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Mar 11, 2014 The Tracker 2000 display indicates any component leakage, shorts, opens, noise, plus any combination of these problems caused by physical flaws. Table 1-1 lists the specifications of the Tracker 2000» Included with each Tracker 2000 is a set of Huntron Microprobe test leads. 2000 Tracker Self-Paced Training Course Ordering Information: Contact Huntron for the name of your nearest authorized distributor. In the United States and Canada, call toll-free 1-800-426-9265. Outside the United States, use our FAX machine: 425-743-1360. You may contact Huntron via e-mail at [email protected] or via our WEB site at http.

This section of the manual contains information regarding the maintenance of your the Tracker being tested is referred to as the UUT (Unit Under Test). HUNTRON INSTRUMENTS, INC. TRACKER速 OPERATOR MANUAL. OCTOBER P/N Huntron and Tracker速 are registered trademarks. provides advanced troubleshooting capabilities to The Huntron Tracker is ideal for troubleshooting Manual or AutoScan. High Range Lockout.

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I spent a number of years characterizing diodes.

Stop electronic waste – fix it yourself

Then i have a choice, i can add a memory card to a pic and collect the data via serial on the tex, then download into matlab for graphing. I built a simple one a couple of weeks ago, i use it with a analogue scope, I will build a much better one next year. Non- Linear resistance in parallel b.

All theory at the moment so no idea if it will work. By lowering the test voltages used in the newer Trackers such as the Trackeruseful signatures can be obtained from low voltage devices.

The basic circuits are easily built and expanded upon. This manua, lead is used in the alternate mode of operation. To participate you need to register.

Free Huntron Diagrams, Schematics, Service Manuals :: Schematics Unlimited

Thousands of Tracker s were sold over the years with the last ones being manufactured in late Is there a Cookbook of all the signature typespictures of the msnual The Tracker was discontinued in but manuals for the Tracker and other older Huntron products hunhron still available by ordering the Huntron Product Manuals CD, part number Or i can use the lecroy and dump it all into matlab via GPIB build the graph from that.

BK Precision User Manual. This issue was remedied with mannual release of Trackers that used variable ranging such as the Tracker and Tracker S. Articles Top Articles Search resources. A good curve tracer does a hell of a lot more. You state you have had 20 technician’s job’s, so i think it reasonable to assume for example you know how a Zener diode works?

Your little diode test doesn’t measure leakage current, CAN help determine if it’s leaky. Can’t I just use a AC power supply, 6.

Huntron Tracker 2500 2000 Series Instruction Manual

Reading the manual won’t hurt either. People were building their own octopus circuits long before Huntron commercialized the things and put them in a small chassis box. Forums New posts Search forums.

Huntgon you want to get an idea of what is going on using a Huntron Tracker do a Google of Oscilloscope Octopus. What is the name when there is an internal series resistor with a diode?

Service and User Manual Pages: Rseries and Rshunt are model variables. Huntgon curve tracer or a I-V curve is a way of determining both parameters. Long way to go yet, not sure how i am going to do the DAC part, but probably drive it all from a 30f with the speed turned up. Although the Tracker was a great product, the range selection capabilities of the Tracker were somewhat limited in that they are not well suited for lower voltage components used on today’s typical electronic PCB.

Haven’t heard about the old Huntron Tracker in decades.

Huntron Instruments Test Set Service and User Manual

Going to be a hell of a learning experience for you. Electro Tech is an online community with overmembers who enjoy talking about and building hunhron circuits, projects and gadgets. Datasheets, Manuals or Parts. So I am thinking, Textronix or more likely the wayne kerr analogue scope would prefer the wayne as it’s never used, just cant remember if it has GPID.

Comparing Two Signatures of non bussed IC manuao 3.

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11 Mar Huntron Instruments — Series — User Manual The Tracker Series is a useful and efficient troubleshooting tool enhanced by the. Tektronix, Inc., P.O. Box , Wilsonville, OR – Huntron and Tracker are registered trademarks of Huntron, Inc. TR Service Manual. Including: huntron instruction, huntron operation maintenance, htr b1s maintenance, huntron htr b1s operator, huntron tracker htr

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The Tracker with serial prefix 21A did not have the same oscillator as the older huntron tracker 1000 manual. Toggle navigation Huntron Support Forum. 1000, Many thanks for the responses, I am stuck, can not find a single component that is bad, but after removing and checking c17 and d4 the double dot has become a single dot and the horizontal and vertical controls have stopped responding.

HTR1005B-1S Schematic

May 02, Huntron tracker 1000 manual any suggestions for the horizontal sweep failure, i. The ‘extra’ fuse that is on the oscillator board is wired in series with the front panel common black jack. Here’s one that MAY work although I have to trcaker I’m not familiar manuak the oscilator in the B although the cost might not be worth it You can losing the sweep if they are excessively dirty. It is solid state.

Huntron Instruments Series Test Set User Manual

Another thing that just came to mind is to clean the range switches well. Sorry huntron tracker 1000 manual revive such an old post, but perhaps there are others who are looking for this information and would like an answer.

The symptom that they are bad is usually a single dot in the middle on the CRT indicating that the sweep in gone. You may need to trace the sinewave signal back from the oscillator section of the Tracker.

Obviously this will provide 60hz instead of huntron tracker 1000 manual, but it still functioned normally, as far as I could tell anyway.

I believe that rev J has some other circuitry that is causing this. I was a poor student at trackre time. I don’t remember the details, but If anyone is curious I will dig them up. I have worked this problem in the past by tapping the ac, stepping it down, isolating it huntron tracker 1000 manual running it to the signal transformer. J and unit serial no is 21A Somewhere your losing the horizontal sweep.

Huntron Tracker 2000 Manual Download

Sorry, the only diagrams I could find were the ones I posted earlier. Home Huntron tracker 1000 manual Search Login Register. Does anyone have a manuap for this board, or the service manual? Am I on the right track or is the Rev J pcb different?

It might not be a drop in replacement but it would get the unit 1000 again Hi Many thanks, this will help. Tracker 80HZ osc 6 Replies Views. Here is a link to a schematic diagram: And for a few bucks it was better than buying another Tracker.

The horizontal sweep huntron tracker 1000 manual like it is dead.

Huntron Tracker 200 Manual Pdf

Tracker 1000 80HZ osc

At one point way back, there was an oscillator replacement kit for a while. I have the service manual for the older brown black model but the schematic is different, mine is gray. Toggle navigation Huntron Support Forum. May 07, Check for a sinewave into the signal transformer. I did this type of thing time and time again Can you suggest 1000 solution or a huhtron cause? Home Help Search Login Register. September 17, Use tuner cleaner if you have some.

Can’t find the 80Hz oscillator on this board. Huntron tracker 1000 manual not sure if this was a “test post” but I’ll reply anyway Not for nothing but I would think one would be able to find a suitable replacement somewhere to resurrect huntron tracker 1000 manual unit I may be able to find a schematic.


Huntron Tracker 2000 User Manual

I will look into the Rev difference.

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Huntron Tracker 2000 Manual Pdf

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