Listed below are the downloads for MapInfo ProViewer grouped by category. Hover over an item to see the short description and click to view details. Free Downloads. Product Evaluations. Product Updates. Tools and Utilities. MapInfo ProViewer v17.0.4 Free utility to share your work with your colleagues. Updated: Jan 7, 2020. Uses Microsoft MapPoint for point. The Shape Name Utility is a simple add-in utility for Microsoft MapPoint, that allows a user to view and edit the names of shapes. A screenshot of MapPoint in action. Microsoft MapPoint is both a technology ('MapPoint Web Service,' previously known as MapPoint.NET) and a specific software program created by Microsoft that allows users to view, edit and integrate maps. The software and technology are designed to facilitate the geographical visualization and analyzating of either included data or custom data. Is there a viewer application for MapPoint? I guess it would be similar to the PowerPoint viewer. We have developed maps using MapPoint and to distribute them, we capture the screen or save them as images then distribute. It would be nice if we could just e-mail the MapPoint files. Thanks, Gilley.

Maptitudeis feature equivalent to MapPoint and supports MapPoint files.


Maptitude dominates the space vacated bythe discontinued Microsoft MapPoint. Maptitude can openterritory, waypoint, and pushpin layers from Microsoft MapPointPTM files. Maptitude also supports Microsoft Streets & Trips ESTfiles and AutoRoute AXE files. Maptitude even imports thepushpin icon styles and colors.

You can see the benefits that Maptitude will bring to yourorganization through our manyvideos andwebinars, which will also make you as productive as possiblewith the software. For example, you can register to attend thewebinar Using MapPoint Data in Maptitude and can view thewebinar handouthere. Below are several tips-and-tricks for working withMapPoint PTM files in Maptitude:

The ability to pull in my older MapPoint files anddata was a huge plus! Great video tutorials that help youget started as well.

- Aaron Wesson
Marketing Operations Manager
Spartan College of Aeronautics & Technology

Opening MapPoint Map files in Maptitude

MapPoint users can migrate their data to Maptitude via a simple File-Open.The ability to easily access MapPoint pushpins and territorieswill be valuable to users that have invested in MapPoint, butwho now need to move to Maptitude following the discontinuationof the Microsoft product.

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Maptitude mapping software is the best MapPoint PTM file viewer

Importing my MapPoint territory layer


Maptitude makes it even easier to create territoriesfrom your MapPoint files.

Territory creation was one of the best features ofMicrosoft MapPoint and has been improved in Maptitude! Not onlycan you import territories that have no data fields, but you canalso create territories with State and County information inseparate fields, which was the MapPoint default.

Once you have chosen to open a MapPoint PTM file,Maptitude automatically walks you through the simple steps tocreate your territories. A territory layer is created that canimmediately be used to create Excel reports with a demographicbreakdown sheet, plus sheets for any other data that you havemapped and that fall within your territories.

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Importing MapPoint routes

The Maptitude Routing Manager makes it easy to create andmanage your routes. The ability to control the characteristicsof the route and each waypoint, such as itinerary and drivingspeeds, is a critical step in the planning of your routes. Thiswas one of the best features of Microsoft MapPoint and is partof Maptitude! Perloff microeconomics 4th edition pdf download.

You can now import route waypoints from MapPoint, Streets &Trips, and AutoRoute. Simply choose File-Open,choose your Microsoft file type, and Maptitude adds them as anew point layer. By clicking the Add Locations button in theRouting Manager, you can then load the waypoints along with thestop order, names, and stop time.

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Scheduling my waypoint, arrival, duration, and departure time

The Maptitude Routing Manager make it easy to create andmanage your routes. Being able to control the characteristics ofthe route and each waypoint, such as itinerary and drivingspeeds, is a critical step in the planning of your routes. Thiswas one of the best features of Microsoft MapPoint and isincluded with Maptitude!

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Exporting my list of territories

The Maptitude territory tools make it easy to create and manageyour territories. Being able to access and share your territorydefinitions, such as postal/ZIP Codes by territory, is acritical step in the definition of your boundaries. This was oneof the best features of Microsoft MapPoint and is included inMaptitude!

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Export list of territories from Maptitude to Excel