Whether you’re installing NaturallySpeaking for the first time or installing over a previous version, the process is easy. If you have user profiles from NaturallySpeaking version 10 or 11, the Upgrade Wizard finds those user profiles and sets them up in version 12. Otherwise you’re guided through the creation of a new user profile. Follow these steps:

1Find the envelope that contains the installation DVD.

The DVD in the white envelope has a label with a serial number on it. The serial number enables you to activate the program, so keep it handy. You’ll see duplicates of the number in a peel-off label format for your convenience.

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2Paste the duplicate serial numbers in places that you can easily access.

For safekeeping, peel two of them off (leaving one on the envelope) and put them on your software receipt or in a file folder where you’ll be able to find them again.

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3Plug in the microphone.

Microphones other than those with a USB (including the headset microphones that come with NaturallySpeaking editions) plug into your computer’s sound card. If you have a desktop computer, turn the computer so that you can see the back where all the cables are. German luger 1918 erfurt imperial.

Because many people feel this way, Nuance has thoughtfully provided a user guide for the headset included with the software. Look at the the operating guide. Your computer likely has color-coded jacks for the microphone and the headset. The headset has two color-coded plugs that correspond to the ones on the headset. Insert the plugs into the jacks as shown in the photo they supply.

4Put the installation DVD into your DVD drive.

The Windows AutoRun feature starts running the installation program automatically.

If you wait 30 seconds or so and nothing happens, don’t worry. Nothing is wrong. Do this instead: Double-click the Computer icon on the Windows desktop. When the Computer window opens, find the icon corresponding to your DVD-ROM drive, and double-click it. Find the setup.exe file in the DVD-ROM window and double-click it. Now you are exactly where you would be if it had started automatically.

5Click Next.

The InstallShield Wizard starts. The End User License Agreement appears.

6Select the radio button that says “I accept the terms in the license agreement” if you agree, and then click Next in the License Agreement window.

You are presented with the customer information window.

7Type in your username and serial number where prompted and click Next.

The serial number will never have any letter Os in it. If you see something that looks like an O, it’s always a zero.

8Choose which components of Dragon NaturallySpeaking to install.

The screen displays two radio button choices, Typical/Complete or Custom.

Unless you are an advanced user, select Typical/Complete.

Also on that screen you see the capability to change the location of the files. The wizard suggests C:/ProgramFiles/Nuance/NaturallySpeaking12, which is the logical choice. If you agree, do nothing. If you’d like to choose a different folder, click the Change button. A Change Current Destination Folder window appears. Select the folder you want. After you select the folder you want, click the OK button in the Choose Directory window.

9Click Next.

A Ready to Install the Program window appears; its purpose is to make sure you didn’t make a mistake on the choices you made. You can click Back to return to the preceding screen and change the choices you made there.

10Click Install.

The files are copied to your hard drive. This may take several minutes. When all the files are copied, a screen appears, and you’re asked to choose a way to register the software.

11Select one of the three radio buttons to register.

You can choose Register Online, Print Registration Form, or Remind Me in 7 Days. Make your choice based on your needs. Deselect the check box if you don’t want to look for updates.

12Click OK.

A screen informs you that the wizard has completed installing your files. A check box that’s automatically selected looks for program updates when the setup is complete.

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13Click Finish.

After a pause, a screen pops up prompting you to activate the software. You can either activate it now or within five more uses. Activation is required to use the program after the fifth use.

You’re presented with two options, “Activate Now,” or “Activate later.” If you click “Activate Now” you must be connected to the web. This is done to verify that you are using a valid serial number. No personal information is sent. If you don’t choose to activate now, you will be prompted the next five times you use the software.

14Click the Activate Now button.


If you checked your system requirements before you installed the program, it’s unlikely that you will get an alert screen. But if you do, this screen alerts you that you don’t have enough computer resources (probably RAM) to run some of the external programs listed with Natural Language commands and that performance will be slower.

If you see this screen, go to the Dragon Help menu in the upper-right corner and choose Performance Assistant to help you increase your speed and change options.

To add custom terms to the NaturallySpeaking active vocabulary, click the Open the Vocabulary Editorlinkfrom the Accuracy Center (or you can launch the Vocabulary Editor by choosing Vocabulary→Vocabulary Editor from the DragonBar menu or speak the commands). Then follow these steps:

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1Enter the term in the Written Form textbox at the top of the Vocabulary Editor.

In the figure, for example, the user entered an e-mail address, [email protected].

To see what’s in the vocabulary, you can either scroll the list in the Vocabulary Editor or type the term in the Written Form box. As you type, the list scrolls to match your typing.

If you want to speak something other than what’s typed, enter it in the textbox labeled Spoken Form (If Different). For example, now you can simply say, “My E-Mail” and have NaturallySpeaking type [email protected].

2A dialogue box may open. Click OK.

If you use a term in the Spoken Form box that NaturallySpeaking doesn’t already have in its vocabulary, it pops up a dialog box letting you know that fact. It also asks whether you want it to “assign an approximate pronunciation.”

3After you enter a written (and, if different, spoken) form of the term, click the Add button.

If you think the pronunciation will be difficult, click the Train button and record the word as directed. The Vocabulary Editor adds the term to the vocabulary list and marks it with a plus sign (+). You can delete any custom term you add. Just click the term, then click the Delete button. You can also select multiple terms to delete by holding down the Ctrl button as you click.

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4Click the Close button.

That’s it!