Hopefully this outlines our vision and approach for MEIOU and Taxes 3.0: Path to Modernity. In the weeks ahead you can look forward to more dev diaries showcasing new systems and content. We understand you are eager to play the new version as soon as possible, yet there still lies a considerable amount of work ahead of us. May 20, 2018  MEIOU & Taxes v.2.5 ('Heresy') is an open beta patch that has been released on May 20th, 2018. It is the first M&T version for EU4 v1.25.X England patch. #1 Plague is coming.again? Compatibility with the 1.25 patch. Many vanilla events have been refreshed with support for new mechanics, triggers, effects and modding features. Estate loyalty hits from many events have. Jun 15, 2020  Meiou & Taxes even has Pop mechanics and economic simulation which aren't included in the base game (think Victoria). Calling itself the “quintessential” EUIV overhaul mod is no understatement as its added complexity and clarity to the game mechanics is a modding miracle comparable to the jump from SD to HD graphics. Currently the only countries that have their own page are: Austria Brittany Castille England Poland Trebizond Feel free to make your own country guides.

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Welcome to MEIOU and Taxes, the quintessential overhaul mod for EUIV v.1.28.x.

Brought to you with love by Lukew, Gigau, Myzael, Dharper, Sun Wu, and the rest of the M&T team.


– Fifteen-hundred new provinces and counting
– Five hundred years of history (1356-1856)
– Overhauled graphics and map courtesy of EOOQE
– A unique musical score composed by ciadude2
– Reworked religious mechanics with Dharper’s Dei Gratia
– New trade system
– New subject integration system


– – –


Q: I subscribed, but mod doesn’t appear in the Launcher. I don’t see the MEIOUandTaxes.mod file. What can i do ?
A: you can download the MEIOUandTaxes.mod file here and put it manually in the mod folder : https://www.dropbox.com/s/j6ihih338920ovv/meiouandtaxes1.mod?dl=0

Q: Are there any required DLC?
A: No.

Q: I played this game a few years ago, but it ran slowly on my computer. What’s changed?
A: Owing to upgrades to the Clauswitz Engine, and better scripting, FPS has been significantly increased on most machines.

Meiou And Taxes Download Link

Q: Can I play this mod with only the graphical and map changes?
A: No.


Q: Do I have to install the compability patch if I have a certain DLC ?
A: the compability patches make the units sprites fit better on the M&T map and are not necesarry to run at all, only use them if you have the associated unit sprites activated.

Q: Where do i find the different modules working with this mod ?
A: They are all in my M&T Collection.



The following mods are integrated or partially integrated with permission from their respective authors. We can’t list every contributor here, but feel free to read the full credits[forum.paradoxplaza.com].

Eu4 Meiou And Taxes

The Riches of Africa by Hellwyr
Translucent Colored Mapmodes by Negi
Historical Events Extended by Voffvoohunden
Pax Sinica by Chatnoir17 and Fryz
Purple Phoenix Arise by Dorimi, Myrkul, Shnipe, and Inimucus
Divide et Imperia by Einfall
Additional Titles and Governments[forum.paradoxplaza.com] by Kaigon
Serenissima Italia[forum.paradoxplaza.com] by Marco Dandolo
Medieval Universalis[forum.paradoxplaza.com] by Tunch Khan
Lex Talonius II by jnt.mullen

Meiou And Taxes Forum

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NOTE: If the mod does not appear in your launcher, play the game in vanilla for 10 minutes. Then quit completely out of Steam and check again. If it still doesn’t appear, repeat the process. It should then be in the launcher.


Meiou And Taxes 2.51 Download


Meiou And Taxes Wiki

Old revisions of this mod are available below. Reset office rearm count. Click the link to download.