Jun 09, 2015  I am not sure why but many of my windows like to stay always on top. It gets frustrating when I have something running full screen, and I cant get to the other window or application because the full screen application wont let anything come on top. This also happens with my chrome windows. This is where I first noticed this issue. Oct 23, 2017  In order to perform more calculations, I must click in the taskbar to pull up the calculator again, whereas if there was a simple 'stay on top' setting, the calculator would always be visible for back and forth calculations-entries-calculations-entries. I have a C# winforms app that runs a macro in another program. The other program will continually pop up windows and generally make things look, for lack of a better word, crazy. I want to implement a cancel button that will stop the process from running, but I cannot seem to get the window to stay on top. How do I do this in C#? Sep 15, 2015 In order to perform more calculations, I must click in the taskbar to pull up the calculator again, whereas if there was a simple 'stay on top' setting, the calculator would always be visible for back and forth calculations-entries-calculations-entries.

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Stay Always-on-top is one of several buttons you can add to any window's title bar with the help of Actual Title Buttons. It will help you observe the content of any window while working with another one.

Actual Title Buttons is an innovative utility which allows controlling windows' 'behavior' by means of extra buttons placed near the standard MicrosoftMinimize/Restore/Close ones or by means of keystroke combinations that result in greater speed of work and its accuracy.

Just click on the Stay Always-on-Top button or use a hokey (Win+S, by default) and Actual Title Buttons will keep that particular window on top of all others. This means that other windows will no longer annoy you by masking the window you need to see as you work. It is very helpful when you are concentrating on a project and want to avoid the distractions of other windows popping up on top of your active window.

It is a great function when working with multiple windows open at once, particularly when dragging and dropping fr om one window to another. You can sel ect a window to Stay Always-on-Top all the time, so it never falls behind another window.

See what Chris Pirillo from Lockergnome wrote in his review:

While writing this review, I am using the 'Stay-On-Top' command for Notepad, and during this time I have already received five instant messages. Why is this important? Normally these messages would pop up in front of Notepad and disrupt my work.. but with Actual Title Buttons, I can keep typing without missing those 'important' instant messages. The only difference is that they aren't an annoyance now.

Here are some examples of programs that benefit fr om using the Stay Always-on-Top button:

  • Stay Always-on-Top for e-mail message composing windows, for example, Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express, Eudora, Incredimail and others
  • Stay Always-on-Top for any Internet browser, for example, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Opera etc.
  • Stay Always-on-Top for sticky notes, for example, Outlook Notes
  • Stay Always-on-Top for text editors, for example, Windows Notepad or Windows WordPad
  • Stay Always-on-Top for any Instant Messenger: Yahoo Messenger, Windows/MSN Messenger and so on.
  • Stay Always-on-Top for Windows Explorer folders and system dialogs
  • Stay Always-on-Top for other tools, for example, Windows Calculator
  • Stay Always-on-Top for any application, for example, Microsoft Word, Windows Media Player, Adobe Acrobat Reader or any other

In this article we showed you only one feature, available in Actual Title Buttons. But with its help you can also add new Minimize Alternatively, Roll up, Make Transparent, Resize and many other additional buttons to any window's title bar.

How To Lock A Window On Top

Actual Title Buttons increases the efficiency of your Windows operating system and lets you organize desktop space better if you usually multitask in several applications. Try it out, Actual Title Buttons is easy-to-use and very handy!

See the following links that will be your guides in getting acquainted with Stay Always-on-Top feature:

  • Download the fully-functional 60-days trial version of Actual Title Buttons right now. It is completely free!
  • Actual Title Buttons Home the official page wh ere you can download or order the risk-free version and read what users say about Actual Title Buttons.
  • Stay Always-on-Top Help section here you can find additional information about Stay Always-on-Top feature.
  • Here you can find the information on how to create specific settings and apply Stay Always-on-Top action just for a particular window.

Check out our articles. Symmetryshop serial. You may find other ways for using new title buttons and other features to make your work easier!


Actual Title Buttons

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