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Jan 26, 2009  I have a Admiral sewing machine manufactured by the Admiral Sewing Machine Co, serial no. 070645, labeled Deluxe 1952 model, Made in Japan. I have not been able to locate any information about this sewing machine. Any information such as value. SINGER Teachers Textbook Machine Sewing Manual 401a 403 HUGE Text 194 Pages. 5 out of 5 stars (10) Total Ratings 10, $22.95 New. SINGER 3116 Sewing Machine/embroidery/serger Owners Manual. 5 out of 5 stars (1) Total Ratings 1, $21.45 New. Professional Full Edition Service Manual for SINGER 347 and 348 Sewing Machines.

  • PARTS AND SERVICE MANUAL. PARTS AND SERVICE MANUAL 5570, Cutting Machines: The Stone Sharpener, BEFORE OPERATING THIS MACHINE This Parts and Service Manual has been.
  • Online Library Lada Sewing Machine User Manual by Easy Sewing for Beginners 6 months ago 11 minutes, 52 seconds 548,582 views Tutorial for how to operate a mini, sewing machine, especially for beginners who need the best tips for using this, sewing machine.
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Lada was formed in Sobeslav on September 1, 1919. After WWII company expansion was at its greatest and by 1954 they were producing the first zigzag machine in Czechoslovakia, the Type 233.

Lada Sewing Machine Manual

By the 1960s the factory had manufactured 100,000 sewing machines, although in 1965 after a merge into ELITEX, the company lost its independence and by 1972 the government stopped its sewing machine production.

Introduced in 1957, the T132 was Lada's first 'briefcase portable' machine with free-arm, a compact automatic zig zag sewing machine. It can sew up to 1400 stitches per minute and weighs approximately 8 kilos. It measures 13' L-R, compared with a Singer Featherweight 222 = 10' L-R. Other small sized freearm electric machines measure: Adlerette 13' L-R, Husqvarna zz 13'.

Instruction manuals are endearingly full of spelling mistakes :)

Introduction of other models:T236 - 1958

T237 - 1959

T238 - 1960

T136 - 1969

T137 - 1970

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Courtesy of Bernadette Dewhurst-Phillips

The decals on the machine bed appear to have been borrowed from Jones in the UK.The stitch length lever is of a similar type found on German machines. The serial number is stamped below the bed edge, centre front. The slide plates don't have any markings. They do have a slot each which acts as a spring to hold them in.

  • Jones type decals


Serial #66266

Courtesy of Linda B

This machine is operated by a knee lever.

  • Shown here with knee control

  • Bobbin case from instruction manual


Cresta Reference #99957

Lada Sewing Machine Manual

Courtesy of Claire Sherwell

Foot control. The machine has an improved (more complicated) Central Bobbin type case. It seems there are three types of bobbin case used on the T132 model, compare with the type used with earlier (?) models.

  • T132-3

  • T132-3

  • Left: T132-3 bobbin/case Right: T132 bobbin/case

  • T132 Bobbin & case

Lada Sewing Machine Manual Downloads

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