Knight Rider: The Fan Game continues the adventure of Michael, KITT, and the rest of the classic supporting cast from right where it left off in 1986. Be Michael Knight, Drive the car, and take on the classic mythology villains from the show! Knight Rider is a fictional bike racing game which is very suitable for players who love movie games. Game has lot of exciting challenges and key to get through it is to control the speed and acceleration of bike. Enjoy the stunning effects at full acceleration. › ▼ ▼ Knight Rider The Fan Game Demo
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Other than that, the game can only be recommended to those who are really big fans of the TV show and they want to interact with KITT for themselves. Knight Rider 2 Demo was reviewed by Alexandru Dulcianu. Aug 9, 2006 - I played the demo of the first Knight Rider game for the PC, which was pretty good, but not really enough for me to purchase the full game. Mгўs de 1400 acordes pdf.

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I can tell Fisher is well-versed in the classics, which is something I highly appreciate. She opens every chapter with an insightful quote from classical literature. The first chapter, for example, opens with a quote which I believe summarizes the concept of the entire book. Anatomia del amor de helen fisher pdf.

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August 09, 2007
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Knight Rider 2 Demo Download Info

If you always wanted to take the role of David Hasselhoff then here´s your chance!
The demo offers the player 3 single player missions.

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Knight rider the fan game demo game download

Knight Rider The Fan Game Demo Download

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This article is about the 2002 PlayStation 2 game. For other Knight Rider video games, see Knight Rider.
Knight Rider: The Game
Developer(s)Davilex Games
Publisher(s)Tri Synergy[1]
Platform(s)PlayStation 2
ReleaseKR2: 2004
Genre(s)Action, Racing

Knight Rider: The Game is a video game developed by Davilex Games based on the original television series of the same name.

The game was released in Europe on PlayStation 2 and PC on November 22, 2002 and in North America on the PC on February 12, 2003. The game allows the player to take control of KITT - the Knight Industries Two Thousand, in a range of missions including, racing, exploring, chasing and others. The player will also meet famous villains from the original series, including KARR and Garthe Knight.[2]


A sequel was also produced, named Knight Rider: The Game 2, which was again developed by Davilex Games and was published by Koch Media November 5, 2004 for PC and PlayStation 2.[3]


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Based on the 1980s David Hasselhoff television series of the same name, Knight Rider: The Game is a lowbrow PC action title from Netherlands-based Davilex Games. As crime-fighting scion Michael Knight, you battle evil from behind the wheel of the talking Firebird named KITT (for Knight Industries Two Thousand). The coolest thing about the TV show was its celebrated opening title sequence that showcased the black Trans Am’s oscillating red “eye†racing toward the camera to synth music. This is the game’s only highlight as well.

Gothic 2 nacht des raben download. From behind the wheel of the Firebird you negotiate your way through 15 linked missions en route to defeating Michael’s evil doppelganger, Garth Knight, and KITT’s diabolical twin, KARR. As a driving game, Knight Rider is a bust. The control scheme is horrifically oversensitive to any analog input: it’s often a huge struggle just to keep the car tracking in a straight line. (The fact that the vehicle spins instantaneously on a central axis like a wiener on a stick doesn’t help matters.)

KITT is also equipped with a turbo-boost button that lets you leap over obstacles, but this feature is primarily used to bounce you from rooftop to rooftop like some sort of mechanical jumping bean. In fact, much of the game actually plays like a substandard platformer. The few enjoyable driving challenges that Knight Rider does present are fleeting.

System Requirements: Pentium II 233 MHz, 32 MB RAM, Win98

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