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Though Mulberry uses unique serial numbers for each bag, there are certain serial numbers that you should be aware of. The serial numbers listed below are common numbers used in many replicas. Regularly used fake serial numbers: - 254571, 026904, 565321 and 262541. Look for a serial number tag typically located on a leather patch inside the handbag. You will know it is there when you see it is sewn on the inside of the bag on the top. No real Gucci has a serial number tag on the sides of the bag. The serial number tag is also a rectangle or a square. Mulberry Serial Number Checker Mulberry serial numbers are 100% UNIQUE. So if you Google Mulberry + the serial number of your bag, then no other bag with the same number should appear. Second-hand Bag MULBERRY Beige in Leather available. This bag is 100% Fake that serial number is used worldwide, type it into a search engine and see.

How to identify the fake cartier serial numbers for sunglasses and eyeglasses.

Often sold on large auction sites and illegitimate online storefronts, fake Mulberry bags can be hard to spot. Mulberry is an English manufacturer of designer.

How to check for the mulberry serial number, and tell if it is a real mulberry handbag, How to identify the phony mulberry bag serial numbers.

Mulberry. Mulberry is a well known bag brand. The most common model is said to be Mulberry Bayswater. Nothing strange with that. It s gorgeous.

This guide is geared to spotting fake Mulberry handbags. Other

Mulberry tutorials are available which dive deeper into specific models helping

the shopper decipher the Mulberry bags

authentication status.

Note Information is also available that can be applied

to all handbag brands, regardless of the designer, that works well to supplement the brand specifics, and

together will better serve you, keeping you almost fully insulated from much of the

counterfeit merchandise,

and help you locate the

on ebay.

Our universal tutorial - 101 is our universal

tutorial adding some fundementals to the designer specific

details highlighted in the Mulberry guides.

Mulberry ebay

New Mulberry bags

Mulberry Handbag Tutorial Sections:

Spot fake Mulberry

Mulberry Alana

Mulberry Bayswater

Mulberry Belle

Mulberry Effie

Mulberry Phoebe

Mulberry Poppy

Mulberry Roxanne

Mulberry Somerset

Made in China.: Mulberry originally made all of their handbags in England. However, as of

late, Mulberry has gone the way of Coach,

Dooney Bourke etc and has outsourced

much of their manufacturing to China, and at times Turkey. So a Made in China tag on a

contemporary bag does not automatically mean that the handbag is fake.

Mulberry interior label: The interior of the handbag should have a black

Made in England or Made in Turkey or Made in China label. On the back of the label

should be a serial/model number/letter detailing the year and the make of the bag. However,

this detail varies greatly from bag to bag.

Metal accents: Mulberry hardware is generally an aged brass, or a matte finish.

An authentic Mulberry brass piece of hardware should not have a superficially cheap gold

appearance, instead it should look like quality aged brass.


Mulberry Alana bags

Mulberry Bayswater bags

Mulberry Bayswater east west

Mulberry Belle bags

Mulberry Effie bags

Brass label: This brass label disc should be fastened into a piece of leather,

and on some Mulberry handbags have a serial number. However, not all handbag models will

have the serial numbers. Concerning the leather patch, the brass piece should be perfectly

centered in relation to the leather patch it hangs from. There should be equal distance

between the edges of the leather and the edge of the hanging brass. If the brass piece appears to be off-centered in relation to


leather patch, that should raise an automatic red flag.

Logo: Also the tree logo and words Mulberry should be in gold on the leather backing.

These should also be perfectly centered within the label, with equal proportions on all sides

of the logo.

Note: The fake left shows that the gold logo is off-centered within the stitch lines. This

is illustrated by the yellow lines, as the logo is clearly shifted too far right. Also, any

irregular stamp impressions should also raise a red flag. Often times, the

counterfeit stamp impressions will appear blurry and off-center, and look uneven. Meaning that

some of the details of the stamp will appear crisp, and other parts will look more blurry.

An authentic Mulberry stamp impression will be clear and crisp equally all over the logo, with

no discrepancies in the detail. Notice that the phony Mulberry metal oval left shows that the

tree has been made a little sloppy. Within the details of the tree, there are two of three etched

leaves that are inconsistant with the rest of the engraving.

Note: The fake left also shows the off-centered problem. However, this label also showcases

a crooked gold logo. The logo is both shifted too far to the right, and dropping down.

Note: The fake label left has a few problems. At first glance it looks ok, but under closer

scrutiny, the problems surface. First, the gold logo print is too low. This can be seen by outlining

the logo with the yellow lines. The logo then appears to be slightly low, and also slightly crooked,

from left to right. It looks as if the logo is sloping down and not evenly level within the

leather backing. Also the stitch lines show a few

out of order, or mis-aligned stitches

within the sequence.

Poor stitching is another red flag.

Brass clamps magnetic : Authentic Mulberry handbags have a slight curvature to the magnetic fastening clamps. This slight curvature is often times manufactured incorrectly by counterfeiters, and the final result is a more flat clamp. Always check the magnetic clamps for a slight curve, and be aware if the clamps seem to lack the curve and appear to be overly flat.

Dust bags: Authentic Mulberry dustbags are generally a brownish color with a with the Mulberry logo tree printed on lower right corner, and on both sides of the handbag. The stitching will also be a high quality consistent with Mulberry, and any signs of cheaply fastened seam lines should raise an automatic red flag.

Retail tags: Authentic Mulberry handbags will always have a

tag attached with a

black string, consistent with many top designer handbags like

Mulberry Bag Serial Number Checker Name


Note: The fake Mulberry retail tag left has an incorrect white string. Also,

one of the common and easily detectable tell on a fake handbag is a

retail tag

attached to the handbag with a plastic wire, the type that is commonly used in retail

malls and stores everywhere. A paper tag with a plastic attachment wire is an automatic

red flag. However, because this is such an easy spot, many counterfeiters will correctly

use a string to attach the tag. But that being said, every year, there are still scores of

phony handbags that are manufactured with plastic tag wires, and subsequently many people

buy them unsuspectingly.

Authenticity cards: Authentic Mulberry authentication cards should accompany the handbag,

but the lack of an authentication card does not necessarily mean

that the handbag is

fake. Especially when dealing with pre-owned handbags, often times the card can get

lost or misplaced throughout the months/years and a perfectly legitimate handbag may

get re-sold without it. However, it is a good sign if the handbag comes with an

authentication card. Not so much as to just have a card, but more so because an

authentication card ads another element to the package that can be inspected.

Mulberry authentication cards should be brown, or cream, and should also be of

high quality. Not easily bendable, and with crisp and clear stamp impressions

and printing.

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Mulberry bag serial number checker online

Packaging and Wrapping Plastic wrap is generally a red flag on a designer handbag, however, plastic film

is often times used to cover certain areas of hardware to avoid scratching. The film that

covers the hardware would be similar to what is used to protect the face of a cell phone etc.

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Mulberry Bag Serial Number Checker Number

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Mulberry Bag Serial Number Checker Online

Jan 18, 2013 The right way to Spot a Fake Mulberry BagMulberry handbags are top quality designer handbags that, due to their popularity, is a primetarget. In like.

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Resources. Official Furla website; Photo Credit You May Also Like. How to Spot a Fake.