Create your own unique Return Address Labels in minutes with 4 easy to follow steps. Download our blank templates with 80 per sheet which allow you to create multiple designs all at once. For pre-designed options try our Avery Design & Print Online Software and choose from thousands of our designs that can help you develop your own individual look. Mac Contacts or Pages apps: Go to Contacts: Print labels, envelopes, and lists (in English) or Pages Help for Mac: Print envelopes, labels, and business cards (in English) for steps to print labels. Label vendor templates: Label companies such as Avery (in English) provide online tools and templates to print their labels for a cost. Aug 19, 2020  In the Mail Merge Manager, click Create New under Select document, and then click Labels. Under Printer information, click the kind of printer that you use. On the Label products pop-up menu, click the manufacturer of your labels. Note For more label products, click Other on the Label products pop-up menu. Sep 03, 2020  If you don’t have Microsoft Word on your computer, have no fear — you still can access and print your labels. First, you’re going to want to generate the mailing labels within Breeze. You can use these steps to do so: Create Mailing Labels 1. Bring up a list of people. On the right, click 'Export'.

  1. How To Create Avery 5266 Labels With Microsoft Office For Mac 2016 Home Student
  2. How To Create Avery 5266 Labels With Microsoft Office For Mac Download
  3. How To Create Avery 5266 Labels With Microsoft Office For Mac 2020

Select Avery US Letter from the drop-down menu next to Label Vendors. Then scroll to find your Avery product number and click OK. If you want all your labels to have the same information, type it into the address box and click New Document. If you want different information on each label, click New Document and then proceed to fill in your labels.

Word 2010 isn’t a label-making program. Word prints on labels just as it prints on any sheet of paper. Basically, Word puts a table on the page, making each cell the same size as the sticky labels. Word then fills the cells with information, which fits snugly on each label. When the sheet emerges from the printer, you have a bunch of labels for your peeling-and-sticking pleasure.

1Click the Mailings tab, and then click the Labels button (in the Create group).

The Envelopes and Labels dialog box appears, with the Labels tab ready for action.

2In the Address text box, type the text you want printed on the label.

Keep in mind that you have only so many lines for each label and that each label is only so wide.

3(Optional) Apply some simple formatting by right-clicking in the Address box and selecting from the pop-up menu that appears.

You can choose Font or Paragraph.

4Select the Full Page of the Same Label radio button.

How to create avery 5266 labels with microsoft office for mac 2016 home student

This button appears in the Print section of the Envelopes and Labels dialog box.

5In the Label section, choose the type of label you’re printing on.

If the stock number that’s displayed doesn’t match up, click the sample label to display the Label Options dialog box, from which you can choose the proper stock number or design of your labels.

6Click the New Document button.

By placing the labels in a new document, you can further edit them, if you like. You can also save them so that you can use the same document when you need to print a batch of labels again.

7Print the labels by pressing Ctrl+P.

Ensure that the sheet of labels is loaded into your printer, proper side up.

Avery Easy Merge for Office 365


Updated February 2020!

The Avery Easy Merge add-in makes it quick and easy to create labels, cards and name tags using an Excel spreadsheet. The information in your list is merged into Avery Design & Print Online, where you can format and print your project. At this time we only support 8.5” x 11” products which are available in the US and Canada.

Additional Services and Accounts

This add-in depends on additional services and accounts:

How To Create Avery 5266 Labels With Microsoft Office For Mac 2016 Home Student

  • The services of web site are necessary for label design.
  • An account at is needed to store the merged project for future access.
  • An internet connection is needed to access the add-in and web site.

Installing the Add-in

The add-in can be downloaded from the Microsoft Office Store at Search for 'Avery Easy Merge'.

Select the add-in and follow the instructions to install. Once the add-in is installed in Excel, you can find it under Home tab > Avery Easy Merge.

Using the Excel Add-in

Your data should be organized in columns in Excel as shown below. The maximum number of columns is 20 and the maximum number of rows is 3,000. Click Export Now to get started.

Once your data has been processed, click Continue to

Next, enter your Avery product number in the Quick Search window or browse by product category on the left.

Click Select this Design on the blank or pre-designed template you’d like to use.

You should then see the information from your Excel file. Deselect any rows or columns you don’t want to include. If your spreadsheet includes a header row, be sure to deselect that row. Click Next.

Drag and drop or double-click your data fields on the left to arrange them in the order you want. Click Next.

Now you will be able to edit your text and customize the placement, font size and style. Make changes to the whole sheet at once using the Edit All tab in the Navigator on the right side of the screen. If you want to make changes to individual labels or cards, switch to Edit One. When you’re satisfied, click Preview & Print.

If your project looks good, you can choose to Print it Yourself, or some Avery products can be custom printed by our WePrint professional printing service by clicking Let Us Print for You.

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Click Print Now.

How To Create Avery 5266 Labels With Microsoft Office For Mac Download

A pdf will be generated. Follow the instructions for successful printing.

Remove the Excel Add-in: for Windows

  1. Click the Home tab, and then right-click on the Avery Easy Merge icon
  2. From the menu that pops up, select Remove Add-in
  3. Follow the instructions and the add-in will be removed. See screeshot below.

Remove the Excel Add-in: for MacOS

How To Create Avery 5266 Labels With Microsoft Office For Mac 2020

  1. Click the Insert tab, and then click My Add-ins.
  2. In Office Add-ins, click the 3 dots menu next to the Add-in.
  3. Click Remove. See screeshot below.
  4. Read the notice that appears regarding other devices and click Remove.