1. Jan 07, 2019  Hello, I'm Josh 'Strife' Hayes, and this is a super simple beginners guide to the action MMORPG 'TERA' on PC. Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/joshstrifehaye.
  2. Help on making money faster on TERA. Ask Question Asked 5 years, 6 months ago. Active 5 years, 5 months ago. You could also run battlegrounds for boxes- again, I don't know the prices on EU Tera, but Champion's Oils (and the boxes themselves) sell for a fairly decent price (a few thousand a piece), so that's something you could do as well.
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Here's a basic guide on how to Level up in TERA. The aim of this guide is to make leveling in TERA fast! There is a list of repeatable quests that will provide good experience points and also provide good to decent loot while you are at it. Complete Storyline Quest (red! Quests) Grind Devan mobs (Crescentia) Level 20/22-26.

Here's a basic guide on how to Level up in TERA. The aim of this guide is to make leveling in TERA fast! There is a list of repeatable quests that will provide good experience points and also provide good to decent loot while you are at it.

Level 1-22

Complete Storyline Quest (red ! quests)

Grind Devan mobs (Crescentia)

Level 20/22-26

Complete Bastion of Lok (5-man Dungeon) as a 5-man party

Recommended: Kill Basilisk BAMs near Bastion of Lok entrance.

Level 26-32

Complete Sinestral Manor (5-man Dungeon) as a 5-man party

Recommended: Kill Fimbrilisk and Ovolith BAMs near Sinestral Manor entrance.

Level 32-38

Recommended: Kill only beginning mobs in Saravash's Ascent (5-man Dungeon) as a solo party

Complete Saravash's Ascent (5-man Dungeon) as a 5-man party

Kill Juggernauts BAMs in Azrael's Labyrinth

Kill Desert Fire Mobs near Camp Marrakeen by Tulufan

Level 38-42

Complete Cultists' Refuge (5-man Dungeon) as a 5-man party

Complete story line quest (red ! quests) near Essenia

Recommended: Kill Desert Lightning Kumases near Aurum Road (Tulufan)

Level 41-43

Recommended: Kill Patient Lithikumas (Tralion) to gather Avatar Relics (Press H)

Old duralast jump starter manual

Level 44-48

Complete Necromancer Tomb (5-man Dungeon) as a 5-man party

Recommended: Kill Basilisks in Frontera.

Kill Sabertooth mobs at Frontera

Recommended: Kill Onyx Hydrath at Tempest Reach (Acarum)

Level 48-55

Recommended: Kill Devan mobs at Dragonfall

Complete Golden Labyrinth (5-man dungeon) as a 5-man party

Level 55-58

Recommended: Complete Saleron's Sky Garden (5-man dungeon) as a 5-man party

Do Vanguard BAM quests

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Continue killing Devans

Level 58-60

Complete story line quest (red ! quests)

Recommended: Complete Ebon Tower (5-man dungeon) as a 5-man party.

Kill Mugato mobs at Pathfinder Post

Level 60-63

Recommended: Follow the Story Quest started with the Airship Platform Teleportal Scroll

Queue for Sabex Armory (5-man Dungeon) while questing (Level 60+)

Fastest: If you have a geared level 65 friend, party together and kill Ruin Guardians (Level 63 BAMs)

Level 63-65

Continue the Story Quest (red ! quests)

Queue for Macellarius Catacombs (5-man Dungeon) while questing (Level 63+)

Fastest: If you have a level 65 friend, party together and run the Macellarius Catacombs dungeon together.

Level 65


The data is from Essential Mana to share with U4gm users, we paste it here.

TERA Sorcerer Gold Grinding Tips

Sorcerers are like the bombers in the army, they provide the big punches that can really destroy Mobs or Bosses, and they do it from a comfortable distance. This is a really fun character to play if you like blowing things up.

TERA: How do Guilds and Quests Make Gold?

Your greatest asset as a new character will be other new players like you. Joining forces will make it so that weaknesses of all classes are covered by the strengths of another.

Miscellaneous TERA Gold Making Strategies

TERA offers a great many ways to make your fortune. Use critical thinking and planning a strategy for your character in order to maximize their gold making potential.

Why Do You Play Warrior?

For me, Warriors are simply the most versatile class in the game. Why do you play warrior?

Repeatable Quests for Making Gold in TERA

Below is a list of repeatable quests that will provide good experience points and also provide good to decent loot while you are at it.

TERA Dreadspire PVE Guide

The popular Dreadspire, is back and better than ever with a fresh set of improvements. First let’s go over what Dreadspire is, as well as how Dreadspire is fundamentally different from any content we’ve had so far.

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Vote and Event

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En Masse Entertainment has revealed their upcoming roadmap of content that TERA players on Xbox One can look forward to in upcoming months.

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Players have been asking me to make a reaper PvE guide so here is a beginner one to get you started:

My Faq about TERA on PS4

Tera Fastest Class

I've been playing Tera on PS4 for a week now and I have some questions. So lets begin.

Hello Everyone. There's some guides around with nice tips to hit 60 as fast as possible, lots of good information, but they all lack something, or are not detailed enough.
With this topic I want to point out the fastest possible way to hit level 60. This is not for new players, it's more focused on grinding, so by doing this you will miss quests and the story of the game. Plus you will need some money to always have good items to help on the progress.
First, always have pots, crystals (Monster/Boss/Minions), charms, buffs and items as high as possible. Weapons should always be at least +6, the higher the better, because you will need lots of damage for this.
If you are a healer class, you will have to find a partner to do this. Warriors might have some problems as well. If you are a Zerk/Sorc/Archer/Lancer/Slayer, this is the way to go.
Most important thing: XP boost Scroll. You must have this up all the time.
From my personal experience, the best exp comes from grind. it's like this:

Tera How To Get Faster Mount

For this tu be true, you need good spots so MobGrind will worth it. otherwise you will have to kill Bams. Quests do not give as much exp as grind!
I will add Screenshots of the places that you need to grind once I have the time.
If you have a Priest/Mystic friend, they can buff/heal you while you level up. This will make things better.
Remember to change your crystals between Boss Damage, Monster Damage and Minions damage (Yea, you will need those)
The Guide so far:
-1-4 Quests-Island of Dawn

Tera How To Gather Faster

-4-6 MobGrind/Sickly Norrucks-Island of Dawn
-6-8 MobGrind/Shaggy Norrucks-Island of Dawn
-8-10 MobGrind/Prowling Cromos-Island of Dawn
-10-11 MobGrind/Runekeeper-Island of Dawn
---Move to Lumbertown
-11-15 MobGrind/Warthogs-Fey Forest -
-15-16 MobGrind/Unicorns-Fey Forest -
---Move to Crescentia
-16-19 MobGrind/Castanics-Oblivion Woods -
-19-22 BamGrind/Basilisk-Oblivion Woods
---Move to Lumbertown

Tera How To Mine Faster

-22-26 BamGrind/Naga Mercenary-Celestial Hills
---Move to Popolion
-26-29 BamGrind/Fimbrilisk-Cliffs of Insanity
-29-30 BamGrind/Ovoliths-Vale of the Fang
---Move to Tulufan
-30-40 MobGrind/Desert Fires-Colossal Ruins -
---Move to Tria
-40-42 BamGrind/Vulcan Dreadnaught-Timeless Woods
---Move to Acarum
-42-45 BamGrind/Naga Deathreaper-Tempest Reach
---Move to Dragonfall
-45-55 MobGrind/Knight Dragoons-Susurus Woods -

How To Make Tera Run Faster On Pc

(The Knights will Spawn infinite minions, kill the minions and leave the Knight alive, start with just one Knight, otherwise it might be hard to kill them all. Once you feel safe, start to grab 2, and add it up untill you get to 55. The exp is incredible, 4k exp per mob w/o Boost. Use minions crystals for this)
---Move to Pathfinder Post

Tera Fastest Way To 70

-55-60 MobGrind/Argonomorph Mugato-Tirkai Forest -