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SQL Server master instance is SQL Server 2019 Enterprise or Standard Edition on Linux with all the typical features. Big data nodes are worker nodes that has HDFS and Spark built into the SQL Server engine for scale-out storage and compute.

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MS SQL Server is a relational database management system (RDBMS) developed by Microsoft. This product is built for the basic function of storing retrieving data as required by other applications. It can be run either on the same computer or on another across a network. This tutorial explains some basic and advanced concepts of SQL Server such as how to create and restore data, create login and backup, assign permissions, etc. Each topic is explained using examples for easy understanding.

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This tutorial is designed for all those readers who want to learn the fundamentals of SQL Server and put it into practice.

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To go ahead with this tutorial, familiarity with database concepts is preferred. It is good to have SQL Server installed on your computer, as it might assist you in executing the examples yourself and get to know how it works.


  • Microsoft Data Access Objects (DAO) is the native programming object model that lets you get at the heart of Access and SQL Server to create, delete, modify, and list objects, tables, fields, indexes, relations, queries, properties, and external databases.
  • SQL Server services, tools and editions. Microsoft also bundles a variety of data management, business intelligence and analytics tools with SQL Server.In addition to the R Services and now Machine Learning Services technology that first appeared in SQL Server 2016, the data analysis offerings include SQL Server Analysis Services, an analytical engine that processes data for use in BI and data.