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Binkw32 proxy DLL's for Mass Effect 2 is a mod for Mass Effect 2, created by listener, Warranty Voider and Erik-JS.

  • Jan 27, 2010  Mass Effect 2 is out in the US (and garnering some pretty damned exceptional reviews), but the launch has been mired by an issue involving the redemption of collector’s edition and promotional DLC.
  • Oct 24, 2018  A good number of these DLC were available to me through home sharing on my husbands account. He had Mass Effect 2 years ago, and though his disk is gone, the DLC he purchased are still attached to his account. However, when I go into the game, those DLC do not appear as purchased in Cerberus, even though I have them installed on my Xbox.
  • From the 'Tools' menu, select the DLC option (should be the last one in the list) In the next window, from the 'File' menu click the 'Run' option. If you're prompted to Overwrite a file, then select 'Yes'. Close everything and launch the game. The DLCs should work.

Apr 28, 2015 Unfortunately, it didn't work for me. But I am not sure if that is due to me ME2 version. I have the game downloaded from Origin. I installed a couple of textures and ran ME2Explorer's DLC Patcher over it a couple of weeks ago. It's been sitting idle since. Now, when I start the game, I get 'Firewalker DLC not authorized'.


This mod Enables in-engine console (default keys: TAB, Tilde) and validates all DLC's, which allows you to use mods that are designed as DLCs.

About ASI loader - original code by listener (XLiveLess)

Mass Effect 2 Dlc Not Authorized Release

How to get the best hit from a crack pipe. The ASI loader allows for loading of custom-made DLL files without the need of a separate injector.

Such DLL files must be renamed to *.asi and put in a subfolder named ASI inside the game's executable folder (Binaries for ME1/2, Win32 for ME3).

For testing purposes, the ASI loader will, alternatively, load plugins from Binaries/Win32 if the ASI subfolder is missing or nothing was successfully loaded from there.

Mass effect 2 dlc not authorized free

To install:

Copy binkw23.dll and binkw32.dll to 'Mass Effect 2Binaries'.

  • Last update: Sunday, January 6, 2019
  • Genre: RPG
  • File size: 150.7 KB

Report problems with download to [email protected]






7 days

Mass Effect 2 - Binkw32 proxy DLL's for Mass Effect 2mod150.7 KB1/6/20193.3K85
Mass Effect 2 - ME2Controller v.1.7.2mod152.1 MB1/20/20194.2K51
Mass Effect 2 - Better ME2 v. MB11/16/20196.4K25
Mass Effect 2 - New Armor Colors and Casual Outfits v.1.0mod26.4 KB11/16/201956423
Mass Effect 2 - No MiniGames v.2.0.2mod181.8 MB1/21/20192.3K15
Mass Effect 2 - ENB and SweetFX for Mass Effect 2 v.5112018mod836.3 KB11/16/20193.6K10
Mass Effect 2 - v.1.02patch42.2 MB6/16/20109.5K10
Mass Effect 2 - JeanLuc's Miranda HD revised by Catachrism Edition v.2.2mod71.9 MB1/21/201998510
Mass Effect 2 - ME2 reduce black crush variation v.1.0mod4.2 MB6/21/2020879
Mass Effect 2 - Flash's Mass Effect 2 Mod v.1.0.1mod161.1 KB2/2/20202646
Mass Effect 2 - ME 2 Liara Remastered v.2.0mod77.8 MB1/20/20195626
Mass Effect 2 - Arrival Triggering Mod v.1.0mod1.1 MB2/4/20195895
Mass Effect 2 - Transparent HUD Elements v.5.2mod1.3 KB5/16/20203814
Mass Effect 2 - PlayStation Icons v.1.0mod82.9 MB8/3/2020253
Mass Effect 2 - ME 2 Samara Remastered v.2.0mod50.2 MB1/20/20195522
Mass Effect 2 - ME 2 Asari NPCs Remastered v.2.0mod54.6 MB1/20/20194912

BioWare's community liaison Chris Priestly has told fans that the Lair of the Shadowbroker add-on for Mass Effect 2 has been fixed.

'People using Xbox Live for the Xbox 360 can download and play Lair of the Shadowbroker. If you are an Xbox 360 user, please go ahead and enjoy the new DLC,' Priestly posted on the BioWare forum.

'Lair of the Shadowbroker should now be fixed for the PC and should be able to be downloaded now for both the PC and Xbox 360.

'Thanks to everyone for their patience and help as we fixed this issue.'

Mass Effect 2 Dlc Not Authorized Online

PC users had reported downloading gigabytes of zeros instead of a working Lair of the Shadowbroker file.

Lair of the Shadowbroker is based around Liara T'soni, squad member from Mass Effect 1, who's intent on rescuing a man the mysterious Shadowbroker has captured.

The conent costs 800 Microsoft/BioWare Points.

Mass Effect 2 Dlc Not Authorized Free

Eurogamer's Lair of the Shadowbroker review will be published this afternoon.

Mass Effect 2 Dlc Not Authorized

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