This video tutorial will show you how to factory unlock iPhone 6+ 6 plus to any provider worldwide, the unlock is 100% legal and won't avoid your warranty. How To Unlock iPhone 6S Plus with Unlocky Submit IMEI Select country and provider Get unlock code and instructions.

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The activation lock on the iPhone 6 series is designed for the security reason. However, there are cases that you have to remove activation lock. The most common one is where you bought the second-hand iPhone 6 but with activation lock on it. Another time would be if someone was stuck in the activation lock when he factory reset the iPhone with iTunes, and he didn't know the password. If those happen, you'll be asking how to bypass the activation lock that is already linked to someone on iPhone 6 and 6S Plus so that you can use your device!


iPhone activation lock can be automatically enabled once Find My Phone is turned on. It is difficult to bypass the activation lock if you forget Apple ID password. But it is not possible. Fortunately, bypassing activation lock is relatively straightforward. Let's see how to do it!

Use iMyFone iBypasser to Bypass iPhone 6/6S Plus Activation Lock

The easiest method for how to bypass activation lock that is already linked to someone on iPhone 6 and 6S Plus is to use iMyFone iBypasser. Available for Windows and Mac OS, iMyFone iBypasser is incredibly intuitive with a simple three-step process to enjoy your iPhone/iPad/iPod touch again. Apart from iPhone 6/6S Plus, it also works with most iPhone models, ranging from iPhone 5S to iPhone X. And you won't need any coding or technical skills to bypass activation lock.

Aug 25, 2020  How To Unlock iPhone 6, 6s, 6 Plus & 6s Plus (Permanently) August 25, 2020 Kevin Craighead 3 Comments Rating: ★★★★★ I will provide simple, straightforward advice on the best way to network unlock an iPhone 6 or 6 Plus smartphone in this easy to read article.

How To Unlock An Iphone 6 S Plus

Top features of iMyFone iBypasser to gain control of your iPhone:

  • Bypass activation lock that is already linked to someone on iPhone 6/6S Plus and other models without requiring Apple ID password.
  • Your iPhone cannot be erased or blocked by the previous user.
  • Use a new Apple ID and enjoy your iPhone features again.
  • Bypass activation lock with over 98% success rate.
  • Support most iOS versions, including the latest iOS 13.

How to bypass iPhone 6 activation lock that is already linked to someone via iBypasser

Using this application is very simple. You can gain access to your device in as little as four steps.

Step 1.Download, install, and launch iMyFone iBypasser. Once the application initializes, tap Start and connect your iPhone 6.

Step 2.The software will download a firmware package to your iPhone 6. Click Start Jailbreak once finishing the downloading process.

Step 3.The next screen will walk you through the instructions necessary to jailbreak your device. Follow those and click Next.

Step 4.Keep your device connected and confirm your iPhone 6 informaton. Tap Start Bypass. iBypasser will work to bypass the activation lock.

Once the final step completes, you will be able to access your iPhone 6! It's that simple. The issue of bypassing activation lock can be sloved within 3 minutes.

This software product receives very positive feedback due to its high success rate and ease-of-use. People consistently call it 'the best in the world' and that it is a 'lifesaver.' People can use their iOS devices again, thanks to this brilliant product. It's also a standard recommendation for how to bypass the activation lock on iPhone XR linked to an Apple ID (it also works for other phone models!).

Ask The Previous Owner to Bypass iPhone 6/6S Plus Activation Lock

If you purchased your device second-hand, the other option, of course, is to ask the previous owner to remove the activation lock so you can use it. Naturally, this method requires that you have the contact information of the person who previously signed into the device and that they are responsive, willing to help, and can remember their login credentials. If any of those prerequisites are not true, then you can't use this method to get into your device.

The Previous Owner Is Nearby

But what if the owner would like to help and remember the password, how can you remove the activation lock? If the previous owner is nearby and you can provide them with your iPhone 6, then the steps are straightforward. Ask them to enter their credentials in the activation lock screen. They can then enter their PIN, and go to Settings -> General -> Reset -> Erase All Content and Settings. Once they enter their credentials again, the process will remove activation lock from their account. Then, once the erasure finishes, you will be able to get in your iPhone 6. Baca komik tekken chinmi legend bahasa indonesia pc.

Ask The Previous Owner to Perform Remotely

However, if you cannot have the owner enter their credentials and erase the iPhone 6, then the next best option is to get them to perform these steps remotely. To do that, ask them to do the following steps.

Step 1. Sign in to They must use the same Apple ID and password as the iPhone.

Step 2. Go to Find My iPhone. At the top of the screen, there's an All Devices link. Click that.

Step 3: Select your iPhone 6 device from the list. Click on the Erase button.

Step 4: Select Next at the prompts to erase the device. Finally, click Remove from Account.

Once the old owner has done that, you can turn the device off and on again. Komplete 12 ultimate torrent. The next time you do so, you will see the standard setup process and can put the device under your account.

Contact Apple Support to Remove iPhone 6/6S Plus Activation Lock

Sometimes, Apple's staff can help when you become locked out of your device. Apple does have the power to remove activation lock, but, as you might have guessed, they are somewhat reluctant to do so without evidence showing you purchased the device legally. Recall that the purpose of implementing the activation lock in the first place was to reduce thefts. So when asking how to bypass activation lock that is already linked to someone on iPhone 6 and 6S Plus, you'll need to prove to them that you purchased the device and are thus entitled to use it.

As proof, you'll typically need a receipt from the place from which you purchased the device. If you bought it off eBay, for example, you'll need to show the listing and the receipt for payment. This fact is valid for all devices, so if you're looking for how to bypass activation lock on iPhone XR with linked to an Apple ID, for example, you'll have to show the same evidence. But you should also note, if you bought a second hand iPhone 6, the proof of purchasing is invaild. As you are not the original owner.

You can call Apple Support to make an appointment with this request and ask them to unlock your iPhone 6/6S Plus, but since they're going to want to see proof of payment, it's much easier to do this by going to the Apple Store. Then you can wait for news of the local Apple store. It may take at least 4-5 business days to fix your issue.

Tips: How to Avoid Activation Lock Before Buying A Second Hand iPhone 6

Buying a used iPhone with the activation lock enabled can turn what should be a joyous experience into a problematic one pretty quickly. There are ways to rectify the situation (such as iMyFone iBypasser), but the ideal circumstance is usually to buy the device without the activation lock.

1. The best way to avoid the activation lock is to ensure that the device is free of it before making the sale. If you're buying the iPhone online, ask the seller to make a video of it unlocked before making payment (ask them to show the IMEI or some other identifying information that matches the listing to ensure it's the same iPhone).

2. When the seller boots up the iPhone 6 and you see the 'Hello' screen, then iPhone is safe to purchase. There is no lock. If the seller boots up iPhone and you see a screen to enter your passcode, then screen password has not been erased. Ask the seller to delete it before you buy it. Finally, if you see a screen asking for an Apple ID and password, that means iPhone 6 has the activation lock enabled. If you purchase it, you'll need to use one of the methods above to remove it.

By purchasing an iPhone 6 without activation lock, you'll avoid having to look up how to bypass the activation lock that is already linked to someone on iPhone 6 and 6S Plus.


Ultimately, if you do buy a device with the activation lock enabled, don't give up hope. You have a few methods to use your iPhone. The easiest, by far, is iMyFone iBypasser. With a few clicks, you'll be able to access your iDevice - even if the seller won't contact you or you have issues with Apple Support. Generally, this method is the most recommended.

If you're looking for how to bypass the activation lock that is already linked to someone on iPhone 6 and 6S Plus or you want to know how to bypass activation lock on iPhone XR with linked to an Apple ID, look no further than iMyFone iBypasser. This software will get you back to using your iPhone quickly and easily!

What would you do if you wake up with your iPhone 6/6 Plus locked with a passcode and you can't remember after trying hard to remember it? You might try asking Siri but what if Siri can't help you get back your access to WhatsApp messages and social media accounts. If you are thinking about Apple store as your final solution, I got you covered because there are multiple ways to bypass the passcode of iPhone 6 without Siri.

There are four different methods to bypass iPhone passcode. These methods vary, and you can go along with that suits your requirements. You can either restart from scratch or restore from a backup. In this article, I am going to guide you through multiple ways you can go down to solve your issue.

Part 1. How to Use Recovery Mode to Bypass iPhone 6/6 Plus Passcode

Another way to bypass passcode is by entering recovery mode, and it could be first popping in your head. It is an easy way to unlock your iPhone using iTunes, and I am going to explain how you can do it.

If you have essential data stored in your phone, do not forget to take a backup of it; otherwise you might lose all of your stuff.
  • Connect iPhone to your computer using a cable and launch iTunes.
  • Now turn off your iPhone 6 and wait till it is off.
  • It's time to press and hold the 'Home' button along with the 'Power' button simultaneously for 10 seconds.
  • Keep holding down the buttons until the connect to iTunes screen appears.
  • Release the 'Power' button but continue holding the 'Home' button until you get a pop up from iTunes that your device is recognized as being in recovery mode.
  • iTunes will show you a popup asking for 'you must restore this iPhone before it can be used with iTunes', click on 'OK'.
  • Right after you click on OK button, iTunes will display another dialogue box asking to update or restore the iPhone 6/6 Plus. Choose to restore your iPhone with the help of iTunes, the process will take some time, and your iPhone will be reset.

Congratulations, you've successfully restored your iPhone and bypassed the passcode of it.

Part 2. How to Bypass iPhone 6/6 Plus Passcode with iPhone Unlocker

The PassFab iPhone Unlocker is a powerful software with safe usage can easily bypass iPhone screen passcode going through a few steps. It can remove Apple ID from iPhone without password, fix disabled iPhones without iCloud. Not just that it can remove 4 or 6 digital passcodes, Touch ID and even Face ID from both iPads and iPhones. Let's take a look at how it works.

  • After downloading and installing iPhone Unlocker, Launch it and you will have two options 'Unlock Lock Screen Passcode' and 'Unlock Apple ID'. Now click on the first Box to start passcode removing process.
  • Now, you will have to connect your iPhone using USB cable, and after you connect it, the software will detect your iPhone automatically. Press the 'Start' button to initiate the bypassing process.
  • Last, you should download firmware and then click 'star Unlock' to remove iPhone passcode.

It is an easy to use software to help you fix passcode issue on Apple iPhone; not just iPhone 6 but it works on all models of iPhone.

Part 3. How to Use Find My iPhone to Bypass iPhone 6/6 Plus Passcode

How To Unlock Iphone 6 Plus Passcode

For this feature to work, you must have 'Find my iPhone' enabled on your iPhone 6, and you must remember iCloud ID credentials to log in. Bypassing iPhone 6 passcode without Siri or iTunes provide you with another option, and it is through iCloud.

Note: This process will not just reset the passcode of your phone; you'll also lose data that you have stored.

So, let's proceed and restore your iPhone to bypass security code:

  • Open on your browser using Computer or any other device then login to your account with credentials of Apple ID.
  • Now Under 'All Devices' choose iPhone 6.
  • You'll have 3 options Play Sound, Lost iPhone and Erase iPhone; click on 'Erase iPhone', and a popup will open for confirmation. Click on 'Erase' to start formatting your iPhone.

How To Unlock An Iphone 6s Plus From Straight Talk

Congratulations, you've got your iPhone unlocked but sadly at the cost of your data.

How To Unlock An Iphone 6s Plus For Free


Activation Unlock Iphone 6 Plus

This article has three methods to explain how a user whose iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus passcode is lost can bypass and get its access back. The first method guides the user through the process of recovering an iPhone with recovery mode, it will cause data loss. The second method is handy because PassFab iPhone Unlocker is an easy to use software that will help you bypass the passcode of the iPhone with just a few clicks. In the last method, it is explained how to erase an iPhone and get its access back at the cost of losing all of the data. So, as you can see all the offcial ways will clear your iPhone data. If you didn't back up your device then give iPhone Unlocker a try.