Well this is fun. two awesome mods from Shem in one day. It is not surprising though, Shem is an awesome modder and when he puts out a mod he goes all out. It looks like this one is the counterpart to the one I just reviewed last. Well I know that you all have heard my speech from the last one so I am going to get right into the review.

Apr 08, 2020  When items or their upgrades add damage of any type, this feat subtracts from each separately: thus a fully upgraded Baragwin Assault Blade's 2-12 physical (slashing) damage, 2-12 energy damage and 2-12 sonic damage are each reduced to 0-10. Zabrak Heavy Pistol Damage 5-14 Attack +2 Balanced Upgradable Mandalorian Disintigrator Damage 6-16 Attack +2 Balanced UPgradable Micro-Pulse Blaster Damage 4-18 Attack +2 Balanced Upgradable Zabrak Blaster Pistol Damage 4-11 Attack +3 Balanced Not Upgradable ^^^^^ IV. 4.05 Rifles ^^^^^ Better than a single pistol, and not near as many feats to.

This mod is actually very unique in several ways 1 it deals with the way your characters gain feats, 2 it uses a 2da file that is really not used very much, and three well it is just plain cool. What this mod does is it upgrades the amount of feats you gain on every level up cycle. That way instead of getting maybe 1 or 2 feats you are going to be getting double that or more depending on your class. This mod also gives you feats based on class like lets say for example you were a bounty hunter, it will try give you more feats based on that class. So you can definitely see how this mod would come in handy throughout the entire game.

So like I said before on the last review I did, I have to hand it to you Shem. Not only did you make a way cool mod you made it for both games. That takes real skill and patients, so I have to commend you on that one.;) Now to all of you out there just waiting to get your hands on this.. enjoy.:D

Note: Please leave the author feedback, especially if you download this mod and use it. It really helps encourage the author to make more mods in the future.



KotOR I is indeed a great game as it allows you to customize your characters with new armor, abilities, and powers not to mention it's great storyline. You can definitely tell that this game cheats you a little bit on feats and powers though because it only will give you 1-2 of them each time you level up. I think, and obviously Shem thought, that is a little less then you should actually be getting. So anyway that is why I am happy to announce this mod that will take care of that pesky little factor.

You know Shem.. he makes some of the coolest mods, in my opinion some of the best. So you all know that this one will be no different. What this mod does is sort of unique. You have seen it done with force powers but this differs a bit. This mod actually changes the amount of feats that you get during a regular level up period. This will give you more of an advantage to actually get all of the feats in the game before you cannot level up anymore.

Well I really have to hand it to you Shem this definitely looks awesome. I personally will have a space in my override waiting for it after this review. Now to all of you itching to get you hands on this little trinket.. Enjoy.;)

Kotor 2 Feat Progression Mod

Note: Please leave the author feedback, especially if you download this mod and use it. It really helps encourage the author to make more mods in the future. Mercedes benz manager mac os.

Kotor 2 Feats And Powers