• Translations of the phrase MATCH AND NORMALIZE THE VOLUME OF ALL from english to finnish and examples of the use of 'MATCH AND NORMALIZE THE VOLUME OF ALL' in a sentence with their translations: Match and normalize the volume of all your mp3s to sound exactly.
  • You only get a 5 use trial period so you want to normalize is many mp3's as you can per session. A 30 day trial period would be nice to really see if SuperMp3Normalizer 1.04 meets your needs.
  • Also you can use the adio Mp4Gain to normalize your mp3s or other audio formats (flac, ogg, aac, m4a, etc) but you can also easily eventually increase or normalize the audio from your videos. Like doing aac gain adjust, ogg gain, flac gain, ac3 gain, wmv gain, avi gain, video, gain adjust, increase mp4 volume, increaso video volume, increase ogg volume, increase flac volume, increase avi volume, etc.

Mp3Gain PRO (formerly SuperMp3Normalizer) is a software designed specifically to adjust and normalize the volume of mp3 files. Mp3Gain PRO is an easy to use volume normalizer software. Normally it is sufficient to click a button to get an optimized volume level in any mp3 file.

Audio is now a need to us and the most used audio format is MP3. Most of audio we listen to in our daily life like songs, are in the format of MP3. Because MP3 offer wide bandwidth and greater quality than many other sound formats, it is used more often. But nowadays, some people are not taking the format seriously and the media edited or uploaded by them is not at the best quality which Mp3 can offer. This may cause problems with our health like hearing problems, headache or even pain in eyes and most of all, we are not able to enjoy whatever we were listening to. Si this is my Audio normalizer software are made. These software does not only focus on MP3 but any audio format can be altered in some of them. With the editing feature the software provides, even an average user can alter the audio with just some simple clicks and enjoy the music. First thing you can perform on an audit is to normalize its sound which can be done in a lot of softwares nowadays. A list of software is provided down below which include volume normalizer software with some basic data ad downloadable links. Take a look at the list and find what suits you the best.

Mp3 Volume Normalizer

1. MP3 Gain

MP3 Gain is a classic styled software which is very lightweight and provides unique features to normalize sounds of your audios. Unlike many other volume normalizing softwares, Mp3 gain adjusts the MP3 file directly without decoding and re-encoding it. This way, the quality of sound remains firm and you get you normalized audio file. You can undo the changes made in this software on an audio file too. It does some statistical analysis of the audio file and then performs the right actions to be made on the file to make it comfortable to the human ear. It is a freeware and you can download it from the given link.

Mp3 Normalizer Windows 10

2. Quicktime

Quicktime is a discontinued software product by Apple which was top in the list in its time. The software is loaded with features and you can perform many actions on your audio as well as video media files in it. It supports many formats which were available at the time of its discontinuation, but now, its support library is old and it may not support some of the latest formats introduced in previous years. One other con of this software is that it only works with Windows Vista and 7, if installed on any later version, it may not provide full functionality. You can still use it to play many media files if you are an old Windows version users as well as make some minor edits to them.

3. Xilisoft Video Converter Ultimate

Xilisoft Video Converter Ultimate is a professional level video editor and converter which is very fast and easy to use. The software supports almost all the available video and audio formats and it can convert multiple files at a high pace. You can Covert Videos and Audios, Edit many kinds of media, Burn Discs and perform many other operations regarding media. The software is a commercial software and needs to be purchased to be used at full capacity.


AIMP is free to download software which can be used on both the Android and Windows. It can be used as an Mp3 player and is also usable as an Audio editor. You can use Last FM Scrobbler, Bookmark and Playback queue creation, Multiple playlists, One per tab Playlist and Tag editor, Audio library file organizer and search, Support for plug-ins and skins. Also, the user can edit the Cover for the music file and change it as desired.

5. VLC Media Player

The VLC media player is one of the leading free to download media player available On the market. It is a cross-platform software and can be used for multiple audio editing tasks like Playing an audio file, Cutting mp3 or audio format file, Tagging music, Changing covers and much more. It is frequently updated and is free from any major problems so you can use it carelessly and enjoy the time. You can download it from its official website freely for any platform.

Mp3 Normalizer Mac

6. KMPlayer (Play, HD, Video)

KMPlayer is another premium, high profile and elite sort of media player app that is significantly designed for providing multiple supreme sort of functionality and possesses some striking abilities and features regarding managing and playing various sorts of media files audio or video. This astonishing and bewildering app is developed and proposed as a product of PANDORA.TV. The users can now play the videos of any kind, any size and of any format without any sort of distortion and inconvenience via this very app. The app possesses some astounding and effective tools and features that make it one of the best video media player app of all times. Many people around the world are quite familiar with the KM Player media video player software for desktop and laptop PCs as it had a touches of sheer brilliance and utter smartness. The app is from the similar vendor company who proposed that brilliant media player software and possesses the same professional level mastery and elegance in it. The app is most recommended due to its massive subtitle support and it is one of the most convenient and user friendly media player app as it supports more than 30 most widely spoken languages of the world. The app already have more 300 million users, which is the largest number being contained by any of the other media player app and it is still counting more and more with the passage of time. The users can download it for free of cost from the Google Play store.

7. Winamp

Win Amp is a free software with a large online community which helps it keep running on top. It is a cross-platform software which is used for most of the accessible audio features. It has many useful features like Win Amp Remote, Adding album art and track tags, Media Monitor and Pod catcher. It includes over 20,000 skins and can be embedded with a lots of plugins to help your cause. The software can also be used for changing album arts and tagging.

Free Mp3 Normalizer Downloads

  • Latest Version:

    MP3Gain 1.3.4 Beta LATEST

  • Requirements:

    Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10

  • Author / Product:

    Glen Sawyer / MP3Gain

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    MP3Gain 2020 full offline installer setup for PC 32bit/64bit

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Do you need to balance the volume on all your MP3 files so that they’re equal? To avoid adjusting the volume each time you play a different MP3 file on your computer, you’ll want to balance the volume of your files equally with a tool called MP3Gain. After you adjust the volume of all your mp3 files, they’ll play at the same volume from that point forward. No more adjusting the volume!
Total Volume Harmony
MP3Gain functions a bit differently than similar programs like it. Rather than peak normalization, the tool evaluates the volume of the sound and how loud it will be heard by people. Plus, the tool does not decode or reencode an mp3 file. It merely adjusts the file, which prevents any loss in quality. The tool even allows the analytical information to be stored discretely within the file for later consideration. That means you’ll never need to run another analysis on the same file twice. However, you can choose to turn this option off if you want.
Easy and Simple Volume Adjustment
This is an easy and simple tool to use. It will fulfil virtually any purpose related to Mp3 sound volume. The best part is that you can alter the volume of several Mp3 files at once. This is great for people who have an entire collection of Mp3 songs to adjust.