:


  1. Uninstall the firewall, antivirus software.
  2. Install the Consult 3 plus V75.20 to the C drive in the “NTFS” format.

Simple guide:

  1. Open IE exploer browser to run “Start.html” .
  2. Open folder “C30 License” to run “C3PCheckLicense.exe”.
  3. Run “V80003T_20101215_x32.exe” to enable Bluetooth.
  4. Open folder “ReprogramData” to run “pus_v65.1F.exe”.

Then, Nissan consult 3 plus v75.20 software will work greatly.

Fly Nissan consult 3 plus software test reports:

(Incl. car list and functions)

1). Nissan consult 3 plus software car list:

Cover cars up to 2016 year.

Nissan,Infiniti,GTR: diagnostic OK, Immo & smart key OK

Nissan GRT: diagnostic OK, Immo OK

Electromobiles car: diagnostic OK, Immo OK (Require additonal Nissan consult 3 plus security card, Otherwise button “Immobilizer key” will be gray color and is unavailable to use.)

2). Nissan consult 3 plus software feedback:

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– 2010 Infiniti FX35…OK

– For ECU programming, you do not need to buy other card.

– Program tcm and bcm OK with the programming file found out by yourself.

Nissan Consult 3 Software Crack

– Done lots of programming. He’s done several blank trans modules. I installed a used ecm in a 2012 Altima with smart key.

Nissan Consult Software

– able to program a blank pathfinder tcm.2009, I do not have any cards, using version 51.11.

Nissan Consult 3 Plus Software

– Got my Nissan VII and its working as expected.

To be continued…

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