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Sep 19, 2015  How to Repair SD Memory Card, Pen Drive Best Solution (मेमोरी कार्ड रिपेयर करने का सही तरीका) # 15 - Duration: 11:49. Sai Techvision.

How to Recover Shortcut Files in Hard Drive: A Quick Guide

  1. Sep 29, 2013  Here I am with a common computer virus issue faced majorly in educational institutions. Usually what happens in this case is that, your pendrive statistics show that it is occupied with data but, inside of it only shows that it has one or few shortcuts! Data in your pendrive shows only one shortcut or looks something like the following image.
  2. Sep 18, 2013  This for sure behaves like a virus, I too got my Pen drive infected from a public computer. For those guys who knows how to create invisible folder, by 'Alt+255' would be easier. You may try these steps: DIR /AH /W Drive Letter of Pen Drive: this would display system. & ' 'now type the following to retrieve your hidden folder(s).
  3. Pendrive is showing only shortcuts 2011-11-05, 2:14 AM whenever i insert my pendrive or any usb mass storage device it only shows shortcuts and when i try to open it a massage comes' windows searching for 'uaIU3k3kzmh4Ojty72o.exe' 'and i cant access the files.
  4. Your personal PC/Laptop is infected with a virus of its own kind. When ever you plug in your pen drive to a system and double click it to see it content you are spreading the virus to that system as well. The logic behind your folder becoming shor.

Sometimes the files or folders stored on a disk drive abruptly turned into shortcuts and when users attempt to delete these shortcuts, they reappear right after that. And then, one cannot access the files infected by shortcut virus. But, after checking the property, users will find that the shortcut file acquires the same space as the original one that implies the data of files is still there but inaccessible. Well, this is a very common issue encountered by most of the computer users. In order to access the files infected by shortcut virus, one just needs to remove the virus and recover shortcut files in hard drive. This article explains how to recover shortcut files in hard drive. So, here we go!

Option 1. Use ‘Show Hidden Files’ Option

In some cases users lose their crucial data items from their hard drives however, files are not always lost permanently. In some cases, they might be hidden or shortcuts and one can change the settings of File Explorer to recover the hidden files or folders. Below are the steps for the same:

  • Click on the Start>>Control Panel
  • Click Appearance and personalisation option
  • Choose File Explorer Options and select Show hidden files and folders
  • Click on View tab
  • Now, under the Advanced Settings, choose Show hidden files, folders, and drives option
  • Eventually, hit the OK button

Option 2. Recover Shortcut Files in Hard Drive Using CMD

When it comes to fixing the shortcuts of a hard drive, Command Prompt seems one of the best ideas to recover shortcut files in hard drive. Follow the steps given below to convert your shortcut files to the original data file in the external/ internal hard drive, SD Card or other media storage devices:

  • Click Start and type ‘cmd’ in search bar
  • Right-click on Command Prompt and highlight Run as administrator option. Click Yes
  • Type the following command:

attrib -h -r -s /s /d drive letter:*.*“. For instance, “attrib -h -r -s /s /d f:*.*“, (here f: is your drive letter). Press the Enter button

  • Run ‘exit’ command and press Enter

After all this, you can simply access all the recovered shortcut files on the hard drive or other devices.

Option 3. Professional Shortcut File Recovery Tool

If no manual solution works for you to recover shortcut files in hard driveor if you find manual methods quite tricky then, one last option is to take help from a reliable third-party tool. Hard Drive Data Recovery Tool is one of the best solutions to recover shortcut files in hard driveas well as it can recover permanently deleted, formatted, and corrupted files from hard drive. Also, the tool supports RAW hard drive recovery. Follow the instructions given below to convert shortcut files into the original one:

  • Launch Hard Drive Data Recovery Tool and choose the drive from which you want to recover data. Check all the basic attributes of selected drive in the right software pane
  • You will get two different scanning options: Scan and Formatted Scan. Click on Scan and the scanning process will begin after this and one can check the current report of scanning
  • Once the scanning process gets completed successfully, all the recovered folders will be listed in the left pane of software. Here, all the bold folders contain data and permanently deleted data items will be highlighted in red color
  • Select all the files or folders you want to recover or direct hit the Save button to export entire recovered data
  • Choose a destination location to save the recovered data items. Also, you can create a new folder from the tool. Click OK
  • Data Export process will begin after this
  • After successful completion of the data export process you can access the content of your shortcut files even without any problem

Additional Tip. Run Virus Scanner to Recover Shortcut Files in Hard Drive

The root causes of shortcut files is a virus or malware on the hard drive. Hence, we can remove virus/ malware from the system to convert shortcut file to the original data file.

Concluding Lines

Virus/ Trojan and Autorun.inf worm turn healthy files or folders into shortcuts. Basically, this happens after connecting a properly working hard drive to an infected system and it makes its files hidden. This article includes some simple troubleshooting techniques to recover shortcut files in hard drive.

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Last updated on.. May 3rd, 2020

The Problem:
When I click on a USB thumb drive in windows explorer, windows explorer opens a short cut of the USB thumb drive. And when I click on the USB thumb drive short cut icon, windows display the message “The specified module could not be found”. I can not access the files in my USB thumb drive, even though windows shows the correct size and available free space in the USB thumb drive”

I am sure many of us have faced this Pendrive Shortcut Problem, error in reading the content of the USB thumb drive. Windows just can not read any content of the USB thumb drive.

This is a problem with the file structure. Most likely your USB thumb drive was hit the shortcut virus. Your anti-virus must have detected the virus and either isolated it or deleted it. Resulting in a problem with the file structure of the USB thumb drive.

My Pen Drive Shows Only Shortcuts Youtube

Pen shortcuts don

See also How to protect Pendrive, USB drive from virus, and Malware. Mail act on 3.2.1 for macos windows 7.

Dell Pen Shortcuts

What this shortcut virus does is take the help of one the system program to create a shortcut.exe on the Pendrive and you will not be able to access the data on your Pendrive without double-clicking on this shortcut (Which in return again install the virus on your system).

To get rid of it you either need to remove the shortcut virus manually or prevent the virus from getting access to that system program.

Follow this step to remove shortcut virus from pen drive, USB drive

  • Insert the USB thumb drive on the PC and scan for any virus.
  • Open windows explorer (open my computer) and note down the USB drive letter.
  • Go to start>Run> type CMD in the field.
  • Open Command prompt as Administrator.
  • In the command prompt window type the following line

attrib -h -r -s M:*.* /s /d

Note: M should be replaced by your USB drive letter. Press enter. Wait for a few seconds.

Pen Shortcut Button

In most cases, the above command works. But just in case it doesn’t solve your problem you can try the following command.

attrib -h -r -s /s /d M:*.* ( M stands for the drive letter for your Pendrive) Choose Your Divine at Dragon Age: Inquisition Nexus - Mods ....

Now open My computer and check your Pendrive. It should open, it may contain the shortcut for the USB thumb drive and also a few folders.

Windows Pen Shortcut Not Working

Check the folder if all your files are intact, you can delete the shortcut icon. Copy your files save it on Desktop and format the Pendrive, to be on the safer side.

Additional TIP: If you know your Pendrive is infected with a virus, don’t double click on it. Try to browse it using right-click or try to open it in a new window.

Double-clicking runs the “Autorun.inf” which is mostly accompanied by a virus. Inside Autorun.inf there are commands written which finally execute your virus. Hence double-clicking an infected PD runs your virus and infects the PC.

One Drive Shortcut

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