From the origin of its name, you may get the idea, for what this utility tool is using for. The tool basically works to unlock huawei modem for such devices. You can easily unblock similar devices like Huawei cards, WiFi modems and some of the related devices.

Download Huawei Unlock Utility - A lightweight and portable application designed to unlock Huawei modems and data cards using the 15-digit IMEI code of the device. How to Huawei E173 Unlock 3G USB Modem Totally Free in the post download link Download Huawei E173 Firmware Update free, Download Universal Master Code Calculator from here, Download Huawei Mobile Partner Software from here, Download Universal Huawei Code Unlocker from here which can be download from the link which is provided in this post.


  • 2 How doesHuawei modem unlocker work?

Huawei modem unlock download

Are you furious over your modem not accepting othercarriers? And thinking about quitting your current Huawei modem? You are notrequired to do this, as we got an application named, Huawei Modem Unlocker.

This application not only helps you to unlock your Huaweimodem but enable other SIMs or carrier to run on your modem. Just have thistinny application installed and get your job done momentarily.

How doesHuawei modem unlocker work?

Nowadays modems are dime a dozen. There are dozens of modemworking in the market, but Huawei modem is on the top of the list. But, theproblem is, this modem does not accept other carriers. Suppose you have thismodem and you want to run other Sims or carrier to use the internet. But, owingto the policies and settings you are not allowed. So, you can have thisapplication on your device to unlock it. Let’s have an insight regarding howthis works on your device.

Insert the supported modem on your computer and let itinstall all required software to work on the computer. The computer must beworking the Windows operating system, as this app does not work on any otherOS.

Just download the mentioned application and run it. Aftercompleting the installation, click on the refresh button to reload all settingsand preferences.

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Now, just tap on the “Auto Unlock Modem” option.

And click on the “UNLOCK” button.

You see that your modem has been unlocked. After this, you will be allowed to inject any desired carrier with a superb package and speed while having the same modem on your table.


  • One tape unlocking of the modem
  • Upgrade the download
  • Enable or disable the voice option
  • Enable or disable CD ROM option
  • Unlock code generator
  • Reboot modem
  • Rest the lock counter
  • Superbly great performance
  • Support all Windows OS

So, download the Huawei modem unlock application and have ablissful freedom

Additional Information:

NameHuawei Modem Unlocker
Size28.0 KBs
File Type.RAR format
Current Version5.8.1
Support OSAll Windows 10/7/8/xp/vista

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HUAWEI e173 DRIVER4.25.22.00XP ⁄ VISTA ⁄ 7 ⁄ 8DOWNLOAD
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HUAWEI e173 DRIVER5.05.01.00XP ⁄ VISTA ⁄ 7 ⁄ 8 ⁄ 8.1 ⁄ 10DOWNLOAD

If your phone isn’t first one afterward MTK may let you install Huawei e173 driver for windows 10. In the event whenever you have downloaded into the telephone, make certain you move it to a particular folder. Now cellular phone is going to be attached to PC. Your Android mobile is presently successfully Rooted.

Huawei mobile broadband e173 unlock software, free download 2012

Android telephones also have some disadvantages like their exposure to malware and deficiency of accessories. When you receive a new Android-powered phone you will discover that it comes with various Huawei e173 driver preinstalled. It is possible to also recycle a cellphone containing an inactive SIM, if desired, with no worry of somebody utilizing the phone to create calls. Make a bid to access the internet to ascertain if your modem was detected.

Check to find out whether the modem is detected. Unlocked and unbranded modems might also be found from independent suppliers. Plus the wires are incredibly inexpensive. The pc can’t be eliminated on. If your computer can not detect your modem, then you are not going to have the ability to access the internet. It’s rather simple to install as all you want to do is download and install the Huawei e173 driver. Signal power and sort of connection, in order 3G or GPRS, the application will keep a watch out for the top.

Huawei Mobile Broadband E173 Unlock software, free download Windows 7

To start with, you’ll need to download and put into a device management applications or app on your PC. With Android, you may download programs on a broad number of sites, a few of which are made by cyber criminals who wish to distribute malware. Some rooted apps enable you to enhance battery life and functionality. Downloading apps is quite straightforward, a single click will do. The program is rather simple and simple in its functionality and everyone is able to utilize it without a hassle. Or you are able to download APTKOR app that’s the best market software at the moment. It is possible to also install Huawei e173 driver for android that can be found on a lot of websites on the net.

Huawei Mobile Broadband E173 Unlock software, free download 2012

The one click root application is straightforward and has simple UI, and if you’re stuck everywhere, you can pick the live chat option that can be found on the app. If you would like to root your device or would like to flash Custom ROM, or whenever you would like to install a Huawei e173 driver, then you have to unlock your inventory bootloader. Before you commence rooting your apparatus, you need to do some preparations to guarantee that the higher success rate of rooting. After rooting your android apparatus you must check whether it’s successfully rooted or not.

Huawei Mobile Broadband E173 Unlock software, free download For Pc

There are numerous methods accessible to root on your android devices easily. It is likely to root or unroot your android device in only one single click. As soon as you have root on the android apparatus, you’re entitled to access the thorough OS with no constraints, taking the restriction of OS to produce the changes and creating the one.