Morrowind Esm File DownloadMorrowind Esm File Download

Morrowind.esm is the master file and is installed on your computer when you insert the Morrowind disc. It sounds like you don't have the morrowind disc, otherwise you wouldn't be having this problem. Apr 01, 2015  Once you have extracted the download, you will need to copy over all of the files into your Data Files folder. Now all that you need to do is to open Morrowind's launcher, click on the Data Files button, and ensure that Morrowind Patch v1.6.6beta.esm is checked.


featuringnew head- and body models by Robert

beast bodies from LizTail'sNew Beast Bodies Mod

Requires:Bloodmoon and Tribunal

This mod adds approx. 330 talking, playing, interactingchildren of various ages and of all races to exterior and interior locations inMorrowind, Mournhold and Solstheim. In ver 2, all the non-beast children havenew body models made by Robert. The beast-races have bodyparts from LizTail’sNew Beast Bodies-mod. Children of Morrowind also adds babies-in-papooses andpregnant women, as well as new models for playgrounds and swingsets.

So many people in the MW-community – voice actors,modellers, scripters, playtesters and others - have contributed to make this modpossible, and I want to thank you all. Robert and I may be the ones who havespent most modding hours on this version of Children of Morrowind, but withoutthe help and support from friends, family, fellow modders and MW-players, itwouldn’t have been possible to make a mod like this. Please read the readmefor complete credits list!

Asthis is an esm-file, it can be used as a masterfile for addons and various modsthat includes children. Please read the “Usage”-partof the readme-file for further information!

Ifyou should want to use this esm to make a mod or an add-on for public release,please contact me in advance!

You arewelcome to discuss and ask questions about this plugin in myforum.

Known conflicts/incompatibilitiesDownload linksAdd-ons

- Emma -

Pregnancy robe mesh by Mandamus Two friends in Ald-ruhn

All the new outfits are forsale at the Caldera Clothier.

Robert's new body meshes

Baby in papoose - model by Regan.

Practicing marksmanship - bow model by Zyndaar

Playable Children Ver 2.0

- new teenage bodies by Robert
- new head models by Robert
- more than 500 face textures by Emma, Robert, Westly
- new hairs by Robert and by Westly
- beast bodies from LizTail's New Beast Bodies mod
- vampire heads - models by Robert, textures by AnOldFriend

Requires: Morrowind only

This mod will make it possible to play Morrowind as a young boy or girl, matching age 12-15 for humans. All original MW-races are represented,. The non-beast children are using the new body models by Robert, and the beast races are using LizTails New Beast Bodies.

Please note that normal BB-clothing won’t fit especially the teenage girls very well. If you dress up a teenage girl char in BB-outfits, she will get the body of a woman. This is caused by the clothing meshes and there is nothing we can do about it.

Luckily, there are outfits available that are more suitable for teenagers. So far, there’s one mod by Robert and one by me listed below.My hope is that also other modders will be interested in creating new outfits for the children.

Please note! You no longer need to have the MW_Children.esm installed in order to run this mod! But, you still need to have it installed on your computer in order to get the meshes and textures needed for this mod to work.

Mickey mouse clubhouse watch cartoons. (2006–2011). (2011–2016)Picture format/:Produced in HD, cropped to in most countries.Audio format5.1Original releaseNovember 15, 2005 ( 2005-11-15) –November 6, 2016 ( 2016-11-06)External linksMickey Mouse Clubhouse is an American interactive computer-animated which aired from May 5, 2006, to November 6, 2016.

This is only an esp-file, no textures or meshes are included in this zipfile.

Download links:

Download Playable Children ver 2.0
for Children of Morrowind
Great House Fliggerty

Download Playable Children ver 2.0

for Children of Morrowind
from Emma's Elder Scrolls Site

Download Playable Children ver 2.0
for Children of Morrowind
from Elric Melnibone

This package with teenage outfits is mostly based on the work by the Better Clothes team, with the clothing models reworked by Robert to fit the teenage bodies.

The package also includes Robert’s shoes and sandals for teenagers, as well as some unique clothing items. The outfits are for sale at the Suran Clothier.

Please note: If you are using the Children of Morrowind main mod, you don’t have to use this mod, as all the outfits are already included in the main mod, and for sale at the Caldera Clothier.

Download links

Emma’s Teenager Outfits

This package with teenage outfits are mostly very simple variations of Roberts teenager outfits. The outfits are for sale at Agrippinia's store in Vivec. Please know that I have never been any great clothing maker; I made this simply in order to add some extra variety to the outfits. My hope is that other modders will be interested in creating new clothes for the children!

Please note: If you are using the Children of Morrowind main mod, you don’t have to use this mod, as all the outfits are already included in the main mod, and for sale at the Caldera Clothier.

Robert's headpack
- resource pack with head models used for teenagers in Children ofMorrowind.
May be used as a modders resource without further permissions,
with appropriate credits according to the enclosed readme.

Screenshot and download links

Pen's Kid's Clothing Mod
by Pendraia

Requires: Morrowind, Bloodmoon and Tribunal

This mod adds children's clothing to the clothiers in Morrowind. It includes skirts, shirts, dresses and apprentice robes. It also includes Silarias pants mesh set up so that the mesh doesn't clip with the legs.

Please note: this mod is made for the original version of Children of Morrowind, which means that the meshes are not the ones Robert has made for ver 2. There are still some other BB-outfits in the package which fits the children, also the teenage girls, very well.

Your Morrowind Family

Requires: Bloodmoon, Tribunal and Children of Morrowind ver 2 (MW_Children_1_0.esm)

At “The Rat in the Pot” in Ald-ruhn, you will find a young woman and four children. Talk to the woman – she has a very good reason why she and the children are in urgent need of a place to stay.

This mod will make it possible for you to have a little Morrowind “family” of your own to take care of. The npc’s aren’t really full-fledged companions, but more suitable to live in your home and be a part of the atmosphere. I wanted to do this “light-version” of companionable children, so that others, who, just like myself, want children in their MW-homes, can make that little dream come true.

Although the nanny and the children aren’t what I would call “full-fledged companions”, they do have a well-working movement script (based on Grumpy’s companion project ver 1.3). So, it shouldn’t be hard to drag them around over the island. They also have companion share, so you can dress them up in any outfits you want to. They do however not level and they don’t have such options as recall or intervention, spellcasting or fighting instructions.

I hope to find time to upgrade them to Grumpy’s newer companion script later on, but I wanted to have this ver 2 ready for the release of Children of Morrowind 2.

Please note that there is no way for me to prevent that a girl gets the body of a woman if you dress her up in BB- or Domina outfits. This is caused by the clothing meshes and not related to this mod. At the clothier in Caldera, you will find lots of outfits suitable for children that you can dress up these kids in. My hope is that other modders will also be interested in making more clothes for children and teenagers.

You need to have MW_Children_1_0.esm + bsa installed in order to run this mod! This is only an add-on, no textures or meshes are included in this zipfile.

Download links:

Download Your Morrowind Family add-on
for Children of Morrowind
Great House Fliggerty

Download Your Morrowind Family add-on
for Children of Morrowind
from Emma's Elder Scrolls Site

Download Your Morrowind Family add-on
for Children of Morrowind
from Elric Melnibone

Add-on for Children of Morrowind

Ebonheart Orphanage
by Mordigant

This mod adds a building just north of the Ebonheart dock plaza which contains 18 adoptable children. The children receive standard companion features when adopted.

Download link:

Download Ebonheart Orphanage
from Planet Elder Scrolls

Add-on for Children of Morrowind

Better Caldera Children Compatible v1.5
by Sandman101

First I want to thank you for all of the work and effort you have put into the Morrowind Mod community.
I use Children of Morrowind and I love it. I also use a mod called Better Caldera by Matthew Walker. They happen to conflict.
His mod adds lots of atmosphere to Cladera IMHO. He placed a large additon to Holismod's armory exacty where the playground set is. Imagine my suprise when I found the children standing in a well! Another child whas trying to jump on the forge. As a father, I decided I needed to fix this, can't have children drownding or buring themselves. What I ended up doing was mowing the playground in between the Governor's Mansion and Holisomod's armory. I built a wall around it, added a large 'sand box' and a 'teeter totter'. I also put in a place for the parents to sit and watch the children play.

Download link:

Download Better Caldera Children Compatible v1.5 by Sandman101
from Elric Melnibone

Links to mods that are based on or interacting with Children of Morrowind:

MTC: Morrowind Trading Cards
by Danae

Hold it
by Danae

Ald Redaynia Extended
by Princess Stomper

Ascadian Rose Cottage
by Korana

Companionable Cats
by Emma

Dog Companions
by Emma and Grumpy

Pen's Kid's Clothing Mod
by Pendraia

Sadrith Mora Academy of Magecraft
(Harry Potter-inspired school)
by Princess_Stomper

Skaal Home - 2.0
by Princess_Stomper

Suran Extended - family version
by Princess_Stomper

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The Lokken Children
by Emma

The White Wolf Of The Lokken Mountain - v2.0
by Emma

Thief Companion Constance - v1.2
by Grumpy and Emma

Wolf Companion - v3.1
by Grumpy and Emma

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Morrowind Data Files

MWEdit is an alternate editor for Morrowind that is similar in form to the Construction Set but with many additional features that make it easier to use.

  • 2Features

Project Links[edit]

Morrowind Esm File Download Windows 10



  • Standard multiple document interface (MDI) allows editing of several plugins at the same time.
  • More gracefully handling of errors (missing IDs, files, etc..) rather than simply terminating. The current version simply ignores most errors.
  • Load times are much faster than the TESCS (roughly half the time). All master files are only loaded once per session so once you load Morrowind.esm the next time is almost instant. Currently you must exit the application to clear the master data if required.
  • Records can be permanently 'cleaned' from the active plugin easily. This includes INFO records and cell reference sub-records.
  • Edit records by double-clicking in all lists (NPC inventory, containers, leveled lists, etc..).
  • Toggle viewing of only modified items.
  • Copy or rename most record types.
  • Optional incremental backup plugin on save (PLUGIN.ESP.001, PLUGIN.ESP.002, etc..).
  • Standard 'Save As' file menu added to change the saved plugin filename.
  • Records can be dragged in many situations to copy that record (for instance to/from cell reference lists, containers, leveled lists, inventories) or between different plugins.
  • Find a text string in all records. You can double-click a record in the result list to edit that record. The last ten searches are saved.
  • Display all objects that use a particular record (like the Info comment in TESCS). Compiled scripts and dialog results are included in the search.
  • New icons for all item types.
  • Set a default author name for all new plugins.
  • Export/import items to standard CSV files.
  • View exactly where a record is used in the currently loaded records. Find object references in dialogue results and scripts.

Load Plugins[edit]

  • Extended load dialog with a sortable list showing the plugin name, type, and last modification date. This makes it much easier to find the plugin you want.
  • Displays ESS save games in the file list.
  • Load progress display.
  • Open plugins from the default Morrowind installation or a custom game path.

Main View[edit]

  • Item tab control has been changed into a list. This makes viewing a certain item type easier.
  • Almost all item types are viewed and edited in the list view (such as scripts, globals, etc..).
  • Each item in a plugin will have one edit window open at a time (unlike the TESCS where you can open multiple windows for a single item).
  • Consistent design of the item windows.
  • Color coding of active (green) and deleted (red) records in all lists.
  • Records can be sorted by their modified/delete status in all lists.
  • The sort field and column widths for each item type is saved and restored when you leave and return to that item type.


Morrowind Esm File Download Windows 7

  • Copy and rename dialogue topics, including all the child INFOs.
  • Change position of a dialogue responses Up/Down in the list.
  • Copy dialogue responses (within a dialogue).
  • Display of INFO function values in the dialogue list. Values display not only the function/ID for the function, but also the value compared against allowing one to quickly gather more information at a quick glance.
  • Resizable dialogue and info windows.
  • Using the standard cancel button in the dialogue window cancels all changes to INFOs of the dialogue.


  • Color coding of script code. Use a default white or blue color scheme or use any custom colors to identify the various word types. Can also be disabled.
  • Select the font used in the script window.
  • New script compiler reports many more errors and possible errors.
  • Three levels of warning/error messages (weak, default, and strong) allowing you to set how many compiler messages are recorded.
  • Compiler adds spaces to the script output where they might be required or expected (such as in if statements).
  • Object types used in functions are checked more rigorously. If the function expects an NPC ID, you'll receive an error/warning if you use another type.
  • Compiles script on save automatically (no warning/errors displayed).
  • Export and import scripts to/from text files.
  • View detailed help on all script functions.
  • All compiler errors/warnings are displayed in a splitter pane at the bottom of the script window. Double-click a message to jump to the location of the message.
  • View detailed information on compiler messages and display the function help if the message is related to a specific function.
  • Compiler does not permit the use of reserved words as local variables (such as end, X, Y, etc..).
  • Functions that are known to be broken will result in a compiler message.
  • Simple function tooltips can be displayed for faster scripting.
  • Custom functions, such as those used in MWSE or MW-Enhanced can be defined in CustomFunctions.dat and compiled in the script.
  • Scripts can be compiled without loading the master file even if the script uses external records such as player by using the Extra File option. The Extra File is a plugin file (MWEditExtraFile.esp by default) that contains all the common records you need.

Other Items[edit]

  • Easier editing of item counts in Containers and Leveled Lists (use +/- to modify the count as well as the regular edit). Supports the selection of multiple items.
  • When an object ID changes when editing a record, you have the option to Rename, Copy, or Cancel.

Getting Started[edit]

MWEdit is particularly useful if you have the Steam version of Morrowind's Game Of The Year edition, as this does not include The Elder Scrolls Construction Kit. To update a downloaded plugin so that is works without a warning message stating that it was created using an older version of the Morrowind master file, follow these steps:

  • Copy the downloaded plugin and its associated folders (typically a Meshes and a Textures folder) into Morrowind's Data Files folder (This will be C:Program FilesSteamsteamappscommonmorrowindData Files if you have the default Steam setup).
  • After extracting the MWEdit zip file, double-click MWEdit.exe
  • Go to View->Options. In 'Game Data Path', browse to Morrowind's data files (e.g. C:Program FilesSteamsteamappscommonmorrowindData Files). Then click OK.
  • Go to File->Open. This will show Morrowind.esm as a Master file (along with Bloodmoon.esm and Tribunal.esm if you have the GOTY editition) and your downloaded plugin (WeatheredSigns.esp for example) as a Plugin file. Click the boxes next to the Master and Plugin filenames so that a tick appears in each one
  • Highlight the Plugin filename and then click the 'Set Active' button. This changes its Type from Plugin to Active. Click OK.
  • After everything has loaded, click File->Save As, then choose OK to overwrite the original plugin. If it tries to save it as noname0, it's because you did not make the plugin active.


Morrowind Esm File Download For Mac

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