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View and Download Husqvarna Viking Platinum 16 user manual online. Quilting machine. Platinum 16 sewing machine pdf manual download. If quilting is your passion, you need a machine made for quilters. HUSQVARNA VIKING has an array of Quilting Machines that will elevate your craft, whether you are just starting out or honing your skills. From generous sewing space to bright LED lighting to exciting features like needle up/down, we have your quilting wishlist covered!

  • I have purchased a Husqvarna Platinum 750. When this machine first came out, it had an instruction DVD on how to use it. If anyone has this DVD, could I please have a copy? I am willing to pay whatever you wish to charge. It would help me so very much. Thank you. Sincerely, Dee Submitted on 26-7-2020 at 01:58

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  • What size needle do I use for regular sewing on the hesqvarna platinum 750 ? Submitted on 12-5-2020 at 11:41

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    • I am using a size 12 Schmalz needle with no problems for regular sewing. Answered on 26-7-2020 at 02:00

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  • View and Download Husqvarna Viking Platinum 16 user manual online. Quilting machine. Platinum 16 sewing machine pdf manual download.
  • Sep 28, 2013  Husqvarna Viking Platinum 750 Instruction Manual DOWNLOAD HERE. Husqvarna viking platinum 750 user manual Learn your Platinum 750 2 Overview.

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Skill: Intermediate
I'm most likely going to be buying a Viking Platinum 750 Quilt. The dealer is really nice and I really like the machine. I'm really nervous because of the cost. Although I don't mind paying it if it means I'm getting quality. Do any of you know how well the 750 sews through multiple layers? What types of material can it handle and how many layers were you able to get it through? I ask this because I do a variety of projects on top of quilting. I know I'll be sewing through leather and I don't want a machine that can't handle it. I saw a demo and the saleslady was able to sew through denim folded over, but I'm still nervous. And if you have experience with the stitch quality and can inform me about that as welll I'd appreciate it. Thanks!
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Arizona USA
Skill: Intermediate
I don't know about the sewing through leather part, as I have never worked with leather. But I have sewn on heavy denim layers with absolutely no problem. I don't own the 750, but know someone who does, and she absolutely loves it. I ended up going with the Platinum 770 simply because of the selection of decorative stitches. The stitch quality is fantastic! Also, the stitch selection is prettier, and therefore more useful IMO than any other brand of machines with decorative stitches. Also, the Viking machines have the best satin stitch I've ever seen.
The only complaint I had with the 750 Quilt was how much it cost vs. the amount of stitches it offered. I thought it should have come with more stitches and presser feet for what price they were asking. If all you do is quilt, then you will love it because that is really who it is designed for. But if you want the sewing advisor or more selection of decorative stitches, then I would go with either the 730 or the 770.
I have owned Viking, Janome, and Pfaff's in the past and would recommend them in that order. You will not regret getting the Platinum 750 Quilt (unless you want more decorative stitches )
One more thing I just thought of: check out the Interludes. The 445 is one sweet machine. Brilliant selection of stitches, and a great price. Stitches great, and is powerful. Just a thought...
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Skill: Intermediate
Posted on: 2/20/06 11:19 AM
Thanks for your quick response! That's reassuring to hear it can handle denim well and has great stitch quality. I guess I just needed some reassurance that I'm buying quality. I plan on going out today to get the 750. I don't like the way the Platinum line is designed because of the way features get added and subtracted. The 750 has the handquilt stitch but no advisor. The 770 has the advisor but no handquilt stitch, although it has more decorative stitches. I like their trade-up program so I can always go up to 770 later if I want.
I have this machine but haven't tried sewing on leather yet. I have been using it mainly for quilting, but it has so many nice stitches I want to start up garment sewing again. I believe it sews on leather; you need a special leather needle (Schmetz or Klasse brand). I can find out from my dealer if you want.
I see you are going out to purchase it. Write back when you can and let us know how you like this machine! I really like mine. The buttonhole sensor foot is another feature I want to try; this machine is supposed to make exceptional buttonholes.
Hope to hear from you! Theresa
Skill: Intermediate

Husqvarna Viking Platinum 750 Quilt Manual Download

Posted on: 2/21/06 10:59 AM
Well I went out and purchased my Platinum 750 Quilt yesterday evening, so I haven't had it long. I felt so guilty about the money I spent on it that I kept looking for something to be wrong. I wanted to make sure everything was perfect. I did some sample stitching with it and made some buttonholes with the sensor buttonhole foot. They were beautiful!! I then did some satin stitching and was amazed by how beautiful it looked. I will actually be able to do some decorative stitching now! I had a Kenmore 19365 and I couldn't get into the decorative stitching because it looked bad. The dealer was SO nice. I even got the quilter's kit IV for 40% off and a free foot. My kit arrives on Thursday so I look forward to that. I'm happy that I have a machine that will last me many years. I will review this machine later when I've had it longer.
That is so great that you got your quilt kit at 40% off! I did also, because they were running a Thanksgiving special and had a coupon. You will really enjoy this machine I think! I am machine quilting a tablerunner today. The decorative stitches look especially nice with YLI threads. Beautiful! I was just emailed a list of March classes for the Viking and they look very tempting. I will be taking some classes and will be able to see more of what my machine can do soon!
Congratulations on your machine, I was told I would never regret purchasing a Viking. It should last you forever. Theresa
Skill: Intermediate
Posted on: 2/21/06 3:50 PM
Thanks! It was actually funny how I got the 40% off. I brought in a coupon for 40% off a sewing notion and accessories. They told me that the coupon does not apply to the kits. But the manager was really nice about it and said that the wording is really ambiguous and not fair to customers, so she gave me the 40% off.
Arizona USA
Skill: Advanced
Congratulations on your new Viking. It sounds like you love it already. I found it unusual to see your post about your Kenmore 19365 not doing deco stitches well. I have that machine and the beautiful heirloom and deco stitches that the machine does is the reason I love it and I have used it on heavy towel bands and several layers of fabrics with batting to very light fabrics. I now like using the new open toe craft foot even more than the clear satin stitch foot that came with the machine for the deco work. It gives better visiblity. I'm sorry your Kenmore didn't serve you well. It seems there must have been a problem with it but I am very happy that you are pleased with your new Platinum. When a machine funtions well it makes sewing so much more enjoyable. I hope it serves you well.
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Nova Scotia CANADA
Skill: Intermediate
I want to congratulate you as well, on your Viking Platinum 750 purchase! I have this machine as well. I was interested in your question about how it handles I got out my leather scraps and tried my machine with them. I didn't bother to thread it or change to a leather needle or even change the pressure. I tried 2 layers of leather and then three. I went slowly, but the machine had no trouble piercing the leather. I was still interested to know if there was any mention on the Viking site about sewing leather, so I did a Google search and found this:
Quite a nice bag! The pattern calls for fabric backed upholstery vinyl and leather scraps. However, I don't think domestic sewing machines are really meant for sewing mainly leather. You might check with your s/m dealer about this. I am pleased with mine and do all types of sewing and quilting with it. I didn't feel I needed the sewing advisor and have enough decorative stitches to keep me happy. I had a problem with the buttonhole sensor foot, so took it in and had a replacement within a week. It's important to have good dealer support. I didn't get a deal on the quilter's kit, but I did buy a demo machine and got a reduced price on it. A good machine makes sewing such a pleasure, I am sure you are thoroughly enjoying yours.
Happy sewing,
rhoda bicycle
Saskatchewan CANADA
Skill: Intermediate
[quote]..I felt so guilty about the money I spent on it that I kept looking for something to be wrong.. I'm happy that I have a machine that will last me many years..
I think your last sentence says it all. Yes, a fine machine is expensive, but compared to what? You could spend the same amount of money on a whole lot of other things that wouldn't give you pleasure for anywhere near as long.
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