Choose Language English or Tibetan as your preference. Click on Monlam Dictionary. Click on Monlam Dictionary for Apple Mac. Once Downloaded Open the file. How to install and set up Tibetan Fonts and Keyboard. How to install and set up VPN. Nov 19, 2016  Using the fonts. To use any font, just drop it in your fonts folder. Remember that you need to install a Tibetan keyboard input as well. A good resource for working with Tibetan on computer is Digital Tibetan.; More resources for using Tibetan fonts are in the Bod Yig -་ བོད་ཡིག་ section. About these fonts. Oct 02, 2011  There are lots of Tibetan and Dzongkha fonts such as Monlam Bodyig, DDC Dzongkha, Qomolangma and more in Mac. All these can solve this small problem while Microsoft can't. How to install star diagnosis software. As Microsoft Himalaya is the only pre-installed font in windows operation system, minor issue like this can greatly affect the modernization the languages using Tibetan script. Tibetan Fonts Download Page. Moreover, several common fonts are only available as Windows.exe files, making it difficult to load them on Mac or Linux computers. Together, these factors make it nearly impossible to obtain the proper legacy Tibetan fonts needed to read certain Tibetan-language websites. Monlam font for Web ༼སྨོན.

Mac OS-X 10.5 support for Tibetan

Mac Tibetan keyboard: select System Preferences / Language & Text / Input Sources

Tibetan Input Method‎

Mac OS-X since version 10.5 supports different Tibetan keyboards including Wylie. Ufix 2.

Please go to System Preferences / Language & Text / Input Sources to enable one of the following keyboards:

  • Tibetan Otani
  • Tibetan QWERTY
  • Tibetan Wylie
Mac Wylie keyboard

alternatively, or for older Mac OS-X versions, you can use:

Monlam BodYig package

The Monlam BodYig package includes a Mac OS-X installer. (The IME is described in the Windows section.) Download at or from་

Monlam Keyboard

See: Installing Monlam BodYig

More information

  • Tibetan Input Method (general, all operating systems)

External Links

  • EWTS Extended Wylie system (PDF file)
  • Input Methods, at Wikipedia
  • Monlam BodYig, fonts with input program
  • Unicode, at Wikipedia
  • Wylie transliteration, at Wikipedia

Monlam Tibetan Font

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