Half a gram to a gram of good coke (better the product the better the return), a tablespoon and a bottle of household ammonia. Crush your powder fine and get it on the spoon, fill the spoon with the ammonia. The cocaine should float initially, get a (anything thin, metal is preferred but.

Cooking crack on a spoon. Cooking crack on a I was wondering what the best ammonia method for cooking crack is. Gram of good quality coke in Free forum. Thread: make crack with ammonia. Jul 14, 2013 - Hello. Forgive me for my loose level of English.

Steam Cooking.making crack in a spoon with baking soda It is believed that the combination of lemon and baking soda has 1000 times more stronger effect than chemotherapy Why.The benzocaine is washed with ammonia in a test tube. Cooking crack Archive - Bluelight. I have used the spoon method with 1/3 baking soda to coke ratio.G. Sedated and Geeked Up: da bastard: Crack, Naloxone & Buprenorphine: Full Body Orgasm: SSCS: Crack: Mystical Experiences 1 Kundalini Shakti Awakening: Humble Guy: Yoga & Veganism: Families 3 The Self-Proclaimed Family Destroyer: A. Victim: Crack: Both My Parents Were Addicted: Crack: Crack: Hoping and Praying It Will All Go Away: english: Crack.

Well, here in Spain the majority of the people cook the crack with ammonia in a Purity - Testing cocaine quality on spoon.29 Oct 2008TEK - Making crack in a spoon20 Jul 2008TEK - Making Cocaine freebase with ammonia methods - Page 3 6 Jul 2005freebase / crack from cocaine12 Aug 2004More results from drugs-forum.comBest Way to make crack. Cocaine Crack Forum - Party Vibewww.org Forum Drugs Cocaine CrackCachedMar 15, 2012 - well what is the best way to cook up some crack with 1g of cocaine. How many g s of crack will partyvibe.org is a forum about life, music, raving, sex and drugs.

Here, in Spain, we cook the crack with ammonia in a spoon.How Do You Make CRACK From Powder Cocaine.30 Aug 2011How to Freebase, Press or Re-rock Cocaine.4 Jul 2006More results from www.partyvibe.org cocaine make crack with ammonia. Bluelightwww.bluelight.org/vb/threads/683415-make-crack-with-ammoniaCachedSimilarJul 15, 2013 - 2 posts - 2 authorsPD: Mainly I open this message in the forum, because I want to cook crack cocaine use in the microwave. If in the microwave, it is best cooking. Jun 18, 2010 - Create a FREE account now to get access to more forums, more videos, more music, more TD And tell ya how to make crack from cocaine. We put some cocaine on a spoon and mix it with ammonia, then we burn it. To make crack from cocaine, you need to get a 5 gallon glass jar, Just add 1grm of coke to about 10-15Ml of houeshold ammonia in a spoon. Jun 22, 2013 - Google Groups allows you to create and participate in online forums and I was wondering what the best ammonia method for cooking crack is.

Ammonia over the coke in the spoon, make sure you get the unscented. Forgive me for my loose level of English. Well, here in Spain the majority of the people cook the crack with ammonia in a spoon. I prefer this method to the method of soda. If I want to cook crack with ammonia in a microwave is necessary add water in a glass vial. How water is necesary, for example, a half gram.

In Spain, when we cook in a spoon with ammonia we don t add water. If somebody has cooked crack with ammonia in a microwave, can explain the procedure. I have read how to cook crack with ammonia in a stove.

HOW TO MAKE CRACK A primer by Deus. V1.0 Ammonia - IMPORTANT CLEAR AMMONIA. Small jar to hold vial baby food works well Ok, take your coke and dissolve it in a few mL of water you don t need much, but make sure the coke is fully dissolved in your vial.

Fill your small baby food jar with water and put it in a pan on the stove thats also filled with water. Put your vial filled with coke water in the baby food jar. Heat the solution until its warm/hot but not so hot that it would hurt to put your finger in it. Add drop by drop ammonia to the vial, you will notice a milky white precipitate form. This is the crack or what ravers call freebase. Continue until you see no more precipitate form.

OPTIONAL Ether is not necessary, but if your so inclined add the ether to the vial. The crack precipitate is not soluble in water but it is soluble in the ether. This step ensures greater purity. But its not necessary. Syphen off the white layer of precipitate that will be floating on the top off with an eyedropper, or pipette, or whatever fits your fancy. If you used ether, syphen off the ether layer.

Put it on a clean dry surface and let the precipitate dry. Scrape up the substance after it dries. This is your crack.

If you want to be creative you could put the precipitate into molds and make some nice . Which is better, in a microwave or in a stove.

PD: Mainly I open this message in the forum, because I want to cook crack cocaine use in the microwave. If in the microwave, it is best cooking with soda, please explain to me how it would be the process. Google Groups The correct method for making 100 pure freebase cocaine is to To start viewing messages, select the forum that you want to visit from the selection below. Bi-carb crack, is that this is actually 100 pure cocaine freebase. Bicarbonate powder with coke in spoon/glass and after that add the water.

To start viewing messages, select the forum that you want to visit from the In a large metal spoon, combine 1 gram of cocaine and 1/2 gram of. Search Images Maps Play YouTube News Gmail Drive More Help Report an issue about Google Groups Keyboard shortcuts Sign in.

Ammonia NH3 cracker, hydrogen generator for the generation of hydrogen H2, forming gas H2/N2

Koyo Thermo Systems Co., Ltd. is represented in Europe by
Crystec Technology Trading GmbH

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Ammonia Cracker for the Generation of Forming Gas.

Hydrogen is indispensable for the bright hardening of metals. But, viewed from the standpoint of safety, hydrogen gas is by no means an advantageous atmosphere. Dissociated ammonia atmosphere or forming gas is the only furnace atmosphere that can make up the demerits of hydrogen and function nearly 100% as if it were hydrogen gas. There are cases where forming gas cannot replace pure hydrogen, but such cases are very rare. For almost all applications involved, forming gas atmosphere will answer the purpose.

An ammonia cracker, NH3-Cracker or hydrogen generator is used for the production of forming gas. Hydrogen and Nitrogen are generated in a cost effective way in a volume ratio of 3 : 1 or in a weight ratio of 14 : 3. Capacities from 5m3/h to 60m3/h are available.

The NH3 is coming from bottles or from an ammonia tank. The ammonia gas is pre-heated in a heat exchanger and vaporizer and then cracked in the main furnace unit. The furnace is electrically heated by special LGO heating elements.

The dissociation of ammonia gas NH3 takes place at a temperature of 920°C in the presence of a special nickel catalyst in an electrically heated furnace.
2 NH3 N2 + 3 H2
The cracked gas then passes the heat exchanger for cooling and for pre-heating the incoming gas. This way and in combination with the low power consuming LGO heating elements, it can be made sure that only a minimum of electricity has to be used for the cracking process.

AM Gas Generator.


  • Light thermal mass heater: Comparing to conservative type brick furnace, there is lots of reduction in heat-up time, power consumption, foot print.
  • Stable gas generation: Tube type retort integrated in round electrical heater can generate cracking gas stable.
  • Safety feature: Excess temperature protection, over pressure, thermocouple burnt alarm, etc can maintain the system safe.
  • Save foot print, easy operation: Operation switch install on front panel. Insulator got thinner and can realize less foot print.

As a result of complete dissociation into hydrogen and nitrogen, very little undissociated ammonia remains and the dew point temperature of the resulting gas is very low (well below -30°C).

Gas Purifier

How To Cook Up Crack With Ammonia

How To Cook Up Crack With Ammonia Vinegar

As an option and in order to reduce the dew point of the generated forming gas further, a special forming gas purifier is available from Koyo Thermo Systems. Using molecular sieve technology, the dew point of the generated gas can be reduced to less than -65°C. Two adsorber units are working in parallel, one for adsorbing moisture and un-cracked ammonia from the forming gas and the other one is heated for regeneration. Every 6 h the gas flow is changed automatically.

Applications for dissociated ammonia

The forming gas is used in conveyer furnaces and in tube furnaces for anneal processes in a reducing atmosphere, brazing, sintering, deoxidation, and nitrization. You will find more details about these furnaces in our Koyo Thermo Systems product overview.

Further application for forming gas are:

  • Brazing
  • Sintering
  • Deoxidization
  • Nitrization
    Metal anneal:
  • Stainless steel wire anneal
  • Metal powder anneal
  • Bimetal products anneal
  • Hydrogenation of organic compounds
  • Galvanization
  • Production of Forming Gas

Gas Properties

The gas generated by the dissociation of ammonia is forming gas. It consists of 75 Vol% hydrogen and 25 Vol% nitrogen.

DescriptionAmmonia NH3Hydrogen H2Nitrogen N2
Molecular Weight



Peakhour 3.0.5 for macos download. 28,0134

Boiling Point (BP) in °C




Liquid Density at BP in kg/m3




Vapor Density at BP in kg/m3




Density at RT in kg/m3




Heat of Vaporization in kJ/kg




Solubility in cold water in g/100ml




Cp in kJ/kg (1 atm, RT)




Cp/Cv (1 atm, RT)




AM Product types

Several sizes of ammonia crackers are available from Koyo Thermo Systems:


Generation capacity
(m3/h H2/N2)

Ammonia consumption
(m3/h NH3)

Power requirement
(kW at 220V)

W X D X H (mm)





1400 X 840 X 1750
AM- 10MT




1450 X 840 X 2150
AM- 15MT




1450 X 900 X 2700
AM- 20MT




1650 X 900 X 2500
AM- 30MT




1650 X 900 X 2700
AM- 40MT




2500 X 1000 X 2500
AM- 60MT




2800 X 1000 X 2900

For the production of larger amounts of forming gas, several units can be installed in parallel.

Koyo Thermo Systems and Crystec will be pleased to engineer a cost effective system to satisfy your most demanding and exacting requirements.

How To Cook Up Crack With Ammonia Solution

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