Apr 19, 2020 If you are trying to increase your party size in Mount and Blade 2 Bannerlord, leveling the leadership skill is a must.The in-game description is a little bit confusing, so in this guide, we will show you how to level leadership in Mount and Blade 2 Bannerlord, as well as some added benefits. Aug 11, 2018  Custom troops not giving MORALE boost like other faction troops when you are in that faction, and liked. (btw if it matters im using the steam version of mount and blade warband and im using the mod manager to install the mods for this,im not sure if this matters). ( increase the maximum capacity of girl and income, make the place.

  1. Feb 05, 2020  Deeds of Arms and Chivalry is a modification for Mount & Blade: Warband which focuses on the Hundred Years War between France and England, specifically during the early 15th Century. Deeds of Arms and Chivalry 20200205.
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Mount and Blade Warband Cheat 2019 list with all new updates and tweaks. To enable the cheats you need to select Configuration in the Game Launcher and then click the Enable Cheats box. Below is the updated list of cheats for Mount and Blade Warband along with God Mode Character build. So without any further ado, let’s begin with how to enter the cheats in the game.


Mount and Blade Warband Cheats List

Once you “Enable Cheats” box from the Configuration menu you are good to enter the following cheats in Mount and Blade Warband. Pressing Ctrl + ~ (then type in ‘cheat menu’) to Activate Cheat Menu and allows for a multitude of cheats including adding items and improving relations. Here are the complete Mount and Blade Warband Cheat codes and their effects.

  • CTRL+F5 – AI takes over your character in battles
  • CTRL+H – Completely heals you
  • CTRL+Shift+H – Completely heals your horse
  • CTRL+F3 – Damage yourself
  • Ctrl + ~ (then type in ‘nocheatmenu’ no ”) – Deactivate Cheat Menu
  • Ctrl + space – Fast Forward waiting at the map
  • CTRL+X – Gives an experience to the selected party member
  • CTRL+X – Gives you 1000 XP in the character screen
  • CTRL+W – Greatly increases all of your weapon proficiencies
  • CTRL+X – In the inventory it gives you 1000 Gold
  • Ctrl+Alt+F4 – Knock unconscious all enemy troops
  • Ctrl+Shift+F4 – Knocks out all enemies zoomed into. (Holding shift and looking at)
  • Ctrl+Shift+F6 – Knocks out all of your troops
  • Ctrl+F6 – Knocks out one of your troops
  • CTRL+F4 – Knocks unconscious an enemy after several presses
  • CTRL+T – Let’s you see everything except hideouts on the World Map
  • Ctrl + L – Level Up
  • CTRL+Left – Click On the World Map, teleports your party to where you click
  • CTRL + F9 – Slow Motion (Press again to turn on or off)
  • Ctrl + F11 – Stop the time at battle
  • Ctrl + Left Click – Upgrade all available units to that path.

Remember that some cheats are limited to the screens you enter like:

  • Gold cheat only works in the inventory screen
  • Health cheat only works during the battle
  • See Everything Map cheat only works on the map screen
  • Instant kill cheat only works in battle
  • AI take over character cheat only works in battle
  • Add 1000 XP cheat only works in the character screen

Mount and Blade Warband God mode character


Follow the steps below and create a godlike character in the game to unlock limitless money and never needing to level up. Expand your realm, claim the ultimate prize: the throne of Calradia!

  1. Start the game with any character history
  2. Open the character sheet, click Statistics and select Export Character Option
  3. Go to “computer>Local disk>Users>”PC Name You Use”>Documents>mount & blade warband>Characters and open the text file
  4. Edit your gold and character sheet (Note: DO NOT edit the reserved skills)
  5. Max skills – 10, attributes – 63, weapon skills can only be increased to 460(without cheats)
  6. Start a game with a character with the same name
  7. Open the character sheet, click statistics and click IMPORT character
  8. Your God Mode Character is now Ready to go on Battlefield

Note: Using cheats disable achievements

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Mount and Blade Warband Achievements Unlocks

  • Abundant Feast – Eat 6 different types of food concurrently.
  • Agile Warrior – Get either two agility related skills to 5 or one to 7.
  • Art of War – Have two of the following skills at a 5; Trainer, Tactics, Leadership, or Persuasion.
  • Autonomous Collective – Be chosen as marshall.
  • Baron got back – Win a battle against a lord or party who previously beat or captured you.
  • Best served cold – Defeat 10 enemy parties in the snowy regions of Calradia.
  • Book Worm – Finish reading one book through the camping screen.
  • Bring out your Dead – Get one of your healing skills to 5.
  • Calradian Army Knife – Kill 10 enemies with a throwing weapon’s secondary function.
  • Calradian Tea Party – Make your faction.
  • Choppy Chop Chop – (MP) Slay 50 foes with slashing weapons.
  • Community Service – Install and play one mod.
  • Concilio Calradi – As a ruler have 3 vassals.
  • Dexterous Dastard – Make one of your ranged weapon skills 250.
  • Elite Warrior – (MP) Win a round of deathmatch mode.
  • Empress – As a female character, become queen of all Calradia.
  • Every breath you take – (MP) In any multiplayer mode have more kills than deaths.
  • Force of Nature – You and your army have killed or wounded 5,000 enemy troops.
  • Gambit – Land a shot with a difficulty of 5 while using a throwing weapon.
  • Get up Stand up – Cleanse the town of bandits in the opening mission.
  • Girl Power – As a female character, help a female claimant reclaim her throne.
  • Glorious Mother Faction – (MP) Win a round of team deathmatch mode.
  • Gold Farmer – Amass a fortune of 100,000 denars.
  • Good Samaritan – Help a lord or party win a fight.
  • Got Milk? – Steal 3 cattle from a single village.
  • Happily ever after – Get married.
  • Harassing Horseman – (MP) Kill 100 people with mounted projectiles.
  • Heart Breaker – Get a character to elope.
  • Help Help I’m Being Repressed – Harass wondering peasants on the map.
  • Holy Diver – Kill or wound at least 500 enemies.
  • I dub thee – Promote one of your followers into a position of power.
  • Iron Bear – You have completed the following achievements: Mace in yer Face!, Spoil the Charge, Agile Warrior, and This is our land.
  • Kassai Master – You have completed the following achievements: Trick Shot, Khaaan!, Agile Warrior, and Harassing Horseman.
  • Khaaan! – Kill 75 enemies with horse archery.
  • King Arthur – You have completed the following achievements: Melee Master, Knights of the Round, Every breath you take, I dub thee/Good Samaritan.
  • Kingmaker – Put a pretender on their rightful throne.
  • Knights of the Round – Recruit 6 hero characters.
  • Lady of the Lake – As a female character, give a companion character a great sword.
  • The last man standing – (MP) Win one round in battle mode.
  • Legendary Rastam – You have completed the following achievements: Abundant Feast, Mace in yer Face!, Sarranidian Nights, and Art of War/Melee Master.
  • Look at the Bones! – Face off against 100 enemies using custom battle mode.
  • Mace in yer Face! – (MP) Kill 25 foes with a blunt weapon.
  • Man Eater – Kill 50 men as a female character.
  • Man Handler – As a female character, Capture and sell three NPC lords.
  • Manifest Destiny – Assist your faction in conquering Calradia.
  • Medieval Emlak – Become the owner of at least 5 fiefs.
  • Medieval Times – Enter and win a tournament.
  • Melee Master – Make one of your melee weapon skills 250.
  • Might make Right – Get either two strength related skills to 5 or one to 7.
  • Migrating Coconuts – Visit every major town in Calradia.
  • Mind on the Money – Have two of the following skills at a 5; Looting, Inventory Management, Trade, or Prisoner Management.
  • Morale Leader – Raise your soldiers’ morale from low to excellent.
  • Mountain Blade – Kill 10 parties of mountain bandits.
  • None Shall Pass – Successfully defend a castle.
  • Old dirty scoundrel – Have a -50 relation with a lord, village, or faction.
  • Old school Sniper – Land a shot with a difficulty of 6 while using a crossbow.
  • Pugnascious D – Pick a fight with a lord by insulting him or by challenging him to a duel.
  • Queen – As a female character, make your faction.
  • Romantic Warrior – Learn 3 poems from tavern bards.
  • Royality Payment – Be granted your first fief.
  • Ruin the Raid – (MP) Win in Conquest mode.
  • Sarranidian Nights – Camp in the Sarranid region of the map.
  • Sassy! – As a female character gets into a duel with the male lord by insulting him.
  • Shish Kebab – (MP) Perform 25 lance kills while mounted.
  • Sold into Slavery – Sell 5 people to the ransom broker.
  • Son of Odin – You have completed the following achievements: Might make Right, The Huscarl, Melee Master/Dexterous Dastard, and Holy Diver/Elite Warrior.
  • Spoil the charge – (MP) Kill 50 cavalry while on foot, the enemy must be killed while mounted.
  • Svarog the Mighty – You have completed the following achievements: Might Makes Right, Choppy Chop Chop, Glorious Mother Faction, and Old school Sniper.
  • Talk of the town – As a female character, raise your renown to 50.
  • Talking helps – Engage in a conversation with a hero character through the party screen.
  • The Bandit – Raid 3 caravans and raid 3 villages.
  • The Golden Throne – Rule all of Calradia!
  • The Holy Hand Grenade – Kill 75 enemies with throwing weapons.
  • The Huscarl – (MP) Kill 50 foes with throwing axes.
  • The Ranger – Have a 7 in one of the following skills or a 5 in two; Tracking, Path-finding, or Spotting.
  • This is our land – (MP) Your team successfully defended a castle in siege battle mode.
  • Throwing Star – (MP) Kill 25 people with throwing weapons.
  • Trick Shot – Land a shot with a difficulty of 10 while using a bow and arrow.
  • Trojan Bunny Maker – Get the engineering skill up to 5.
  • Victum Sequens – As a ruler conquer 10 towns or castles.

These are all about Mount & Blade: Warband Cheats for PC, PS4 and Xbox One. Check our other cheats and tricks guide to know more about the tweaks.


Turkish game developer TaleWorld’s 2012 masterpiece Mount & Blade: Warband drew a lot of attention from the gamers, especially from the RPG fans. The singleplayer threw players in a vast, open-ended world with plenty of options but that wasn’t what made Warband stay alive for 8 years.

Considering the fact that from a technical standpoint, Warband was outdated even when it came out, the game should have been dead years ago. The graphics are 15 years old and the sound design is not too shabby either. But what kept this game alive were 2 things: amazing gameplay with easy to learn but extremely hard to master combat and the huge modding community. Ever since the game was launched, developers welcomed the modding community and the game was open to all kinds of modifications and this gave way to thousands of different mods. And if you are still one of those people that play Warband regularly, we have compiled a list of the best mount blade Warband mods for you to change things up.

12 Best Mount and Blade Warband Mods

We have also added download links of all mount & blade mods below there description.

1. The Last Days of the Third Age

One of the best total conversion mods that was created for the original Mount & Blade was conversed to be able to run on Warband. As you can understand from the title, this mod lets you play the events of the Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings novels. All the factions of the Middle Earth are available for you to play as and there are many fun side activities. There are different races with different bonuses/penalties and all of the gear and items reflect the Middle-Earth. If you are a Lord of the Rings fan, this mod alone is worth buying Warband for.

Download it here.

2. Decapitate and Dismember

Mount & Blade: Warband has one of the most simple-looking yet really hard to master combat systems. The directional attacks and blocks make each encounter a test of reflexes and guess. During all that, landing a perfect slice to your enemy’s neck feels extremely satisfying, but what if told you that it can get better? As its name suggests, Decapitate and Dismember mod lets you decapitate and dismember your enemies and watch their heads and limbs fly off.

Download it here.

3. Bear Force 2

If you do not own the original Mount & Blade and therefore cannot play the brilliant Star Wars mod that is Star Wars Conquest, Bear Force II is probably the best Star Wars total conversion mod for Warband. It is a multiplayer only tactical shooter taking place in the Star Wars Universe. It has 6 factions with each having multiple different classes and a unique shooting and force system. From normal infantryman to jet troopers to using force with Sith/Jedis, there is a lot of detailed, fun content here for Star Wars fans.

Download it here.

4. Full Invasion 2

If you ever feel lonely in the vast world of Warband, Full Invasion 2 can spice things up with its co-op survival formula. You can team up with other players and battle countless waves of invaders and bosses to survive as long as possible. There are various different maps, classes, enemy types and bosses. As it is one of the most fun mods to play with your friends, it is no surprise that it has been rated by the community numerous times as the most popular multiplayer mod.

Download it here.

5. Blood and Steel

Blood and Steel is like a semi-total conversion mod; it changes a lot from the vanilla game but does not create a whole new universe/story. It rebalances a lot of the mechanics, improves visuals and effects, a new economy and adds hundreds of new items. If you have played the vanilla singleplayer and got bored from it, this mod is a nice change of pace.

Download it here.

6. H.O.T.D.

If you are bored from the classic medieval style of the vanilla game or all the other mods and just want to try something entirely different, H.O.T.D. (short for Highschool of the Dead) is probably the craziest Mount & Blade: Warband out there. You are thrown into a Japan that is infested with zombies and you try to survive with various weapons, characters and enemies. There are 4 factions: high schoolers, police, the Takagi mob family and the zombies themselves. It is not without its problems but if you want to turn Warband into something crazy and unrecognizable, this mod takes the cake.

Download it here.

7. Gekokujo

If you like Japanese history or anything samurai-related, this Warband mod is for you since it takes the game’s singleplayer into the Sengoku period of Japan. Just like the vanilla game, you will start from nothing and attempt to gain control of the entire country. The mod itself contains more content than the native game: 32 towns, 72 castles, and 161 villages. Of course, entire weapon, armor and item inventory is changed to fit the theme of the era and there a whopping number of 20 factions.

Download it here.

8. Warsword Conquest

Right now you may be asking “Is there a fantasy world that isn’t modded into Mount & Blade?” and the answer to that is probably no. Warsword Conquest is a total conversion mod for Mount & Blade: Warband that takes us into the world of Warhammer. There are races from the books such as orcs, dwarves, elves, vampires, Skaven and Lizardmen and you can play as any one of these. Of course, just like any total conversion mod, there are new weapons, armor and items. If you own Warband and like Warhammer, it is a no-brainer.

Download it here.

9. A World of Ice and Fire

Another great total conversion mod for Warband that is featuring another awesome fantasy world, A World of Ice and Fire takes us to the world of George R.R. Martin’s Game of Thrones. You create your own house and challenge the Seven Kingdoms and try to claim the Iron Throne by battling and betraying your opponents. The mod is complete as it stands today and it was last updated in this June. There are a plethora of new armor sets, weapons and items and the entire map is changed to fit the Game of Thrones universe. For the fans of series, this mod is a must-try.

Download it here.

10. Prophesy of Pendor

Unlike most of the mods we listed here, Prophesy of Pendor does not take you into a well-known fantasy universe, it rather creates its own and does a quite good job at that. It tries to find a sweet spot between the generic medieval theme of the native game and the fantasy-fiction themes with a low fantasy setting. You play as a hero with an aim of uniting the lords of Pendor under a single Ruler again. Now, as the developers said, “Prepare to enter the world of Pendor and accept the challenge of the Prophesy – if you dare.”.

Download it here.

Mount & Blade Warband 2

11. 1776 American Revolution

Just like its name suggests, 1776 American Revolution takes us back into the times of American revolution. You do not have to fight for rebels; you can side with Britain to even join the Native Americans that see both rebels and Britain as the same. Of course, every single item is replaced to fit the era with the guns are being the most significant change and the original map is replaced by a piece of North America. If you wanted more from the Mount & Blade standalone DLC Napoleonic Wars, this is the mod for you.

Download it here.

12. Floris Mod Pack

If you were looking for more gameplay-changing or bug-fixing mods rather than total conversion mods, we were saving this one for the last since it combines a lot of great small Warband mods together. This mod pack enhances native gameplay by combining a wide range of mods provided by the Warband community. Additionally to the new troop trees, it offers improvements in gameplay, graphics and many other areas. It has 3 different levels: basic, gameplay, and expanded versions and you can choose among them depending on how much of a change you want. This is the top mount & blade warband graphics mod.

Download it here.

Mount And Blade Warband Mods

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Mount And Blade Warband Raise Morale 2

So these are the mods for mount and blade warband to try out we waiting for the upcoming sequel, Mount & Blade: Bannerlord. If you have a favorite fantasy and/or historical setting, chances are there is an M&B mod for it and we tried to list the best ones among them here. From the futuristic Star Wars to the world of Game of Thrones, it is up to you to decide which free mod you want to install. Until the release of Bannerlord, start modding!