Don’t let the word “vector” throw you, this is not another mathematical bevel and fractal program. KPT Vector Effects is a collection of filters for Adobe Illustrator 7 and 8 that allow for those special effects we admire so much in fancy print magazines. 13 different effects let you add neon glows, warps, distortions, and shadows to an existing picture.

Luisa Simone calls it “a productivity pill for Adobe Illustrator.” Read her full review here

Illustrator plugin update: vol 7 'vector wand' v.7.01 Illustrator plugin update: vol 7 'vector wand' 7.01 is designed to be a smart program which offers you plugin toolbox for Illustrator 10. Apply scaling, tints, swatches, styles, rotation, translation, blends, transparency, shrink effects, gradient.

  • KPT (Kai's Power Tools) and KPT Vector Effects: KPT is a special effects plug-in series that was formerly published by MetaCreations. Kai's Power Tools 3 with Win 7 is easy to install. This handy guide takes readers through the process of installing Kai's Power Tools 3 on Windows 7.
  • Discover — or rediscover — Adobe Illustrator, the top vector drawing software.It comes with stunning features that will delight users, such as multiple work plans (up to 100), gradient transparency, separation preview, simplification of clipping masks, the ability to act directly on the object to apply a colour gradient effect, and more!

This tutorial from the UK isn’t much on opinion or directions, but it is a nice overview of the various tools and their effects.

For a complete summary of MetaCreations KPT Vector Effects, visit our product page.


Illustrator includes a variety of effects, which you can apply to an object, group, or layer to change its characteristics.

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Once you apply an effect to an object, the effect appears in the Appearance panel. From the Appearance panel, you can edit the effect, move it, duplicate it, delete it, or save it as part of a graphic style. When you use an effect, you must expand the object before you can access the new points.

Kpt Vector Effects For Illustrator Download Windows 7

The effects in the top half of the Effects menu are vector effects. You can apply these effects only to vector objects or to the fill or stroke of a bitmap object in the Appearance panel. The following effects and effects categories from the top section are exceptions to this rule and can be applied to both vector and bitmap objects: 3D effects, SVG Filters, Warp effects, Transform effects, Drop Shadow, Feather, Inner Glow, and Outer Glow.

The effects in the bottom half of the Effects menu are raster effects. You can apply them to either vector or bitmap objects.

For a video on using the Appearance panel and the Graphics Styles panel, see .

  1. Selectthe object or group (or target a layer in the Layers panel).

    Ifyou want to apply an effect to a specific attribute of an object,such as its fill or stroke, select the object and then select theattribute in the Appearance panel.

    • Choose a commandfrom the Effect menu.

    • Click Add New Effect inthe Appearance panel, and choose an effect.

  2. If a dialog box appears, set options, and then click OK.


    To apply the effect and settings that were usedlast, choose Effect > Apply [Effect Name]. To applythe last used effect and set its options, choose Effect > [EffectName].

Raster effects are effects that generate pixels, rather than vector data. Raster effects include SVG Filters, all of the effects at the bottom section of the Effect menu, and the Drop Shadow, Inner Glow, Outer Glow, and Feather commands in the Effect > Stylize submenu.

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The Resolution Independent Effects (RIE) capability in Illustrator makes it possible to do the following:

  • When the resolution in Document Raster Effects Settings (DRES) changes, the parameters in the effect are interpreted to a different value so that there is minimal or no change in the appearance of the effect. The new modified parameter values are reflected in the Effect dialog box.

  • For effects with more than one parameter, Illustrator reinterprets only those parameters that are related to the document raster effects resolution setting.

    For example, there are different parameters in the Halftone Pattern dialog box. However, only the Size value changes when the DRES changes.

Halftone Pattern effect before and after the resolution value changes from 300 ppi to 150 ppi

Halftone Pattern effect before and after the resolution value changes from 300 ppi to 150 ppi

Youset rasterization options for a document by choosing Effect >Document Raster Effects Settings. (See Rasterizationoptions.)


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If an effect looks good on‑screen, but losesdetail or appears jagged when printed, increase the document rastereffects resolution.

Youcan set the following options for all raster effects in a documentor when you rasterize a vector object.

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Determines the color model that is used during rasterization.You can generate an RGB or CMYK color image (depending on the colormode of your document), a grayscale image, or a 1‑bit image (whichmay be black and white or black and transparent, depending on thebackground option selected).

Determines the number of pixels per inch (ppi) in the rasterized image.When rasterizing a vector object, select Use Document Raster Effects Resolutionto use global resolution settings.

Determines how transparent areas of the vector graphic are convertedto pixels. Select White to fill transparent areas with white pixels, or selectTransparent to make the background transparent. If you select Transparent,you create an alpha channel (for all images except 1‑bit images).The alpha channel is retained if the artwork is exported into Photoshop.(This option anti-aliases better than the Create Clipping Mask option.)

Applies anti-aliasing to reduce the appearance of jaggededges in the rasterized image. When setting rasterization optionsfor a document, deselect this option to maintain the crispness offine lines and small text.

Kpt Vector Effects For Illustrator Download Free

When rasterizing a vector object,select None to apply no anti-aliasing and maintain the hard edgesof line art when it is rasterized. Select Art Optimized to applyanti-aliasing that is best suited to artwork without type. SelectType Optimized to apply anti-aliasing that is best suited to type.

Creates a mask that makes the background of the rasterizedimage appear transparent. You do not need to create a clipping mask ifyou selected Transparent for Background.

Adds a padding or border around the rasterized image, usingthe specified number of pixels. The resulting image’s dimensionsappear as the original dimensions plus the Add Around Object setting’svalue. You can use this setting, for example, to create a snapshoteffect: Specify a value for Add Around Object setting, choose WhiteBackground, and do not select Create Clipping Mask. The white boundaryadded to the original object becomes a visible border on the image.You can then apply a Drop Shadow or Outer Glow effect to make theoriginal artwork look like a photo.

Effects let you applya special look to bitmap images as well as vector objects. For example,you can apply an impressionistic look, apply lighting changes, distort images,and produce many other interesting visual effects.

Consider the followinginformation when applying effects specifically to bitmap objects:


Some effects are very memory-intensive.The following techniques can help improve performance when applyingthese effects:

Kpt Vector Effects 1.5 Free Download For Illustrator

You modify or delete an effect by using the Appearancepanel.