Recently found a rare mid 1970’s S. Yairi catalog that includes some of his CLASSICAL models! This is a first for me, I’ve seen quite a few catalogs and ads for the 1970’s and 1980’s and this is the first one that listed any Classical models.

K Yairi Guitar Serial Numbers

Vintage Alvarez Yairi Acoustic Guitar. Vintage Alvarez Yairi Acoustic Guitar. By Kazuo Yairi Model: DY-45 Serial Number: 37468Year Built: 1980 Made In Japan Good Condition. The Original Hard Shell Case with the Alvarez Yairi Label is included. The Case has a few scratches. All buckles work fine. Alvarez Yairi Tuners.

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Will have to post back in regards to details, as the (surprise) catalog is in Japanese… and, so I need to first find someone that will translate it for me.
Check back later to see if I’ve added data on this.
Alvarez yairi guitars models

Alvarez Yairi Guitars Models

Here are the classicals, data is in Japanese, but I will try to add the translation soon.

K Yairi Guitars Serial Numbers List

  1. Yairi YC - 01 Concert Classical Guitar. I have tried everywhere to get information about this guitar, but alas I turned up empty. So I turn to the broader community via boards to find out anything about it. Alvarez by KAZUO YAIRI Serial: 38357 Model: YC - 01 Year: 1981 Personally signed by KAZUO YAIRI Made in Japan 56.
  2. Related: alvarez yairi k yairi acoustic guitar k yairi yw1000 yairi guitar alvarez. Include description. Musical Instruments & Gear; Guitars & Basses. Selected category Acoustic Guitars. K.YAIRI KIWAMI Serial Number.63398 Acoustic Guitar Used Japan Free Shipping. Top Rated Seller Top Rated Seller.
  3. Today, the prices of the Alvarez-Yairi acoustic guitars range from $1200 to $5000 and beyond—especially the instruments made with highly-figured Coral, Jacaranda, or Brazilian Rosewood. This guitar has the serial number (60484) imprinted on the label, and the date (1985); this date is corroborated by the numbers stamped on the neck block.